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Effective Ways To Improve Your Customer Experience with Web Design

Effective Ways To Improve Your Customer Experience with Web Design

To improve the customer experience, web design is a key for the web store. Every customer wants to have easy access the web for choosing a product or a service. However, for designing effective web design the organizations require a thorough assessment of many aspects to attract more visitors.

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Some of the important elements for improving the customer experience with effective web design are as follows:

The appearance of the web page: To improve customer experience, the web design should create an impression in the mind of the customer on a single click. It should be such that customer browses the web page with interest and like to visit the site again and again. The design of a website should be simple and alluring, also it should be up-to-date and more accessible for visitors to browse through.

1. The website should have

Responsive Design: The website design should have seamless look across all devices, from smartphones to the desktop computer screen. It should not strain the eyes of our esteemed customers.

Effective and Bold Fonts: Font should be Easy-to-read and offer readers the requisite value without straining eyes of the customer.

Eye-Catching Images: “A picture is worth a thousand words” Visuals summarize the text and help the customer to attract the information quickly and easily.

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Multimedia: Multimedia i.e. Videos, images and infographics are effective and powerful tools which help convert visitors into customers.

Capturing customer feedback: It should be incorporated in the website to facilitate to make calls to customers in order to have more insightful feedback. It should be also kept in mind that word of mouth travels fast.

Creating the emotional connection with the customer by designing an attiring webpage with images and graphics. In your webpage, the content should be such that according to saying “it’s not what you say; it’s how you say it”

Responsive Design

2. Professionalism

The effective design of the webpage is a reflection of your true business. Your visitors must feel that he is dealing with a reliable enterprise. Following factors contribute in the trustworthiness of your company:

Culture Page: This page must elaborate on the company’s approach along with its values and traditions.

Employee Pictures: The visitors must have the right to know the people behind the organization.

Customer Feedback:  There should be an arrangement for receiving the inputs from your customers to help and convert the visitors into prospects.

Clarity:  There should be signed and straightforward clarity which enables users to find what they are looking for in less time.

3. First Impression Matters:

Forget that you are a businessman; just think like a customer. It’s a difficult challenge, but if you want to see your web design from the viewpoint of your customers, especially the first-time visitor.

Go ahead. Imagine you’ve never been to your site and find your way to your homepage. Now, what do you see? Is this the site you wanted to visit? Now feel about your own favorite sites and what makes them so great. Are you seeing the same wow elements here?

  • The Need for Speed

Load speed is the primary factor in providing a great customer experience.  This is because if your pages are slow to load, customers will not hang around long enough to even find out if they liked using your site.

The quantity of time we’re talking about here is very little. If a site is taking more than 2-3 seconds to load, especially on a mobile device, it’s all finished. From a customer point of view, there are just too many other options than to wait around on one.

Google also feels that the pages that have been designed to load within the few seconds rank higher in search results.

  • Give your contact information:

Contact information helps your customers to reach to you. So, your contact information must be visible on every page of your website. This helps the customer find your contact details without any effort. The information you provide on your webpage should be sufficient enough to satisfy customers’ queries

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4. Work on navigation/search functionality:

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Work properly on navigation and search functionality of your site. This functionality makes easy access to useful information on the website by the customers. An easy method of navigation and search function encourages the customer to visit the site again and this further benefit to enhance traffic.

5. Identifying the requirement of customer:

It is very important to identify the requirement of your customer and its browsing habits. Once you identify them you can be acquainted with their needs and then you can work in a better way to accordingly to fulfill their services as per their desire. To identify the requirement of customer you need to integrate all your communication between customers into one database including all the resource of information about the customer. After that, by reviewing their needs a message may be sent to give based on the requirement and preference of your customer.

So it is very important to build customer experience for improving your present website and vice versa. This article provides you with some of the ways to improve your customer experience for your website by considering the various important factors affecting in a large. Apart from a good design, your website should also be planned, unique and consistent in the eyes of consumers.

6. Creating Personalized communication:

In today’s scenario, customers want to have personalized communication with the company; the established communication may be online as well as offline.  So to improve the customer experience for your website it is very important to create a personalized communication with your customers. We can also add to create a system for personalized suggestion while shopping online. Information should also be updated regarding previously purchase message when it comes time to buy a new.


There are numerous ways for creating effective website design to cater to the needs of the valuable customers for ascertaining the reliability of your company.

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