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How The Internet Of Things (IoT) Is Transforming Education Industry?

Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming education industry

Education in today’s world is the most essential part of everyone’s life. Everyone in their lives goes through this phase which is the education phase. Education with the help of latest IoT technology has made it easy for today’s kid to learn. These Education institutions running out there are using this latest technology or in other words the Internet of Things (IoT) in education.

Technology is changing the way we live, learn and work. From cars to dishwashers, our everyday use items are connected to the internet and these smartphones are becoming a complete remote control of life. Education institutes have always embraced technology because it can be one of the most important factors in the learning outcomes for the kids these days.

Rather than hiring teachers or filling up the libraries with the stock of books, IOT has found many takers in the education industry, be it classroom, Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality enabled smart boards or the access to secure learning spaces.

Integration of IOT in education

Internet of things is the next game-changer in the education industry after the industry faced a lot of changes. One of those big changes influenced the industry. IoT in the education industry has played an important role as more and more educational institutions are using connected smart devices which support the already available e-learning and smartboard infrastructure.

There are some factors which drive the rapid adoption of IoT in the education industry:

  • Easy availability and affordability of cloud services are playing an important role in increased popularity of IoT enabled devices.
  • The unlimited storage will pay as you will use services that ensure that storing, analyzing and accessing data was never easier or cheaper.
  • Highly customized apps that are made for educational institutions requirement can be developed quickly.

IoT holds a lot of potentials and has the capacity to make life easier for all the stakeholders, educators, for management, parents, and students.

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IoT applications are being developed by these development companies for all aspects of the education industry, some of them are:

  • Classroom management solution which improves learning
  • IoT Solution for the academics that helps in improving the interaction between stakeholders
  • App management solution for the education institution to optimize cost and feasibility.

elearning app development features

How the Education Industry is using IoT to make their benefit?

Making the information from the education industry is the most critical activity for a progressive society. Well, therefore it makes full sense to use all the technological advancements to make learning effective and immersive, and interesting for the students.

Let’s see some of the advancement that the education industry has done using IoT:

  • Personalized Learning: The application collects the data about the students who perform during the lessons and all the test which enables the educators to personalize further learning as per their experience and interests. This becomes more crucial for higher studies where the students have a better chance have better chances at completing their studies if the path is already set for them.
  • Smart Automated tracking for Students: With the coming smart student automated tracking system in the education sector now, it won’t be necessary for the student to present at the present time on the present place to be marked present. It allows the students to pursue their own interest as long as they are logged in the applications automated tracking system.
  • AI-Powered: The AI researchers have collaborated to speed the process of innovation by learning from each other. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can be used and are used to connect databases, analyze research data, and get insight or information which powers the research further. 
  • Smartboards and New-Gen Textbooks: Have you ever imagined yourself in a history lecture where you can watch the battle the history teacher is telling you about? No, right, it’s an amazing tech these days. There are these IoT smartboards which enable these kinds of experience to the students in their normal school lectures. 
  • Aiding the needs of Special Students: IoT brought a boom to the education industry for those who are especially aided. As they are free to learn on the pace they have, also they perform very well under the absence of stress is compared to the rest of the class. A student with the hearing aid problem can convert the voice to text during their exams and the visually impaired can use the AR & VR headsets to view the smartboard.

There are many other factors which the education industry takes benefits from.

Taking a note on the 

Key factors for the successful implementation of IoT in education

  1. Education Policies
  2. Integrity
  3. Security

Integration of IoT in education is one of the major steps taken in the education industry by these institutions which provide education to those who need it. They whether do it with the help of e-Learning Applications or IoT devices who run through these kinds of applications.


There is a lot of scope in the Future of IoT. The future of the internet of things in the education industry is very promising because it holds immense potential. e-Learning application development is the way you get these apps developed which runs these IoT based devices and is making a boom in the education industry. Getting in touch with the right IOT Application development company can help you build your own education application for your own institution.

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