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How To Develop Fantasy Sports App like Dream11

How To Develop Fantasy Sports App like Dream11

Fantasy world of cricket the word itself speaks about the truth that sports is not the odd one out of all the industries we discuss. Playing sports based on Staisticsal skills is the new trend these days, win rewards by earning points in the game. Dream11 is the application or one can say it is a game that has attracted everyone towards it.  It is more of a guessing game which rewards you with the amazing cash prizes and sign-up bonuses and many more.

Well if you are a sports lover then you should probably love this game application. Many people today have been playing this game from years now as this app was launched in the recent year 2012 which is now 7 years old and counting.

The number of users it reported in 2 years of its launch was 1 million+ which were consistently growing and reached to about just the double of the number of users they were in 2014 approx. 2 million users in 2016. The number just increased to more than 40 million in the coming year which was around 2018 and now is still counting.

Dream11 is the founding member of Indian Federation of Sports Gaming and a member of Fantasy Sports Trade Association. Well being a D funded company Dream11 is in fund partnership with Tencent which is the leading in the list of funding partners.  Before Tencent came into the funding part Dream11 had another partner investors like Think Investments and Multiples Equity.

Fantasy Sports App

Partnership status of the company is maintained with the top leading companies as its partners in today’s date. Recently BCCI the Board of Control for Cricket in India announced that Dream11 is the official Partner for Vivo Indian Premier League. The four-year partnership started with IPL 2019 Season in March. And in addition, the official fantasy game of IPL would be powered by Dream11.

In the past years in 2017, the company partnered with many other leagues such as cricket, football, basketball, kabaddi, & hockey. Dream11 became the official partner for Hero Caribbean Premier League and also for NBA which stands out for National Basketball Association.

Game Format

Let’s take look about how the game format is; Dream11 provides the fantasy gaming platform for multiple sports such as cricket, football, basketball, kabaddi, & hockey. A user gets to build his virtual team of players of a particular game match of real-life players. They earn points based on the performance of these players in the real-time matches. Based upon the performance of these players the user who scores the maximum attains the maximum of the first rank on the leader-board. Also, Dream11 offers free and paid contest. A user has to pay to enter the contest and can win the real cash. To participate in the game the user has to be 18 on age.

Engagement of sports enthusiast through this game is increased towards their favorite sports. It doesn’t shock people when they came to know about the existence of Fantasy Sports App in the country and across the world and has grown really big.

The industry is preparing to break all the records, as it engages all the sports enthusiasts. And test their knowledge & skills in sports. Well, you never know that soon all the sports league in the nation offer with their very own fantasy leagues to the fans, Leagues like IPL & ISL run their own fantasy leagues.

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Market Growth of Fantasy Sports Application

Well from the starting fantasy sports was first introduced in 1952 in the USA. There are more than 200+ operators in today’s date with 59.4 million users or approx. 21% of US population, 65% of male fans in the USA are into Fantasy Sports.

Fantasy Sports in India has a rapid growth in the last two years- from 2 million users in 2016 to 20 million in 2018. With more than 20 million users India is rapidly is catching up with other western countries.


Engagement wise on an average user spends around 40 minutes on the application every day.

These days as the statistics tell us 53% of the user’s using mobile devices to play fantasy sports. Around 54% of the total users are aged between the age group of 18-34 years. The popular fantasy sports are Soccer, NCAA, Basketball, Football, & Baseball.

Business Model Like Dream11

Business Model of an application like this will only be possible with the help of brilliant mobile app developers which helps you built a website which helps and aptly suits your requirement.

Their Team of experts will help you create an innovative fantasy sports mobile app for business. Selecting the right and experienced developer to create a quality application.

endive software fantasy sports app user panel

Dream11 Features and Functionality

User Side Features:

1. User Authentication:

  • Login- User can register and login into the app via email.
  • Register- User can register to the app via contact number or a referral provided by a friend
  • Referral- Referrals can be provided by the friends to register on the application.

2. Main Screen Features

  • Search- On the home screen user can search.
  • List- Category of Match (Upcoming, Live, Results) and can also, view match listing like Tournaments name & match timings.
  • Filter- Search by filters like (matches, sports type- Cricket, Football, NBA).

 3. Tournaments

  • Filter- It allows users to filter tournaments by entry fee range, tournament type, winners count, & a number of teams that can join the match. As per that user can join the tournament.
  • Listings- The tournament Sections aggregates the complete tournament listing for any match.
  • Joining Tournament- Here the users can join the tournament by giving the entry fees.
  • Creating Fantasy Team- Users can pick their own fantasy teams by selecting players based on knowledge and awareness about the player’s performance, player’s statistics.
  • Creating Tournaments- Users can create their own tournament by entering details like tournament name, total winning amount, entry fees, tournament size, and multiple team permission, invite friends.

4. Payment Gateway Integration

It allows the user to pay online through credit/debit card, or through net banking or through the referral cash the user had earned by referring to other users.

5. My tournament Details

  • View other Participants- Here the user can view the other participant’s list.
  • Edit Team Players- They can view and edit the team players.
  • Filter- User can filter and apply the filter parameter to the match status.

6. Invite and Earn

Users can share or refer the app to their friends via app URL and referral code. In turn, users can be benefitted by cash or reward bonus which gets credited directly to their wallet.

7. Content Management System

It is a support system for the users which includes different sections like About Us, Help, & Contact Us.

8. User’s Dashboard- Users can View and update their entire profile details like-

  • Account Details- Details like referral cash bonus, winning amount, reward points, total balance can be viewed by the user.
  • Manage Transaction- Users can manage their transactions by adding cash or by withdrawing payments.
  • Ranking- Users can check the overall rankings and also they can invite & earn.
  • Logout- When users are done playing the game and want to leave so they can log out the application.

 Admin Side Features:

endive software fantasy sports app admin panel

  •  Admin Login: Admin can log in to the app by using the username and password.
  • Admin Dashboard: Admin has the view of the application like a user cannot have. Admin can view everything like total upcoming or scheduled matches, LIVE matches, already played matches, no. of participants and total revenue generated.
  • User Management: Admin has full control to edit, manage, update, delete, add, activate and deactivate accounts.
  • Leagues/Tournament Management: Admin has full control to edit, manage, update, delete, add, activate and deactivate Leagues/ Tournaments.
  • Category Management: Admin can manage the game category.
  • Match Management: Admin has the full control to manage, edit, delete, update, matches.
  • Revenue Management: Admin can view total earnings from different matches by applying various filters.
  • Reward Points: Admin has the right to offer the reward points to the users.
  • Bonus Cash Points: Admin and only admin has the sole right to add, manage the cash prizes given to the participants.
  • CMS Management: Admin manages the sections for help, About US, Contact Us and others.

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Advanced Features

  • Push Notification: Sending the users real-time notifications for the matches and contests.
  • GPS Location Tracking: The app sends the users alerts about the ongoing or upcoming matches near their locations.
  • Live Matches score: Giving your users an ability to watch the LIVE scores for matches by LIVE score API integrated into the app.
  • Real-Time Analytics: Providing real-time data insights to make better decisions quickly.
  • Miscellaneous: Social Media Sharing, Live Commentary feed, Live Video streaming of matches, Live Photos of matches and games.
  • Customer Mail Reminder: Custom Mails will be sent to the participants to inform them about the upcoming matches.
  • Payment System: There are various payment modes and users can easily make a payment using Debit/Credit, or e-Wallet, Net-banking, etc.

 Legal Aspects

Well, there is a debate going around the world on Sports Betting Applications which is heated up. On the other hand, the Indian Legal system has drawn a line o between the fantasy mobile applications and betting/gambling applications considering it a game of skill. Well in this type of game where sports fans can create a fantasy team by combining players, who they think will be performing better than others in the real-time field game.

Fantasy Sports App like Dream11

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