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How to Speed Up Magento Websites: AMP vs PWA?

How to Speed Up Magento Websites AMP vs. PWA

Considering the fact that Magento websites are generally slow at page loading speed when as compared to those of PWA and also there are dozens of consequences followed by it. Let’s take an example this type of website can make your customer feel frustrated, it can kill your conversions and also decrease your website ranking on Google or any other search engines. That is the reason why most of the Magento store owners try to go through all the ways to enhance their website speed. There are many solutions available, like integrating AMP or building a website PWA with the Magento stores looks more effective. Well, in today’s world the PWA is highly recommended while AMP is not recommended for some reasons that we are going to discuss today.


How do you get to know about AMP and PWA?

What is a PWA?

To reduce or blur the distance between the websites and mobile applications PWA is developed with the aim to filter and to keep the best of each channel. With the PWA for their website or web stores, the Magento store owners can bring the app-like experience for their customers while they are not giving up on the reach of their website.

In order to update a normal Magento website to a Magento 2 PWA, the developers need to develop a new PWA storefront which will cover the Magento frontend. They also need to develop the API to connect with the Magento store to their PWA.

After the PWA is integrated with the Magento store upfront the site will have the power of the PWA and will work as a mobile application when accessed through any mobile device. The page speed of the website will be increased and it will load 3-5 times faster than it used to open for desktop.

There are some solutions which are available for the conversion of Magento stores to PWA

  • Magento PWA Studio
  • Magento PWA Themes
  • Magento PWA Extensions 

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How PWA works?

  • On Desktop: Magento PWA page load speed on the desktop is impressive and much faster after you browse on the site which you are browsing for a while or in your next visit. You will be able to notice the difference between the loading of the website before and after the PWA the Ajax will load only the selected content while there is not absolutely page load.
  • On Smartphones & Tablets: When you create an online store in Magento 2 on your smartphones or Tables on chrome then you will instantly notice pop-ups asking your permission to send push notifications asking your permission to send the push notification it will invite you to add that website to your home screen. Once it is added to the home screen you can easily launch the PWA and enjoy the incredible app experience without even downloading its application.

This was all the information that you need on the PWA and how they work on the Smartphones and Desktop versions now let’s see what is AMP and what you need to know about it.

What is AMP’s (Accelerated Mobile Pages)?

AMP allows the Magento web stores to build light-weighted web pages for mobile by simplifying the streamlined version of CSS, and HTML. For ensuring the faster page load on mobile devices the Javascript is restricted while CDN is a must use to fetch and cache content.

The key advantage of AMP is to reduce the page load time and providing content to the user in a minimum time span. Some websites can reach 3-4 times faster than they were after being transformed to AMP. Beside that AMP can also help you enhance the website visibility on SERP’s and can also help you gain more traffic.

There are solutions available for converting a Magento Store or a Magento website to AMP’s

  1. Magento AMP Themes
  2. Magento AMP Extensions

These Available AMP modules and Templates for Magento will help your store to create and edit the content of AMP pages with simplified HTML structure and streamlined CSS with Google Analytics to track the performance of those pages. 

How AMP works?

When the users enter any query on Google Search Engine, it will show some top stories before the regular results on the SERP’s for that particular query.  In result, the publishers who use the AMP version of their content could get a higher chance to rank on SERP’s when someone searches their content on Google Search Engine.

Why do there are down votes for Magento 2 AMP?

Well, yes you have the right reason for getting confused as I have mentioned all the benefits of using AMP’s in your web store and then it gets downvoted why?

Let’s check out the reasons:

  • AMP is for publishers if we get into more detail then, AMP works best for websites that have static content like news-publishing, blogs, or other informative sites.
  • It has HTML, CSS and JavaScript; it is not preferable to apply AMP for Magento e-Commerce websites with heavy and more dynamic content and high dependence on user experience.
  • The Magento stores need separate Google Analytics to track the performances of these AMP pages.
  • The design of these AMP pages are restricted which might result in lower user engagement and decrease conversions.

Why are there Up Votes for Magento 2 PWA?

Well, we all know that a PWA can boost page speed of Magento 2 regardless of the user’s devices.

The Enhanced page load speed is just the beginning of the ERA of e-Commerce. There are a lot of benefits of using PWA for your Magento Stores:

  • Like Enhanced User Experience
  • Improved SEO rankings
  • Secure transactions using SSL
  • Push Notification using Effective mean of customer approach
  • You can also add PWA to the home screen with ease.

Conclusive Thoughts:

To make a success in the online business highly depends on how it delivers mobile shopping experience. Being one of the Magento store owners, you should consider which is the best method you need to speed up your website on small screen devices. Accelerated Mobile Pages are very effective when used to generate a fast website but there are a lot of short things which are associated with it. On the other hand, Progressive Web App not only provides you with the speedy web pages but also helps in enhancing the user experience of your site rankings.

Get to know more about Magento PWA, also integrate this modern technology on your web store, you just need to give us a call. We provide exclusive PWA solution which will help you to build a PWA in the shortest time period of time and fulfil your budget.

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