Full Stack Developer

How To Become A Full-Stack Developer?

Full Stack Developer

A full-stack developer is someone who works on both the front-end and the back-end portions of the application. Full-stack Development is the most popular occupation today according to the survey done in 2018. There are dozens of online programs which helps people become full-stack developers and then these programs help these developers land on the high paying programming jobs.

These popular programs can be found on Udacity, Coursera, Lynda, General Assembly and many more. Well, there are many offline In-person coding Boot-camps which helps the people learning the skills required to become web developers.

In this blog to discuss the coding boot-camp websites won’t help but discuss the factors which will help you understand the factors which will help you get a mindset about becoming a Full-Stack developer.

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Guide to Full-Stack Development

Well, we talked about the full-stack developer up there which stated that a developer is who works on both the front-end and the backend of the application. Now front-end generally refers to the portions of the application the user will see or interact with and the backend is the part of the application which generally handles the logic, database interaction, and server configuration and user authentication.

Becoming a full-stack developer does not mean that you have mastered everything which is required to work with the backend and the front-end also it means that you will be able to work on both the sides and will be able to understand the process of building an application.

If you want to be a full stack developer in 2019 and land in your first job, here is the guide to become a full stack developer with a lot of things you must know and learn to be the one.

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  1. HTML/CSS: Every single program that is teaching you how to be a web developer will start with HTML & CSS because they are building blocks of the web. With HTML you can add content to a website and with the CSS you can style your content visibility on the website. There are many other things related to HTML. Such as:
  • Semantic HTML
  • It should be able to show and express the CSS Box Model
  • CSS Queries for targeting different devices and write responsive CSS
  • CSS Preprocessors
  1. JavaScript: JavaScript Language is growing more popular every year and new libraries, framework, and tools are constantly being released. Based on a survey JavaScript is the most popular language in Full-Stack, Front-end, and in so many more. It is the one and the only language which runs natively on the browser and can work as a server-side language as.

Well, there are some of the major things which you need to understand about being a Full-Stack developer:

  • Need to have a better understanding of how to work with the DOM. Having a Knowledge of JSON and how to manipulate it.
  • Understanding language features like functional composition, scope, inheritance, etc.
  • Callback Functions, Control Flow
  • Knowledge of testing frameworks
  • Learn about the ES features
  1. Back-end Language: You will need to move on from the front end to the backend it’s like from, HTML/CSS, & JS to database operation, application logical reasoning, and user authentication. All the other user based programs focus on the specific back-end language, also it doesn’t even matter which one you learn until you realize what is going on and till you learn the right outcomes of the language of the chosen language.

 Stick with the language you decide to learn and learn as much you can about it.

  • Node js: Node.js Is again is the best option here is the Java-script environment which means you don’t need to learn new languages. This is the biggest reason for the online programs teaching Node.js. It is the most popular framework which you should learn for developing web application another one is Express JS. 
  • Python: using python is one of the best programming languages and framework developer should choose while developing. 
  • Java: Java is one of those languages which is certainly not taught much presently when it comes to Full-Stack development, but certainly there are some companies which uses Java as their back-end and still it’s very demanded. 
  1. Database & Web Storage: Learning to build a web application, at some point you will maybe need to store some data somewhere and will need to access it later. You should have a good grasp of databases and storage related topics.
  • Like understanding the benefits of relational data like SQL
  • Learning about No-SQL databases like MongoDB
  • Getting to understand the benefits of in-memory data stores like Memcached or Redis
  • Developer should know about the web storages to store session, cookies, and cached data in the browser.

These are some basic things which a developer should have in mind before getting on with the Full-Stack development process.

Well in the beginning journey of a Full-Stack Developer might look kind of tight start but it’s not that hard to understand. But with experience, it makes the process easier. But upgrading your skills is not that hard that it may have appeared.  And moreover being able to understand the need for the project and all aspects of it will make you an integral part of the company or department.

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