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How to Develop an eCommerce Mobile App?

Develop an e-Commerce Mobile App

The best way to attract and engage more customers in the 21st century is through e-commerce app. Users prefer an online shopping app more as it helps them to shop easily from literally anywhere. You can grow your own business and target your customers from all around the world by using ecommerce mobile applications.

For this reason, the demand for ecommerce mobile app development has increased day by day. No matter the type of business, most owners want an e-commerce app with all features to engage consumers globally. Everyone is adhering to one principle- target mobile before the website.

Amazon leads the market of e-commerce app. Other successful apps are of Snapdeal, E-bay and Myntra.

ecommerce mobile app

Ecommerce mobile apps are very helpful for online businesses. And the owners of online businesses preferred ecommerce mobile apps to sell products online to the globally. Mobile apps are convenient for people, but only the apps that have an extensive range of feature works. In this blog, we will talk about the features the app must have and the cost for developing the same.

Some Statistics of eCommerce mobile apps

Here are some stats about ecommerce apps that will convince you to hire an app builder and get developing.

  • Almost 125 million users in the U.S have a smartphone, and 62% of those users do online shopping.
  • For physical retail shops, 805 shoppers use their phone for product reviews or search and so on.

Some Statistics of eCommerce mobile apps

Thus, going for commerce mobile app development will be good for your business. It will help you get more consumers and retain old ones too and get more profit.

Things you need to know before you start with commerce app development:

Market and target audience research: Develop a buyer’s persona, and your app will certainly be successful. For this, you need to research your audience and market. Know their needs and basic requirement from an e-commerce app. It will help you develop an app that is useful for them.

Research your competitors: If you don’t know your competitors, it will cost you a lot. Find out everything about your competitors and takes notes. From their methodology, features included, platforms it runs on to the products they sell, everything should be known to you. It will help you to make your app different and better and avoid the mistakes they made.

UI & UX Design: The look of the commerce mobile app should be user-friendly. For this choose soothing themes and looks. It will definitely help your app connect with customers.

Quality of the product’s image: Consumers cannot see your products in person that is why the images should be of high quality. But its size should not be that big that the app takes a lot of time to load. Embed a zoom button so that consumers can look at the products details.

Technology: After you draft the idea of your app and it gets finalized, it’s time to pick the technology. If you don’t pick the right technology for your eCommerce mobile app development, it won’t succeed.

E-Commerce Mobile App features:

E-Commerce Mobile App features

It has three panels:

Customer Panel features

  • Signup/Log-in
  • Store finding
  • Offers/discounts
  • Product List, shipment and tracking
  • Shopping cart and add to cart
  • Wishlist
  • Customizing delivery of products
  • Multiple payment gateways
  • Voice/image search
  • Return/Exchange product
  • AR Tool
  • Instant checkout
  • EMI
  • Personalized Results
  • e-Gift Card
  • Live Chat
  • Notifications

Vendor Panel

  • Registration
  • Subscription Plan
  • Profile and setting up stores
  • Manage orders
  • Payment monitoring
  • Reviews
  • Tools for reporting
  • Notification

Admin Panel

  • Login with Login ID & Password
  • Dashboard
  • Manage Users (Customer/Seller)
  • Manage Product category/subcategory
  • Manage Promotions, Rewards, Points
  • Manage Payment
  • Manage referral/invites

ecommerce mobile app solutins

Some Additional features:

Social Media Registration:  The best option for attracting more users is to give them the option of registration through social media accounts.

Multiple payment gateways: The strategy of integrating numerous payment gateways will give you a benefit over your competitors. Thus, users have multiple options to pay such as e-wallets, debit/credit cards, cash on delivery, etc.

Push notifications:  Push notification for a discount, sales and so on are perfect for luring consumers. Also, it helps you to generate more revenue.

Dedicated discount/offers: An abandoned cart is a huge cause of worry for an e-commerce app. It means losing a good percentage of your revenue. To tackle this issue, you should provide discount/offers to people on items they wish to buy. It will help you retrieve your customers back.

Searching with QR codes:  QR codes are the latest trend that helps customers search for specific products they are looking for. It will help you immensely and you can create your QR codes.

Google Analytics: Google Analytics is a great tool that will help you monitor all your apps. It will gather data about features that people like or feature that needs improvement. Implementing this is rather easy, and the benefits you reap are certainly worth it.

Wishlist: Having the feature of the wish list is crucial for every ecommerce mobile apps these days. Many consumers like an item, but can only buy it after some time. Wishlist helps them save that item for later and also keep reminding them about the same.

Simple Checkout Process: The process of scrolling through various products before buying one is a long one. After the user has finalized the item they desire to buy; they won’t prefer a complex checkout process. Thus, it is crucial that you make the checkout process as simple and easy as you can.

Easy Navigation: Navigation throughout the app should be easy. But when it comes to product navigation; it is compulsory for it to be simple and easy.

Chat Support: All e-commerce apps must have live chat support. It aids users to quickly contact a customer service person about any queries they might have.

AR/VR: Augmented and Virtual reality tech is the latest development for any apps. If you have the budget, do install these features in your app. They are beneficial for all parties involved.

Social media sharing: While shopping everyone loves to take advice and feedback from friends and family. Make sure your shopping app has the feature that lets the customer share the products on Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, and so on.

Feedback (ratings, reviews and so on): Don’t just take feedback of the products; take reviews for customer support and features of the app. It will help you improve your app so that you can provide more to your customers.

Personalization: Let the users have the feature to customize their search according to their needs.

Comparing price and supporting multi-currency: Make sure your app supports multi-currency and also lets the user compare the price of products.

Reporting & Analytics: The feature will update admin about registered users and all other things. It will analyze the data and provide reports for the same.

Cloud Storage: Cloud storage makes it easy for you and consumer to access data from anywhere and anytime.

Shipping: This feature works with an integrated API which helps you and your customer to track the shipping order.

Ask your app builder to include most of these feature in your app(the no of the advance feature depends on your budget.) It is the only thing that will make your app different from other e-commerce apps in the market. Use features that help you retain consumers and make their experience easy and happy.

Team Structure Required:

For your ecommerce app, you will require a short team that consists of:

  • Project Manager
  • Android/iOS/Windows Developer
  • Back-end coder
  • An expert who monitors the quality
  • UX/UI Designer

Cost of developing an e-Commerce mobile app:

The team and some other factors determine the cost of commerce mobile app development. Other factors include:

  • The features and advanced features the app has
  • No of platforms the app runs on
  • Location of the commerce mobile app development company.

For the basic version of the app that has MVP features and basic UX/UI design, this will cost you approx. $20000-$25000.

For an app with advanced and amazing features that runs on numerous platforms, this will cost you approx. $50000 or more.


The 21st century believes in online shopping due to convenience and busy schedules. And the best way to attract more users is to build an e-commerce app for all mobile devices. It will help you engage more consumers and earn more revenue. The guide above is a starting point for your commerce mobile app development there is more to learn.

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