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How Much Does It Cost To Mobile App UI UX Design

How Much Does It Cost To Mobile App UI UX Design

Building a mobile app with a first-class user interface and exceptional experiences is the desire of every startup and mobile app development company. 

All of you, including developers, must have been impressed by the killer design of apps such as UBER, UBER Eats, Instagram, Twitter, Skype, Facebook, and Zomato. Mobile app design with eye-catching User Interface (UI) tells everything about the brand and quality. Users love to use app that not only has appealing UI but also features easy-to-use functionality. 

If you are following the same principles and giving amazing user experience to your users, then indeed you are very close to app success. However, it takes sustained effort and time to build an amazing user interface of a mobile app. 

Mobile App UI UX Design

But now the questions come in your mind as to how we build UI and UX? how long does UI/UX building take? How much does it cost to design a mobile app? We will discuss the answers to all these questions over here. But first, we will talk about the USER INTERFACE (UI). 

What is User Interface (UI) and What Does It Include- 

A User Interface is a visible part of a mobile application that works with the functionality of the mobile app. The design of a mobile app is made using images, buttons, logo, material icons, graphics, etc. An app with a pleasant and neat user interface encourages users to return to the products or services again and again. 

How UI/UX Design Process? 

Here are the steps that are important to build impressive Mobile App Design- 

  1. Research & Analysis

Research & Analysis is very important to meet the project requirements. Every mobile app development company or mobile app developer follow their own research & analysis methodology to craft mobile app successfully. Current market trends, competitor analysis, and user behaviors should be the main objective of research & analysis. Thus, by following the mentioned the one can easily define their preferences, goals, and pain points. 

  1. Wireframe-

A wireframe is a UI design for an application designed by the UI/UX designer for the development team. Generally, a mobile app wireframe is developed before the app development process starts as these wireframes are generally developed to map the production of the application. It also helps clients understand how the app’s UI will look like. Based on it, clients can also make changes that they don’t want in the application. 

  1. Prototyping-

The next process is a prototype that shows how the app will look like. UX/UI designers make the prototype of the app using a wireframe. As the complete UI of the app is based on them. By doing this, app designers and developers can make sure that navigation or functionality within the app flows nicely. 

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  1. Visual Designing

It is the final design (UI) of an app that is now ready for the test. The visual design of the app is all about moving from one screen to another. 

  1. Testing

The final testing for the app makes everything clear about the errors and bugs if there any in the app. 

How Much Does It Cost To Design An App? 

Now coming back to the question as to how much it costs to build a mobile application UI/UX. 

The cost of design depends on the type of app. If you want to build a complex app that has several pages, including a splash screen, then you need to pay a good amount for it. While the app with basic design elements will cost you very less. You can categorize the app based on its design complexity- Basic, Moderate and complex. 

  1. Basic App Design

An application with simple design elements will cost you around $1000. This kind of app features basic and standard user interface design. And it would take around 1 week to craft the app design. An example of a basic app is Calculator and Sticky notes. 

  1. Moderate App Design

An app with middle complexity will cost you $5000 to $10000 and it would take around 250 hours to give its final look. The most popular messaging app like WhatsApp is a perfect example of it. WhatsApp features a lot of screens, including images, layouts, types of content and more. 

  1. Complex App Design

An application with complex design and various pages falls into this category. Spotify and Amazon are a real example of it. These kinds of apps require HD graphics, color elements, font style, material icon and products that require information.

If you want to design an e-Commerce app like Amazon and eBay then it will cost you around $36,000 and it will take around 8 weeks or more to complete the design. 

App Design Costs By Region- 

(iOS and Android App Design Costs) 

If you want to build an application like Amazon, then you must check the region-wise cost and you will find variation in the cost. There is a huge difference in the cost of design in a different region. 

Let’s say you are outsourcing the UI/UX services to the UK. The hourly cost of developers in this region is around $50 and they will take 720 hours in the complete design. 

Hourly rate $50 (average hourly rate in UK) x 720 hours (max design time) = $36,000 

If you are outsourcing the UI/UX services to India. Then it will cost you between $10-$15 USD. 

Hourly rate $25 (average hourly rate in India) x 720 hours (max design time) = $18,000 

The average design costs by region: 

  • United States- $50 – $150/hr
  • Australia- $50 – $150/hr
  • Western Europe $100/hr
  • Asian Country India- $20 – $30/hr


All the discussed factors are very important that you need to focus while building an app user interface. To make your app look beautiful with the right budget, you need to draw your requirements, hire an experienced mobile UI/UX developer or discuss your app design idea with mobile UI/UX design company.

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