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How Much Does It Cost To Build A Food Delivery App

Mobile App For Restaurant

Food delivery industry has evolved over the years. With the introduction of mobile apps, this industry has become more customer-oriented. Food delivery apps provide much-needed convenience and choices to the customers. It allows the customers to book any food dish from various restaurants and eateries. The food items get delivered to their doorstep with few touches on the screen at a great pace.

Mobile App For Restaurant

To develop a food delivery app, various aspects need to be considered. It also determines the development cost of such app. In order to understand these factors, let’s take a look.

1. The first task to develop such an app is to make it more attractive to the customer. The UI/UX of the app and its design play a key role. A good platform facilitates the user to place the order online without any issues.

2. The login or registration is the first step of any such app. It must be developed with great care as it is the first and front feature of the app. It should have all the important details embedded in it. It should ask for name, phone number, email id along with username and password. Filling these and completing the process, the user can begin to avail the services. It also businesses to keep track of their customers and provide more personalized services.

3. Search Menu, as well as Food Category, is the next important thing. It includes all the food items offered by the restaurant just like physical menu printed. An app should have all the listed menu items of the restaurant. It should be properly categorized according to cuisines with specific images as well as prices. The mobile app for restaurant should contain all the food item details.

4. Adding food order to the cart is the next step. It allows the users manage their orders and checkout their order without any issues along with bill payment. The user should be allowed to add and remove the items too. After this, the user should get the final bill for payment of the order. In case there are any offers or discounts in place, then it should allow the users to enter the promo codes. This allows the user to get rebates on their order. The online generated bill contains all-inclusive cost as well taxes. The customer should also get an estimated time of delivery to reach his doorstep.

5. After placement of the order, the customer should be provided with a variety of payment options. PayPal, Credit/Debit Cards, Netbanking and Cash on Delivery, etc. can be added as the payment method. Such gateways should be secure and efficient.

6. The status of the order from receiving the order and preparation of the order should be provided. It is swiftly becoming an important aspect of online food ordering. It should be available to both customer and service provider. With the growing use of GPS technology, the customer should be allowed to track the location of the order. It also facilitates the restaurant owner to keep track of delivery person. It should also provide the exact location of delivery to the delivery person.

7. Ratings, as well as Reviews, can be added to the customer end of the app. It allows other prospective customers to know about the services of the restaurant or eatery. It also allows the current customers to rate the services of the restaurant which also helps in the brand building of the restaurant. This feature should definitely be asked to include by the food business owners, in their app.

8. Customer support services and help should be included in the app. It should provide technical and order related support through various modes. These modes can be online chat or through email.

Cost of Development

In general, the app development companies charges on per hour basis and the charges may vary from location to location. It can be different for various countries.

In general, US-based developers charges between $200 to $300 while European developers charge at $100 to $200. In case of India based developers, the charges are between $20 and $100.

The initial technical documentation and designing process requires around 50 work hours.

The Front-end and Back-end development process require nearly 300 work hours.

Testing and bug-fixture can require nearly 100 work hours.

This means the total work hours required is nearly 300-400 hours. Let’s consider the median development cost per hour of around $50 to $100. The cost of the food delivery app can be between $15,000 to $30,000.

Additional features along with a choice of platform, i.e., iOS or Android, the cost can vary accordingly. It is essential to hire restaurant app developer who can develop the app within the budget.

Food delivery apps have changes the food industry. Most of the restaurants, bakeries, and variety of eateries use these apps. It provides necessary flexibility and convenience to the customers. The customers can easily choose from a variety of food items. It also helps the customers and business owners to keep track of the order and build a brand. It boosts the online visibility of the business. Ratings and reviews attract more customers to the restaurants. Better customer service enables customer retention. All these factors make an investment in food delivery apps, a worthy one.

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