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How To Make A Travel App Like Expedia Or Trip-Advisor

How To Make A Travel App Like Expedia Or Trip-Advisor

Wanderlust is in trend these days. Every person wants to travel around the world to see new things. Traveling is on the bucket list of the people. Nowadays people more often travel than doing a day job. They want to spend their time exploring the places they have never been to before.

Traveling is not only visiting a new place, staying in a hotel with family but then it’s a vacation.

Traveling is more often bag packing, interacting with new people getting to know more cultures in the world.

Gaining Confidence, traveling solo, traveling with people you have not met before & learning new and different ways to deal with your own life and the list gets on and on. Travelling really changes the perspective towards our life, job & everything.

Traveling becomes easy when you have these Travel Mobile Applications. Travel Apps not only make it easy for you to travel but also to arrange it all from your stays to tickets. Having a traveling app like trip advisor you don’t need to contact a travel agency to book your tickets or to book anything related to your travel. Now you can do it all with your travel app.

Now there is a mobile app available for travel agency through which they can gather more customers and increase their business. If you are having a travel company then you must switch to the mobile app as these apps are in demand these days. People these days are using more and more travel apps to book and get knowledge about traveling and look around.

travel industry statistics

Get started with your own travel maker app let’s take a look inside the app its features UI and its benefits.

Benefits of having a Travel Application for Travel Agency

  • They can Easily track Customer Actions
  • They can Enhance Customer Support
  • A  Database full of Quality Vendors can be created
  • Streamline Customer Involvement through an application
  • Providing Exclusive offers to customers to attract them
  • They can launch the customer Re-engagement campaigns

Features of travel app for Android & for iOS devices

Features of travel app for Android & for iOS devices

  • Now with the tour & travel app in your device, you don’t need to look for hotels or travel tickets anywhere else.
  • Book your hotels or transport tickets for a very reasonable price through the app itself.
  • You can compare the transportation tickets for different transport companies.
  • Also, the App notifies about the latest coupons and discounts available on the app by the vendors.
  • You can create your own travel wish list on the app with a reminder to travel.
  • Travel app also updates you about the combo packages, which includes the stay and the transportation at a lower cost.
  • It also helps you navigate to the location you booked or you are traveling to.
  • 24/7 direct support from the Admin to its customers using the application.

Advanced Features of Travel App

Travel Planner
Checking Availability
Instant Booking
Add to Cart
Third Party Payment Integration
Reviews and travel stories from other Travelers
Creating Personal Albums
Time and Money Estimator
Weather Forecaster
Currency converter
Wi-Fi Hotspot Locator
Event Locator


travel app user panel

User Login: Login through Email or Social Login, this is the first screen user usually visits on the app.

Get a Deal: It’s like an E-commerce app get a user gets verified fill the information for traveling like hotels travel tickets and then after they can apply a coupon or any offer available to them.

Holiday Package: There are many online holiday packages available for them which contain the combined deal of both the travel tickets and hotel stays.

Navigation: A user can navigate and track themselves to the booking location by using the maps feature in the application which provides the user nearby landmarks and directions for the same.

Finding or booking a cab: This is a very premium feature a user gets in the application which helps the user to book a cab through the application itself and in this makes it easier for people to travel around the location.

Booking a Guide: This feature helps a user to book a guide on the travel location. It helps travelers to get knowledge about the location. They can book a guide and get the guides contact information and details.

Payment: A user can pay through the application through the Payment Gateways provided in the application.

get quote

Agency Panel

Package Management: The packages and discount coupons availed by the user are listed to the travel agent side and is managed by the agency on their panel.

Listed Destination: Travel Agency provides the destination list in the app where they have their services. A user book a destination and then the services on the destination are managed by the agency.

Manage Payments: The travel Agency manages the payments that are made by the user through different payment gateways or by cash which are managed accordingly by the agency.

Bookings Management:  They manage the flights and hotel booking done by the user through the application. They make sure the bookings are confirmed and then they provide the user with an acknowledgment.

Editing the Packages:  The agency can edit the packages they have provided on the application, like their price and deals.

Analytics: The Agency reviews the report generated, which generally tells them about the number of booking made for the hotel, flights, or both combined and how many destinations are the most common for their users.

Admin Panel

travel admin panel

Managing Requests: The Admin stores the request made by the user or any searches the users do.

Manage Advertising and Promotions: Advertisement and promotional content running on the application are managed by the admin. The admin can update the content or remove it. accordingly.

Manage Users: Users who are signing in with their account credentials are managed by the users.

Managing Travel Agents:  The Admin manages the travel agents and service providers that are registered with the application and also admin manages the promotional solutions provided by the agencies.

The cost to build a Travel Applications like TripAdvisor

The cost to build a travel app depends upon the factors which directly affect the Travel app development.

Cost to build a Travel Applications like TripAdvisor

It depends on-

  • The Mobile Platform you start
  • The Number of features which is to be integrated into the application
  • The size of the travel application development team
  • Outsourcing the development

Now how much does it cost to develop a travel app?

User Login: This feature enables the user to make a secure login in the application via Google login API’s or Social media logins. This can cost you up to $500-$750.

Search Bar: Integrating the Search Bar in the app can cost you up to $300 depending upon the time it takes to integrate it.

Customization: User can also customize the selected feature in the application, or can change the outlook of the application the overall cost for this feature starts from $1500.

Multi-Language Support:  The App can contain more than one language in it in case the app is running in more than one region. Integrating the feature in the app would cost you up to $400-$500.

Payment Integration: Integrating the third party integration in the application for making in-app purchase or payment can cost you up to $2500.

Display Ads: Displaying the ads in the application can gain you more and more viewers in the application which is beneficial for the application. Adding the display add feature in the app can charge you up to $1000.

Chat/Messaging: This feature lets you interact with the users or travelers traveling around the world using your application. Providing them the customer support services through the chat/ messaging feature in the application. This feature can cost you around $2000.

Google Maps: Adding Google Maps for Android and Apple Maps for iOS in the application to help the users to navigate to the selected location in the application or to find the booked location through the app itself. This feature can cost you up to $1000.

Push Notification: This feature in the application helps the user to get notified if there are any new discounts available or rewards available in the application or if there are any new packages in the application. This feature in the application is necessary these days as there are many apps these days which are having this feature. It can cost you in the range of $1500-$5000 depending upon the notification style and type.

If you don’t know how to make a travel app then hiring a travel app development company can help you create your own mobile travel apps similar to Trip advisor. Get your own travel app solutions at Endive Software.

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