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Important Node.js 8 Features for Developing Scalable Network Application

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Network applications have gone through a multitude of changes. Over these years, their development and applications have seen many improvements with newer prospects in Node.js application development. With the launch of Node.js 8, there come some of the most sought-out and unique features which took the network application developers by surprise. In previous versions, there were many issues which were supposed to be rectified. This newer version addresses the key concern point and came out with unique solutions. With the introduction of these new features, it provides great opportunities to these developers to introduce different improvements in the applications. This opens various avenues to Node.js development services to venture into and develop new applications.

Hybrid App Development

Here, we will discuss the major features of Node.js 8 and their advantages in light of new improvements made.

1.    N-API

The most important aspect of Node.js 8 is the presence of N-API which can be wisely used for the native add-ons development. It is among those features which is still free from JavaScript, and it differentiates add-ons from changes made in JavaScript engine. This feature makes it possible for native add-ons to execute on various Node.js versions except recompilation. Along with that ABI or Application Binary Interface is also stable in case of different Node.js versions. The add-ons can function against Chakra-Core of Microsoft with the assistance of API. This is important for developers in any Node.js development company to make sure that N-API is used to its maximum potential.

2.     npm 5

An important aspect of this version is the availability of npm5. As it is the default option, the users don’t have to face any hindrance while using it. Another aspect is that if there is no presence of npm-shrinkwrap.json, then there is the automatic development of package-lock.json. Another benefit that user get is that he doesn’t need to search for the network, even when there is the absence of internet connectivity or connection is lost. If you are going to hire node.js developer, make sure that he knows about these important features. Also, npm5 install registry, for example, if you opted for registry A, then npm5 only that package.

3.    Console Changes

In the previous version, while writing the console output to any underlying stream, if there was any error, the Node.js app used to collapse. But with the introduction of this version, this gigantic problem has been resolved to a larger extent since errors are now addressed by repressing the issue events by the assistance of console process. This in turns provides streamline the API and has reduced the error resolving time of developers of all Node.js development services.

4. Debugging in Variations

With the presence of command line debugger, this version provides the capability of debugging in the variations. In order to substitute the command line, there has been the addition of node-inspect in this newer version.

These are the essential features of Node.js 8.0 version that will help any Node.js development company to fulfill different requirements of the clients. It provides an upgraded platform with previous shortcomings being resolved and removed. It has introduced newer methods to handle errors and improved the functioning of APIs. It enhances the performance, and now it is associated with various well-known companies such as Microsoft, Netflix, LinkedIn, etc.

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