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How Uber like Apps can Boost your Taxi Booking Business

Empower your taxi business today with the cost-effective and functional Uber like Apps!

The Uber taxi application has come up as the most popular taxi booking apps over the year owing to its peerless functionality and convenient approach. The application boasts a particularly interactive and engaging user interface that is well-praised by its audience and has proved to be inevitably beneficial for its parent company. The Uber app has helped its parent company, Uber technologies Inc. to grow a large customer base, gaining a leading edge over its various competitors. Thus, starting the new trend for Uber like apps that could act as a cost-effective clone of the actual Uber app, and can be employed by companies to boost their taxi booking business.

Uber like Apps

Benefits of Uber Like Apps for your Taxi Business:

  1. Cost-effective functional clone of Uber application
  2. Effective business promotion through the Android or iPhone application
  3. Larger customer base through taxi booking through your application
  4. Adding convenience for your customers through the application
  5. Effective customer engagement through the endless notification feature
  6. Promotion of various offers and personalized message feature for building valuable customer relationship

The important features of the Uber Clone Apps or the Uber like Apps that you need to have in your taxi booking application include-

  1. A short and intuitive registration page for users to easily register themselves on your app
  2. Smart integration with Google maps and locations to be used as a location indicator and for direction and distance tracking
  3. Automated Payment Feature that could be added through a secure and common payment gateway
  4. User authority to choose the type of cab based on the budget and the number of passengers
  5. Integrations for calculating the fare based on the distance and the cab type chosen
  6. Cab Tracking Feature that could let the user know the name and the location of the driver.
  7. The Uber like Apps should also have the request acceptance feature  for the driver to accept or reject the customer request
  8. With this a report section that could help the driver to keep a track of the number of request accepted and the successful Ride, etc.

The Uber like apps with all the above features can surely come up as a good support for your taxi booking business.

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