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iOS App Development Trends To Watch in 2017

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With the advent of iPhones and iPads, iOS has been undergoing tremendous growth. When it comes to the role of mobile application, it has been broadening over the time as their utility has diffused in different facets of the current generation. These mobile apps have become an essential part of our daily life with an everlasting positive impression on our day to day work. This has led to improved processes for iPhone app development which has resulted in more advanced apps catering the current market.

iphone app development

With the onset of 2017, there has been opening of various avenues for iOS app developers. With 2.2 million applications available on Apple’s App store, it is currently the world’s second largest app store. This presents a huge market for any iPhone app development company which wishes to venture into this exciting world of app development with millions of dollars up for the grab.

In this year, Apple will be undergoing dynamic changes to adjust itself according to market demands. It has to adapt itself for more open-source outlook while safe guarding its proprietorship. Mentioned below are few of the trends of 2017 for iPhone app development companies, which will redefine the industry.

1. IoT Apps

When it comes to IoT technologies, it has become quite sophisticated, and their applications in various industries have increased quite considerably. iPhone’s indigenous iBeacon technology has evolved over the period of few months and has become quite reliable. Beacon technology communicates with different Apple devices and commands the apps and the websites to act as per its instructions. With the advancement of this technology, Apple introduced applications based on this technology for commercial use especially in retail industry and events. It is now posturing itself to enter the personal use segment in the home space, and this opens exciting opportunities for any iPhone app development company looking to leave its mark.

2. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has made its mark in cloud-storage companies. When it comes to enterprises, artificial intelligence is supposed to undergo extensive changes. It is being predicted that artificial intelligence will be at the centre stage for both, iPhone and iPad operating system. It is also proposed that iOS 10 may come with extensive updates along with new features. With artificial intelligence applied to local devices, their popularity will tremendously increase.

3. GPS and Beacons

When it comes to the application of GPS and Beacon technologies, it is quite extensive in household appliances like kitchen appliances, washing machines, and even in the automobile industry. With iOS 7, Apple has developed a different interface for the device owners to manage as well as control their electronic appliances with ease. This enables them to operate the devices while being in the vicinity of these devices or from any remote location. Hence, an iOS app development company can look into this domain to create useful apps targeting this market segment.

4. Augmented Reality

Couples with GPS technology, Augmented reality has entered in iOS applications which offer a wide range of services to the users. Currently, augmented reality is transforming the gaming industry by integrating the users with the game itself. In 2017, augmented reality as well GPS will become a necessary requirement for apps created by iPhone developers.

5. Security

Security is another aspect which remains to be a primary concern for both developers and the end users. As more people now rely on their devices for their daily tasks, whether it is managing their homes, finances, entertainment or event scheduling, mobile app security has become an important issue that has to be addressed by the iOS developers for the Apple devices. Since these devices are well-known for their advanced security features, Apple plans to open few aspects of app development for the developers. In case you wish to hire iOS app developer, make sure that he knows the important security aspects of iOS and integrate it into the apps.

6. iOS for Enterprises

Venturing into enterprises and business applications, Apple’s iPad tablets have become quite prominent. It has certainly made huge breakthroughs in this segment with its beacon technology. This technology is currently used for various applications for both commercial and marketing purposes. iOS is now integrating this technology in devices like watches, beacon-enabled office appliances, and even Mac laptop. With the ever-increasing use of cloud technology, the adoption process of the secure infrastructure offered by iOS will boost even further.

7. Swift 3.0

Swift was made an open-source programming language in December 2015. At present, iOS app development services are pushing their developers to adopt Swift programming language, replacing Objective-C. The Swift platform is quite easy to use as well as navigate and opens up the door to create more advanced applications for the users. Swift 3.0 will extend its reach in developing apps for iOS, tvOS as well as watchOS.

So, in 2017, iOS will get traction among the developers and the technology will enable them to create more intuitive and innovative apps for the end users. These trends will mold the upcoming apps in 2017 and will reach every iOS user, one way or the other.

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