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How to Build an eCommerce Website from Scratch & Start Selling Products Worldwide

Build an eCommerce Website from Scratch

There are many survey reports that states the growth of online business worldwide is increasing significantly at a faster pace and the graph is increasing upwards constantly. There are experts who predict that eCommerce will surpass $3 trillion in sales in the coming years and will be one of the most valued industries.

How do you create an e-Commerce website?

Building an online store is an extraordinary way to make some extra money, but it becomes difficult to know where to start from. Above all that you don’t need that extra money, time or some technical knowledge to build or develop an online store.

E-Commerce platforms like Magento, Shopify, Wix, Big-Commerce, & Woo-Commerce, etc are some of the easiest, cheapest and the quickest platform to start with or build an online store.

The success of the e-Commerce business has impacted that even houses have started online selling as one of their complementary efforts. But in the case of e-Commerce, you have to create your own eCommerce website first.

leading Ecommerce Website Development Company

There lies a certain process behind creating and operating an e-commerce website. As a digital marketer, it’s my work to help brands grow their business. So, the process of undergoing your own e-Commerce web development is easy.

In this article, we will discuss the tips and trick that will certainly help you to launch your own e-Commerce from scratch. Where you can hire a reliable web development company or e-Commerce website builders for your online store and start selling your products.

You need to decide the product you want to sell

There are plenty of e-commerce websites on the internet if you search them they sell various different items online. There are only a few certain e-Commerce websites who are dedicated to only a single product or a service such as travel plans, household appliances, books, CD’s and so on.

Deciding an outset of the service is important to sell it through your website. By the time you decide the item on the trade, it is essential to make an estimate of what the local demand could be.

The local supplier of your product will ensure the fast deliveries, easy payment, and replacement in case if the product is faulty or if the delivery is wrong.

Choosing a Business/Domain Name

As you will be an e-Commerce business owner you can choose your business model as per your business requirement the upcoming next step to this would be choosing a business name and getting a domain for the same.

Now, what does a domain provides you? It provides you with your own identity on the internet and makes it easier for your buyers to recognize you.

When you try to start an e-Commerce site you tend to realize that there are lots of elements which are needed to be checked or tested to ensure that your customers have a nice experience.

There is a list of elements you can walk through and check each item to ensure that your e-Commerce platform is ready.

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Manage what your customers see first

When a user visits your website they have a choice to look around or leave. If your website’s interface and navigation are not appealing for the e-Commerce shopper they will immediately leave the website and will hit to another one. But with some editions to few of your website pages like first few pages, you can provide those customers with a direction to your website.

What you should double-check, let’s see:

  • The website should contain a nice logo, well designed
  • You should make sure that your website works on all the browsers and devices
  • Your website should contain some promotional graphics and links on your website homepage
  • Your website should have a search option on the top of the homepage
  • Language options should be necessary for your users to view your from different regions
  • You can display some special products or services or free shipping options on your website.

Overall e-Commerce Management and Look

Not particularly e-Commerce but any website running on the internet today requires moderation and management which means that list of the element we just checked are working properly and every page of your website looks nice.

There are still some elements that you can include in your website pages and some things you should remember while managing your website:

Things you should remember while managing your website

  • You should keep a minimalistic design on your website
  • Check for the broken links and remove them, look for some empty product pages and fill the product spaces.
  • Make sure that your website has an SSL certificate for safety.
  • You need to make sure that you should have categories on every page of your e-Commerce website for filtering the products.
  • You should test your e-Commerce website for the responsiveness and speed if they are not up to the mark then you must make your e-Commerce responsive for all the devices and browsers.
  • You need to show what payment service you avail on your website for the users to flexibly pay.
  • Apply breadcrumbs on every page of your website for people to find the right product.

Elements that you must include in your website

  1. Provide a Login Box or Form
  2. Provide a link to your Career Page
  3. Provide a link to your About Us Page
  4. Provide a link to your Privacy & Terms Page
  5. Provide a share button
  6. Provide FAQ on your website
  7. Provide links to your Social Channels
  8. Provide supplier information
  9. Provide return and exchange policy
  10. Provide a Checkout button

Product Page Elements

When a user visits your e-Commerce website they will definitely visit your product page. There are more chances of the user to directly visit your e-Commerce product page through Google search engine. This conclusively means that you need to have clear information on each page of your product with some tools, guides, and media such as images or videos to provide a way to people to buy the product.

What to include on Product Page of e-Commerce:

  • Action Calling must be there
  • Every Product must include a customer rating and reviews
  • Discount Timer, Free Shipping feature must be there if the user buys the product
  • Product specification and information
  • You must use creative description related to the product
  • Provide the pricing information of the product so that the user finds it easy to purchase the product.
  • Provide the availability information of the product that might be helpful for the user visiting your product page
  • Tax calculator on the product checkout page to provide the final price of the product after applying taxes on the product.
  • Provide the comment section where the people can discuss the product or the brand
  • Provide the Add to cart button on the product page.
  • Provide the Wishlist button to add the product on your product Wishlist page.
  • Provide a currency converter on the product price page where the user can convert the price in their currency and make a checkout.
  • You must provide a share button on the product to share the direct link of the product to someone who wants to buy the product
  • Provide other products on the product page which are related to the product you are interested in.
  • A notification feature for the users if the product is not available so that they get the notification when the product is available

Add Blogs and Media Pages to your Website

Blogs on the e-Commerce website well if someone gives it a thought it sounds weird, how can there be blogs on e-Commerce, but on the other hand the blogs are add-on on the e-Commerce platform they add extra value to the website.

You can increase the strength to the brand just by adding some separate pages. Here is the list of the element that you can include:

  • You can add Product Reviews and Showcases
  • Add comments to your blogs
  • You can add those kinds of blogs which are related to your products or related to recent news and events
  • Provide a sharing option for your blog post
  • List those products on your blogs which are related to them
  • Provide a guest blog posting for people who want to post their blogs
  • You can add some educational pages on your website along with the blog sections
  • Add tutorial for products
  • Provide a page with video testimonials from the users about the product

Well there are many things which you can do and not all can be covered in this article or this article could sort of look like a Business Required Document (BRD), but yes these are some of the features which entrepreneur can use if they are building up a basic and simple e-Commerce for their own products.


There are many services in e-Commerce which you can use like Magneto, Woo-Commerce, Shopify, & Big-Commerce, etc to build your own online product selling store. You can build an e-commerce website from scratch using these services. As a leading web development company in India, we can provide you with the best UI/UX design for an online store.

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