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How To Define The Cost of iPhone App Development?

How To Define The Cost of iPhone App Development

The cost of iPhone app development depends on the various factors like features, technologies use in mobile, the complexity of the app, iPhone App Development CompanyiOS app developer, and location of mobile app development.

For successful mobile app development, features are the essential aspects and these also define the cost of building an app. A feature is a particular functional element of a mobile application that provides an amazing experience to the users. It can be a simple material icon on a screen or a complex machine learning algorithm.

Features in the iPhone app are important factors that a mobile app developer can easily integrate into the app. The more options are hence selected, the more extensive is the customization. This drives up the cost. Let’s look at cost variation for different iPhone app development.

  • Costs For No Network Access iPhone App Development

Standalone apps are those apps that don’t have any server components. Or essentially they don’t require any network access in order to function. In today’s time, it is not quite common, due to extensive network connectivity and lowering data costs.

These apps can fully function without any type of network connection. For instance, standalone apps may be the camera app or the settings app that comes along with the device. Even today, these apps usually have some type of interaction with the network. For example, one can share a photo from the camera through messaging. The cost of developing such an app is less than $50,000.

  • Costs For Data Consumption Only iPhone App Development

This type of app requires network connectivity, but they solely consume data only. That is, they don’t actually require any type of authentication or any login to work. Like the standalone app, they are also not too common, but they still exist. For instance, these apps may include calendar or stock apps that come with the device. Third-party developers generally build extensive versions of these apps which include syncing, logins, and other features. These data consumption app may need a light-weight server-aspect to be created as well. Hire iPhone app developer who understands the server-side of such app for the successful development of such apps. The cost of developing such an app can range between $50,000 to $100,000.

  • Costs Of Social And Social Networking iPhone App Development

Most of the top apps present today are driven by their social features. This essentially means that the users use these apps to interact with each other. They also share each other’s data like text, video, or photo. They can also get to know each other and create their own network. Hence there exists the term “social network” in such kinds of apps. A social app will consist of user authentication, messaging, friending, along with favoriting or any other type of data interaction. It will also include comparable baseline functionality. 

For instance, a dating app can be considered in this category. There are iPhone app developers for hire who specializes in such app. These apps will have the additional features to extensively search, filter, a matching algorithm, and interact with profiles. It will also have advanced permissions that limit the interaction until any match occurs. Such apps cost around $150,000 to $500,000.

  • Costs of Internet of Things (IoT) focused iPhone App Development

IoT or Internet of Things app generally requires low-level interactions with the firmware in order to control the hardware. They, however, need methods to send commands as well as pull data. It is required for close collaboration with whoever is building the corresponding hardware. Such apps cost around $200,000 to $2,500,000.


The costs of apps remain to vary dramatically in the current marketplace. That’s why it is important to understand the features that you require. Each type of app comes with its own sets of requirements. These features and inherent requirements drive up the cost. When you have to develop an app, consider all the aspects. Make sure that you Hire iPhone Developer who can build the app under your budget and provide you the best iOS app development services. However, ensure that you don’t compromise on the features and functionalities. For various iPhone apps, the features can vary and so do their cost. The above-mentioned iPhone app types explain the cost variation of iPhone app development.

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