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How to Create Your Own Fitness App- Cost & Features Inside


While technology has been around for decades. And in today’s date, it is growing at an unprecedented rate and impacting almost every aspect of our lives.

The advent of technology in the world of healthcare & fitness has proven to be a boon for both the hosts as well as the guests.

We all are having healthcare apps in our smartphone to track daily outdoor activities such as heart rate, blood pressure, and other vital signs. Apparently, the fitness band has come as the most useful tool that has played a major role in the success of healthcare & fitness apps. For hard-code athletes, the dedicated fitness bands and smartwatches have become the first choice to track outdoor activities from the apps.

It is the desire of many people to be healthy and going to the fitness club is a norm for many people today. What if you go out for 7 days with your buddies and do not want to miss an exercise? or what if there are no gyms in your area. Don’t worry you are living in a mobile-driven world where you can find solutions for those problems. There are many fitness or personal training apps that you can use in your everyday life from eating healthier food to working out.

How to Create Your Fitness App

Fitness App Industry Stats-

Here we are discussing some important facts about the fitness app industry that helps you to decide whether or not you should invest in fitness app development in 2020.

  • The fitness app market is projected to reach the US $ 17.25 billion by 2022, from the US $ 6.82 billion in 2017.
  • As per the Statista report, the revenue in the Fitness domain clocks to US$16,857m by the end of 2019.
  • Besides, the revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2019-2023) of 5.0%, resulting in a market volume of US$20,499m by 2023.
  • According to research, the market for fitness apps will increase by 210 percent by 2020 from $10 billion to $31 billion.

In simple words, the demand for fitness apps is growing each passing year. Thus, a fitness or workout app might be a good idea for a startup.

These days, the question of how to make a fitness app for users is quite relevant for diverse groups of startups. The success stories of most popular fitness apps like Health-Kit, Nike Training, Google Fit, etc., have pushed the healthcare industry forward stimulating a phenomenal growth. In fact, this is why not only fitness trainers are wondering how to create a fitness app but many startups from various industries too.

Type of Workout Apps

There are a few flavours of fitness apps that will keep you fit and most importantly, stay motivated. Here we are going to break them down into three major categories- Personal Trainer, Diet & nutrition apps, and Workout & exercise apps that can be paired with devices people wear to the gym. These apps closely linked with overall trends in society.

  • Personal Trainer
  • Diet & Nutrition Apps,
  • Workout & Exercise Apps

Have an idea for a Fitness Mobile Application Development, but unsure of where to start or how to approach the entire development process? Don’t worry, here, we’ll help you see the main aspects of building a healthcare app, including existing business models, inventory sourcing, as well as the development process.

Before you start developing your own app, the first thing that you need to decide what type of fitness app do you want. If you are really serious about it, take your time and do the proper groundwork to know the targeted market/customers, services and more. A feature-rich and dynamic healthcare & fitness app is extremely important for attracting prospective users if you want your business to flourish.

Here we will discuss the basic features that relate to fitness. 

  1. Choose the monetization model

Various startups follow the monetization model to earn revenue. To make a fitness app profitable, you need to make a proper strategy. Thus, there are several ways to earn a profit. Some of the models you need to know about.

  • Paid App– To access your app, users have to purchase it. However, it doesn’t work in order to leave the mark among the users through this model. The main reason is that there are too many free fitness apps available in the stores.
  • In-app Purchase– Make your app free to download from the stores. And provide more useful content that encourages users to buy them. Diet plan, healthy diet recipes, and free consultation are the best example.
  • Freemium- Provide basic features in the app that users can access without paying anything. And for advanced features, users have to pay for them.
  • Ads- You can also earn revenue by collaborating with the other fitness businesses and run their ads on your application.

 Consider basic fitness app features to provide amazing users experience, you need to focus on all advanced and common features. Some of the common features that you must have in your application.

  • Users Signup/Login
  • User Profile
  • Social Sharing
  • Geo-location
  • Notification
  • Activities
  • Workout Plans
  • Payment Gateway

Must-have advanced features- 

  • Community-based Aspects
  • Wearable Device Integration
  • Daily Activity Tracking
  • Customized Diet Plans
  • Contact with Trainer
  • Should have live audio and video streaming
  • Yoga Classes
  • Blog/News
  • Premium Account

Yoga App Development

  1. Hire Development Team

You should hire a renowned mobile app development company to convert your business idea into reality. We recommend you to choose a healthcare app development company or hire a mobile app developer from an Asian country- India. The mobile app developers from different countries have different hourly rates.

  1. Project Planning

Every project development starts with proper planning. You should create a proper road map, including application scope, mobile platforms, development tools, technology to application launching.

  1. Design

Design is very crucial for a fitness application. It is said that Mobile applications with eye-catching design and easy-to-use user interface attract many users. You should build your fitness app with great style and brilliant interactive design that has neatly separated sections. Hence, it doesn’t distract users from working out.

  1. Development

It is the most important phase of the application development that defines the entire functionality of the fitness application. Ask your mobile app developer or mobile app development team to clearly build custom code that runs flawlessly. Developers should be perfect enough in integrating third party APIs as per your requirement.

  1. Quality Assurance

A quality check is very important to fix the bugs and functionality of the application. The Quality assurance team needs to follow every step and perform testing to fix the issues of the project and check all features that work well as they are expected.

How Much Does It Cost To Make A Fitness App?

The fitness app has become an ideal business model for entrepreneurs. Various companies are moving to develop fitness & healthcare app. But the most important question is how much does it cost to make a fitness app? It might be hard to say about the exact cost for development, but based on all the features, platforms, technology, and third party APIs, we can come to the estimated development cost. If you want to implement all the above features, business models, and mobile platforms then it may cost you around $20K. If you wish to have your own team of experienced front-end and back-end developers, then the cost may dent your account. It may take development costs up to $35K. The development cost also depends on the location of the development.

You can hire experienced mobile app developers on an hourly basis. They will not only build quality solutions but save your time and money in developing the project.

Country-wise cost of developers per hour

UK- $100-$150

USA- $150-$200

Australia- $100-$150

India- $30-$50

If you want to know more about fitness app development cost, contact us, our experienced fitness app developers will help you with quality solutions.

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