How to Build An eLearning App That Will Succeed




How to Build An eLearning App That Will Succeed

Apr 17, 2023 Mobile App

The covid-19 outbreak has affected almost every industry, excluding e-learning, healthcare, on-demand services, and the eCommerce industry. This pandemic has significantly disrupted the higher education sector, which is a critical determinant of a country’s economic future.

However, the education sector has moved to the digital environment as all the schools, colleges and universities are using e-learning platforms to continue the classes for the students. On the other hand, looking at the quick surge among the e-learning platforms, various businesses or startups come forward to invest in eLearning app development and made a business model to target the billions of learners during this pandemic.

e-Learning mobile applications like Byju’s, Coursera, and Udemy have made a big contribution to strengthening the falling pillars of the traditional education system. However, they have completely changed the learning process by introducing digital classes.

With the increasing demands for these e-Learning platforms, the global eLearning industry market is expected to surpass 243 billion U.S. dollars by 2022.

Here in this article, we will discuss the e-Learning mobile app development like Byju’s and its features and technology that will help those who are planning to build an e-Learning app like Byju’s.

A Brief On Byju’s- The Learning App

BYJU’S – The Learning App is an Indian educational technology and an online education firm founded in 2011 by ByjuRaveendran in Bangalore. In September 2020, it was the world’s most valued ed-tech company with a valuation of $11.1 billion. This year in May 2020, Byju’s claimed that they had gained 2,800 crore revenue in FY20.

Byju’s offers online courses for the 1st to 12th class students from all streams. It also offers courses/classes for National as well as international competitive exams.

Features of An App LikeByju’s-

To make your e-Learning mobile application works perfectly like Byju’s, you need to create four panels of the App- Admin Panel, Teacher Panel, Student Panel, and Parents Panel. Here are the four panels and their respective features.

Admin Panel

You as an Admin can manage all operational activities running in the app whether it is a student app, teacher app, parents app, and an admin app. In addition, a person with admin panel access can control and manage the payment of subscriptions also. Here are the features of Admin Panel-

  • Class Management – Admin can manage the students and courses class-wise. Admin can also assign classes to the teachers.
  • Content Management – Admin can easily manage the content of the app like Audio Book, Video Lecture, etc. Admin can also remove and add new videos or ebooks effectively.
  • Test Management – This feature helps students to give test no matter which corner of India you are in. Admin can conduct and manage test location wise.
  • Student and Parent Management – This feature allows the admin to manage the profiles of parents and their kids who are associated with the learning app.
  • Teacher Management – Admin can manage teachers and their classes. The schedule, background, and report of teachers are also managed by the admin.
  • Payment Management – Using this feature, the admin of the app can manage the payment options, courses, and subscriptions under high-end security.

Teacher Panel

The teacher panel is also an important panel of the e-Learning app which is used to keep eye on student activities such as classes, attendance, records, etc. This panel allows teachers to connect with parents, students as well as admin. Here are the features of the teacher panel.

  • Registration – In the eLearning app, an essential registration process is very important, followed by all the documents for eligibility are verified.
  • Dashboard – The dashboard of teachers contains the details of their classes, students, and many more.
  • Class management and reports – Using this feature, a teacher of the e-Learning app can manage the classes, timings, and maintain reports for the classes conducted.
  • Student management and reports – It is an important feature, that allows teachers to generate a comprehensive report for their students to track their performance effectively.
  • Notifications – This is one of the best features that provides time-to-time notifications or reminders to teachers about their upcoming classes.
  • Chat/call with Admin – This feature allows the teachers to connect with the admin anytime.

Parent Panel

Parent Panel is an important panel to manage the account of their kids. As a primary school kid, he/she has no idea how to buy a subscription or choose the best courses themselves. For this, parent’s support is required to make a better decision for the kids. This panel allows parents to create an account and manage their child’s courses, classes, and progress. These are the features of the parent panel-

  • Registration – To connect with the child and their class teachers, parents need to enroll themselves by providing essential information.
  • Connect Student – After creating an account, they will connect their ward with their profile.
  • Admin announcements – The admin shares regular updates that are shown to parents with the help of this feature.
  • Student profile and reports – The parents can view the performance and class reports of their students in this feature.
  • Buy courses – This feature allows the parents to purchase the course for their children.
  • Chat/call with Admin – This feature allows the parents to connect with the admin anytime.

Student Panel

Student Panel is an important pillar of any app like Byju’s. In this Panel, a student can access the complete content of their courses. Here are the features of the student panel-

  • Registration – Students can register themselves by providing essential information.
  • Course List – This feature allows students to browse and know about different courses in the course list section.
  • Course Details – This feature allows students to access the course details that they have purchased.
  • Online Tests – In this, all the registered students are asked to take an online test to track their performance. The online test is very important to polish the knowledge of students.
  • Purchase History – In this section, students or their parents can access the complete history of courses they bought.
  • Forum – This is one of the best features that allows students to connect with the respective teacher and can ask their queries to get resolved.

e-Learning App Like Byju’s: Premium vs. Free Subscription

Here the e-learning app will run on your devices for free or with a subscription. If all the contents in the paid plan match your requirements then it is a big win for you.

The free subscription will only cover 20-30% of content or users can use the content for 15 days without any charges, while with a premium subscription, you will allow access to complete content given in the courses.

As a premium member, you can ask doubts anytime and get them cleared from your mentors.

In the Premium version, all the content can be accessed even in offline mode that means no internet connection is required.

Even though a free subscription doesn’t cost any, while the premium version costs around 20000 Rs for a course, still the benefits are unmatchable.

Technologies Stack:

  • Cloud Integration– Cloud integration is an urgent need for every e-Learning platform. You can consider cloud technology for your app to store all content over cloud storage. Also, allow students to save their study materials over cloud storage.
  • Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality-Augmented Reality (AR) has proved to be the best technology for e-learning. Using this, you can implement artificial graphics into the physical environment to provide a unique experience for the students.
  • Virtual Reality (VR) is a popular technology. However, it is quite costlier than Augmented Reality and is not readily available for people. VR also creates an enhanced experience for users.
  • Programming Languages– Java, PHP, and Python.
  • Mobile Development– Android – Java, iOS – Swift, cross-platform – React Native
  • Front-end– Angular, ReactJS, HTML5, CSS
  • Back-end– Node.js
  • Cloud Environment– Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google, Azure
  • Analytics– Google Analytics
  • Marketing Automation– HubSpot, MailChimp (for e-mails)
  • Databases- PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB
  • Payments- Stripe, Braintree
  • AI and Machine Learning- for Virtual Assistants.

Mobile App Development Cost-

The e-Learning mobile app development cost is entirely dependent on the features you want to add to your application and mobile app development company location where you are going for e-learning app development services.

Cost of App Development in India as follows-

Development Cost (USD) for basic application with all panels-
For Android App Platform                 30K
For iOS App Platform                         35K
Hire Mobile App Developer              $15 per hour

Development Cost (USD) for advanced application with all features like Byju’s-

For Android App Platform                 45K
For iOS App Platform                          50K
Hire Mobile App Developer              $35 per hour

Final Words-

Building e-learning is not a hard job, but maintaining it is really a tough task. You need to take care of each and every small detail that is related to the education and future of students. You need to hire a top-notch team of professionals who can take care of your e-learning mobile application, or look for a trusted mobile app development company in India that has expertise in e-learning app development services.

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