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iBeacon Technology: Business Benefits For The B2B & B2C Industries


The 21st era has provided a plethora of options for firms to market their business and products. One such product is iBeacon technology. The beacon technology is gaining immense popularity with many industries integrating it with their mobile apps.

In this blog, we will learn about its advantages and how it works? But before that let’s understand what iBeacon technology is.

iBeacon Technology-an Introduction

Beacons are devices you can attach to your wall or store’s counter. They are small, battery-enabled, Bluetooth-operated wireless devices. These devices are advanced and sense human presence through their devices. After that, they send crucial data like a discount, deals, or other personalized offers for the customer.

iBeacon technology is an amazing technology through which businesses can increase their revenue. They can convert potential customers into actual buyers. It will be clear with this example. If you have an app for Domino’s pizza, then it will start sending you offers and food deals when you are within 50 Km of the store. The beacon in your app will pick the location and will start sending offers and will show you the direction to the store.

Apple in June 2013 launched the iBeacon technology. Since then it has made big changes in the retail industry helping firms in other industries.

How does iBeacon Technology work?

Here’s how this technology works:

Beacons are usually the exact size of a standard Wi-Fi router. They look like minicomputers, and these small devices form an integral part of an indoor positioning system. This senses presence of humans and prompt actions like offers, information and personalized experience to customers.

The data sent to the customer is a one-way communication thing, and the customer can’t respond to the same. The users view the messages as a notification on your mobile apps- brand apps or third-party apps.

Industries using beacon technology

The global market share of Apple iBeacon is all set to increase at a CGAR of 200.3% by 2019. Thus, many industries are employing this trend in their apps to generate more revenues. Some industries using this technology are:

Retail:  Retail industry leads when it comes to integrating this technology.  Retail firms who have invested in this business are Walmart, Macy’s, Target and so on. In the retail industry, beacons serve a lot of purpose like loyalty programs, updates on discounts, offers and so on. In the future, the beacon technology will aid retailers to learn about preferences and purchase habits of customers. It applies to both physical and online stores. In online stores, it will aids owners by sending promotions/content to customers based on their browsing patterns.

Mobile Payments: Banks are using beacons for mobile payments too. The Danske Bank has its own beacon app known as MobilePay for easing mobile payments. With this iBeacon app development, users need to simply wave their smartphones over a beacon, and they will verify the payment once they give their PIN.

Hotels and Hospitality: The main focus of the hospitality industry is customer satisfaction. And Beacons in this industry will prove immensely beneficial as they can offer data to improve customer experience. iBeacon app development for hotel industry will deliver benefits like easy navigation, automation of check-ins and much more.

Marriott International chains of the hotel have already used this technology in 14 of their hotels.

Travel: Airports and various airlines are too using this impressive technology. Since most travelers carry their smartphones with them, airlines and airports are using this technique to engage them. With iBeacon technology, they can aid passengers to learn about their flight schedules, data about baggage collection and so on.

Virgin Atlantic has recently started using beacon technology in London’s Heathrow airport. It uses beacons to inform travelers about boarding passes and in-flight entertainment. It is available for premium passengers only.

Events:  Apple’s beacon technology was used in global events like NBA games, Wimbledon and much more. Further going on, events like a music festival and others too can use this technology for various services.

Statists for iBeacon Technology

By 2024, iBeacon market share will increase manifold you can see by the below graph.

How iBeacon technology benefits the business?

Here are benefits you will get after employing the technology of iBeacon in Android or iOS app development.

To Track

With the iBeacon technology, you can track the satisfaction level of your employees which is your main goal. It helps the business to analyze the statistics pertaining to the customer without working too hard. You can cater to their demands as soon as they walk into your store without even them saying.

Also, with Beacon technology, you can track details about your employee like their coming and going time and more.


Automation is the best advantage of iBeacon. Using automation in your iBeacon app development ensures things like the opening of doors for customers with your app. Also, it helps you in advertising you can start messaging him offers and recommendations after a certain point around your store.


iBeacon is cost-effective as its range is up to 50 meters. Moreover, iBeacon hardware is cheaper, and you can install it anywhere in your store at a cheaper price.

iBeacon Micro-location

With GPS you can’t locate anything inside a building, but iBeacon does. Its micro-location geo-fencing technique lets you set up navigation inside your office.

How can you integrate iBeacon in your business?

  • The process of integrating iBeacon technology in your business is simple. For integrating it, you will require:
  • An iBeacon hardware which is ready for attaching to the walls of store or counter.
  • The hardware must have Bluetooth technology, the connection should be battery enabled.
  • Also, you will require a business app for Android or iOS platform, and the customer should install it on their phone.
  • After that, your customer will get access to the functionality of this technology when they are near your store.


Apple’s iBeacon technology provides great advantages to the business. Through this, they can connect and interact with their customers through a variety of ways. iBeacon application development has evolved the business and marketing industries in simple ways. Even the customers get various benefits from this technology like personalized offers and so on.

Ajay Goyal

Ajay Goyal is the founder of Endive Software, is the leading IT Company based on India. He works dedicatedly with the clients to give industry-based results. His passion for learning the trending technology aids the team members to introduce unique and brainstorming. He runs development services like mobile app development and website development for enterprises and startups.

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