How To Develop A Helpful Healthcare App Or Medical App?

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Develop an App for Healthcare Industry

In this era of mobiles and internet, everything is going digital. From online shopping to online ticket booking, life has become convenient. So, how can medical industry refrain themselves?

Today many successful healthcare apps are available in the market that aids in patient care. They help people take better care of them and follow a regime for a healthier life.

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Looking at the success of some of these apps, many hospitals and doctors have also introduced their apps. Developing an online medical app is a complex process, which needs expert guidance, big budget and also they need to follow some rules. Neglecting any one aspect can cost them big time and their app can fail.

Before you start your healthcare app development, make sure you research about this. Here are some questions whose answers you must know:

  • What are the benefits of healthcare apps?

  • Why do they fail?

  • What are the types of a medical mobile app?

  • What is the cost of developing online medical apps?

All these questions will help you develop your health care mobile app. The market is full of such apps, and a recent report by Flurry analysis states that the number of people using them has increased by 62%. In the last four years, the overall application usage increased by 33%. In this blog, we will explore all the questions we mentioned above so that you have can start idealizing your medical app.

Why do we need a medical mobile app?

we need medical mobile app

  • They provide you with nutritional which helps you look after your body and health
  • Plan an exercise routine to maintain your weight
  • It aids in easy communication with the doctor.
  • These apps maintain and analyze your records online safely. You can then use them anytime.
  • Call doctor or clinic in emergencies.
  • Reminders about re-filling the prescriptions
  • Online doctor’s appointment. You can also check reviews and ratings for the doc with their qualifications.
  • Directions
  • Lab reports are sent on your phone

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Reasons for failure of healthcare app or medical mobile apps:

Here are some reasons why many online medical apps have failed:

Reasons of failure of healthcare app or medical mobile apps

1. Poor user experience

Many healthcare apps claim something in ads, but in reality, their usage is limited. It makes the user experience bad and these apps fail.

2. No expertise and knowledge about the health industry

The success of your medical mobile app depends on your experts. If your app doesn’t have any healthcare professionals and doctors for consultation, the app will fail. The AI and other technology of the app are won’t matter, if the patient doesn’t hear from real doctors. Thus, it is necessary to involve doctors and professional to help guide the patients.

3. It doesn’t solve specific problems

Another reason online medical apps fail is that they don’t provide solutions to specific problems. There are thousands of such apps available in the market, and they all provide the same solutions and suggestions. People are tired of hearing cliché statements. They want apps that can help provide the specific solutions for some ailments or answer the questions they have about particular problems. If an app can do it, it will certainly generate profit.

4. Your app is not following the privacy regulations

All medical apps are required to follow the rules and regulation of HIPPA. If you don’t, the app will not see the light of the day and will definitely fail.

Types of healthcare app

1. Daily health application

These type of help track the daily activities like sleep and nutrition of the patient. It helps them maintain their body and remain healthy.

These types of apps should track and store following health data of their users:

Daily health application

  • Sleep (quality and quantity) run/walking and so on which the user has set according to their goals.
  • Optional tracking points can include heartbeat/BP/Pulse, water consumption and so on.
  • Calorie counting for every meal.

The app then:

  • Analyze the information that they have gathered from the customer. They use metrics to measure and provide a conclusion to them and provide suggestions to help them improve.
  • Lastly, they encourage their user to eat healthily and do exercise by providing a regiment. They also send push notification reminding them to exercise and drink water.

The daily health applications make a profit through subscriptions. Advertisements can also help, but they reduce the ownership you have on the app.

2. Hospital and EHR applications

The hospital applications have various purposes. It enhances the brand and meets the digital monetization needs. It also aids patients in getting timely appointments with health professionals without waiting in queues. While developing an app for hospitals/clinics, keep these things in mind:

  • It will track the health of patient every minute
  • Use of algorithms to analyze the health data of the user for using it.
  • Sending notification to the user about viewing the opinion of doctors/clinics based on the data.
  • Appointment and in-app billing (optional)
  • Saving the user’s data and accessing it for a limited time
  • Integrate calendar app so that user can set reminders about re-filling a prescription
  • Options to get medicine through the app.


This type of app is not specific to some clinics. EMR (Electronic Medical Record) lets the user chose healthcare professionals from multiple hospitals. All other functions and feature of the app are similar to the above one.


Another important benefit of HER app is that the patient can connect with the doctor using video/audio. They give consultation on a phone as telemedicine monitors the patient.

It also uses artificial intelligence based algorithms to diagnose the underlying disease of the patient.

Another feature that you can add to this app is that of emergency. The emergency mode can help you monitor the BP, or other vitals, especially in the case when the user loses power. It can save a lot of people, and the medical ID app has this option.

3. Medical Software

This software is more complex to develop. It performs tasks like symptom description, diagnosis, and X-ray operation. Developing this type of medical mobile app requires help from a medical team. Also, you have to adhere to many rules and regulations because real and living people are the test cases.

Things to remember while developing healthcare apps for patients or EMR systems

  • The first thing you should do is get legal rights to start a medical mobile app. HIPAA is a globally known certificate that you must have. Other than this, get all the local certificates that you require for your local region.
  • For an EHR app development, make sure you integrate all smart coaches, watches and Apple watch and other such devices. It will help you monitor your patients better.
  • Always provide a good and appropriate monetization method. In-app subscription and ads are the best methods.
  • If you are hiring an electronic health care development company for your app, using iOS is a better choice.

healthcare apps for patients or EMR systems

The number of healthcare apps has grown significantly in 2017 and it continues to rise.

What we are offering?

Now what we provide you is with our best services. These services include (ASO) App Store Optimization which is generally a process of ranking your app higher in the search results. Your app will rank in the top in the Play store/App store and will be visible to customers. Another service we provide is Quality Assurance (QA) of your application. These are some free services we provide which can help you and your app to grow faster in the market.


Cost of developing a medical mobile app

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Developing a healthcare app for patient care is expensive. So, you need to assess your funds before you plunge into this business. The price of a medical app starts at $40/hour on any one platform. Rest depends on the firms as different firms have a different cost. The approximate hours needed to develop the app for a single OS is 1400-2200 hours for daily health apps and 2500-3000 for hospital/ER app.

Healthcare App Developed By Endive Software

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It is clear from above that developing a healthcare app is quite expensive. Also, 98% of such apps don’t register with users. So, if you are planning to invest in a medical mobile app, make sure the idea is something that engages the users. If you do so, your app will certainly be successful and profitable.

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