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How Much Does It Cost To Make A Mobile Application?

How Much Does It Cost To Make An App

We wonder about a lot of things in a day, and it’s not like all of those thoughts get to be executed. This blog is about something different though here we are talking about getting your business into a platform where you can reach up to lot bigger audience and driver more business. Yes, we are talking about the digital medium of your business as we all know that there are still a lot of people who have their business running but they have not shown their business anywhere; to such people or businesses we provide services which might help them to grow their business.

When we say a digital medium we talk about websites and applications which run on smart devices and desktops. Now, it is 2020 and we all enquire about website development, mobile application development everywhere. What as a customer you won’t get an answer to is “how much does it cost to build an app?

mobile app development cost

Trust me; it matters a lot when it comes to the cost of mobile application development because it will vary on the overall quality of the application. Well, the cost can make you compromise a lot of features in your application. There are so many options to choose in the application which you might lose on due to cost factor. Well, don’t panic we will slice the pile of cost for you.

In this blog, we will discuss the detailed explanation of every factor that will make up to the cost of creating applications. So, let’s not waste any time and get started with the article.

Factors determining the app development cost

Before starting with it, just know this there is no precise answer to the question “how much does it cost to develop an app?” because the price does not depends upon one factor it depends upon various different factors some of them are mentioned below:

  • The type of vendor you choose
  • Complexity of features
  • Platform you choose
  • The design complexity
  • Location

It needs some explanation for you to understand, you will find details on each point in the article below.

Do you want to know the cost to develop an application?If you are desperately looking for someone to estimate your project well, then don’t hesitate we are always here you ready to help you.

Type of Vendors: Freelancers & App Development Company

Hiring a Freelancing Vendor

The type of vendors that will create an app for you are a freelancer and mobile app development agencies, and none of these options are bad but still, there is a better choice between the two. The choice depends upon your project and the expectations. Let’s get into more detail about freelancer and agencies.

If you are choosing to work with Freelancers to get your app developed, then you might have some advantages:

  • The cost of app development will be cheap
  • There will be regular and constant communication with the developer

There also some risks involved in it:

  • You will need to find the freelancer for all the required services
  • They have their own flexible working hours
  • Average Quality of services
  • No or Less Team Management
  • Limited Accountability and Transparency

On gathering all the above mention information about the freelancer, you might have concluded that you might choose to pay less to a freelancer, but it doesn’t mean that you will receive a good quality work; you will receive worse quality of work. It is not convenient to manage a freelancing vendor because if there are several services included in your project then there might be different people working with their own experiences, skill-set, schedule, and communication skills. What a professional app development requires is a dedicated team and people who are used to work on their own, it’s possible that they might have a problem with that.

Freelance App DevelopersApp Development Agencies
Service Quality And SkillsNoYes
Project ManagementNoYes
Team FormationNoYes
Team ManagementNoYes

By giving your project to a freelancing vendor it is possible that you could skip signing a contract, additional agreements, invoices receipt and a lot of other paperwork, but on other hands, it requires less responsibility and creates a room for deadlines and issues with the overall quality.

Hiring a Mobile App Development Company

If you choose to work with a Mobile App Development Company you might like to have some benefits and they are:

  • Trustful relations
  • Quality of product to be delivered
  • The majority of services which are needed to build the project are in one place
  • You will see the schedule and discipline with the company
  • Project Management with the Project Manager
  • Accountability of the Project

There might be some disadvantages:

  • The high cost of Development
  • Bureaucracy in the company or mostly the decision is made by the project development team.

Where you are spending some amount on your app development process you might also want to spend some more on the documentation process. Well, all the app development companies usually build their trust over security and confidence which is worth the extra penny you spend. Mostly in these agencies, there are experts and professionals who cover the full application development life cycle and provide project management services to establish communication, transparency and timely delivery.

We should not compare the two freelancing and an agency there might be times where you will get bad freelancers and good development agencies and it can be vice-versa at times.

But now the question here arises that “how much does it cost for application development? “ Observation and reports show that good development companies will not charge anything less than $30/hour for mobile application developers. On the other hand, the rates which a freelancer will charge you can also be up to $30. But it all depends upon the risks you are willing to carry out. It is difficult to find a skilled freelancer for the same rate as the company rates.

Complexity of Features

  • Simple Features

The Complexity of the application shows or defines how much time you will need to get your application build and it will directly affect the cost of development as the agency will charge you for per hour development. This generally means that a simple application would require a low or smaller budget while on the other hand the more the complex app the more it will cost you or the higher the price be. 

Therefore these applications are divided into categories which are based on their features set:

 Basic ApplicationMedium Feature

Set Application

Larger Feature

Set Application

Time Required3 months6-8 months9-12 months
Cost -$20/hour$43200$86400$129600

Well, you can see that the complexity of the application matters when it comes to the cost of developing an application. If you have a limited budget you need to think about prioritizing features to fit them within your price range and deploy your product on the market as soon as possible.

The platform you are Choosing

  • Android & iOS as a Platform

The choices of the platform you have made influence the cost of application development. The main factor for you to choose iOS or Android is the audience you might want to reach.  Android & iOS own different market share, a variety of devices and different OS version, and in terms of their technical implementation.

android vs ios market share

If you might want to compare the two then you might want to look at the fewer devices run on iOS and Android. This is the reason why it is much more complicated to develop an android application which will work equally on all the android devices. You should know which devices you are targeting while choosing the platforms. A good analysis of market growth is the best options.

What does it cost to make an app for iOS or Android? If you are specifically developing an application on platform basis then there will no difference in the cost factor let it be iOS or Android and if you are building your application on both the platform then, be ready to lose some more penny.

If by any chance you are thinking to go beyond these platforms then you must not because iOS and Android is the best and popular market. Just keep in mind that native apps are much better than those which are built on cross-platform. They are kind of more expensive but the cost and performance are worthwhile.

The Design Complexity

The application design influences the whole application development process. The more complex the design of your application the expensive it becomes for you.

If we talk about the simpler app design then it might consist of standard or platform-specific elements which are quite easy to implement and doesn’t require that much time. Well, adding custom design, elements and animations increases complexity and also affects the application design costs.


Location is another major factor which influences the cost of developing an app. The cost of application development directly depends upon the location your application is getting developed. The most popular application development destinations worldwide are Eastern Europe, Latin America, North America, & Asia. Application development cost varies in the above-listed regions you should be taking that into account when you are building your budget.

Now I know what running in your mind that “what is the cost to create the application in these regions? “ Let us review the latest data about how much these application developers charge you per hour. 

Full Time EmployeeUSA/CanadaSouth AmericaEastern EuropeAfricaAsia
Business Analyst$100-$200$85-$190$40-$60$30-$60$30-$40
Project Manager$150-$250$150-$240$50-$80$40-$70$35-$50
Team Leader$180-$190$150-$180$45-$65$40-$50$30-$40
Sr. Developer$150-$160$140-$150$65-$75$45-$55$30-$40
Mid-level Developer$135-$145$125-$140$40-$50$37-$40$25-$35
Jr. Developer$100-$130$80-$120$25-$40$35-$40$20-$25
UX/UI Designer$100-$150$89-$135$30-$50$30-$40$20-$30
Sr. QA$145-$170$130-$150$40-$60$40-$50$25-$35
Mid-level QA$100-$110$80-$100$30-$50$30-$35$20-$30
Jr. QA$75-$80$70-$80$25-$42$25-$30$15-$24

The app development cost in Asian countries like India, Thailand, China or any other Asian countries are usually lesser around $25-$35/hour, while if we look in South America which is the new outsourcing region the rates are same as that of eastern and western Europe.

Hence the development cost will be the highest if you require choosing the vendor from the US, the cheapest option will be to choose the vendors from Asia, Eastern Europe as they will offer you the margin of the average cost of app development.

Cheap App Development is best only in the terms of saving money, but it doesn’t mean it will also be good in quality, also, on the other hand, it doesn’t mean that you are highly paying for you are app development but moreover, you are paying for the company’s brand or company popular name. Ukraine in Eastern Europe seems to be reasonable to work for the app development; also you get a premium app quality for a moderate app development price.

App Development Cost Break-Down: How much does it cost to develop an App?

If you have prepared your mind to go for an application development process, you should keep this in mind that it includes much more just than application design and coding. There are other important stages also on which your app idea should go through before it finally gets into the user’s hand.

The answer to the question asked above requires a detailed explanation in a step-by-step process.

If you want to know the app development cost estimate, then contact us and we will discuss in details.

Expense made on Business Analysis

A service like Business Analysis is underestimated. People don’t see the value it can give or simple people don’t understand the potential it carries in the process of app development. This is a very important stage if you are carrying out an app development process.

 And if someone still doesn’t understand what exactly a business analyst do then you must read out the key points below which a business analyst usually performs:

  • A business analyst analysis the problem
  • Identify and helps in defining the project value
  • They define, understand and verify the business scope
  • Analyze the Market
  • They produce the best possible business solution based on market needs
  • Works on project enhancements
  • Conduct a workshop for requirements, testing, support and more.

Expenses on App Design Cost

The application designs have varied all the time when it came to application development. The app designs are divided into three categories which are based on the complexity: simple app design, medium complex app design, & complex app design.

 Basic DesignMedium Complex


Complex Design
Hourly Cost$4000-$10000$10000-$20000$20000-$30000

Well, this is just a rough idea that provided you with a figure, but will be needing professional assistance to have a more clear idea of how much your application design may cost.

If you are following the same principles and giving amazing user experience to your users, then indeed you are very close to app success. But now the questions come in your mind as to how we build UI and UX? how long does UI/UX building take?
How much does it cost to design a mobile app?

Cost of App Development

It is considered to be the most time-consuming parts of app creation. The cost to create an application depends upon its complexity and the development team size and also depends upon the number of platforms which you might just go for.

Now about the question we are just bragging from top to bottom which is: “How much does it cost to build an app?” umm, it’s a complicated question to ask because every application will require a different budget. But we will try to give you an approximate or estimate idea of application developed based on features which other applications usually have installed.

I have provided you with the table that represents the most popular app features and their approx cost required for their basic implementation. Taking this into account that the cost is calculated which is based on the average rate of $40/hour. 

App FeatureDescriptionBackend for Android
RegistrationUser Login/Login with Email$700-$1000
PaymentMake credit card payment$2000-$2500
In-App PurchasesMake Basic Purchases$600-$1000
SearchUser Search option$500-$600
User ProfileUser can manage profile$500-$700
In-App ChatUsers can chat$2000-$2700
ReportUsers can Report$400-$500
Push NotificationPush Notification Modules testing$200-$300
AnalyticsAnalytics with Integration$100-$200
CMS for Admin authenticationAdmin-Register, Login, Logout$250-$400
CMS for Admin ManagementAdmin can manage other Admin$250-$400
CMS for User ManagementAdmin can manage users$700-$1000
CMS for Report ManagementAdmin can manage the reported entities$400-$600

This list of features with the cost included does not include the time rate of the communication with the client, QA expert, and project manager.

If you are going to include some of these features in the application then the price for their basic implementation will be added to the total cost of building an app. It’s obvious the choice of features and functionality in the application is very much wider, what you will choose will reflect in your application.

Let understand the cost of some complex application features:

FeatureTime to IntegrateCost
NFC, Bluetooth, gyroscope, heart rate sensor16-30 hours$600-$1100
Geo Location30-50 hours$1400-$2000
Integration in Google Maps30-40 hours $1300-$1500
Ads8-15 hours$350-$400
Offline Mode60-80 hours$3000
Data Encryption 16-25 hours$650-$1000
Video/Audio Streaming50-70 hours $2500-$3000

From the information provided in the table above we have concluded that we clearly don’t have a precise answer until the application is finalized with all the technical aspects and the development teams have defined.

Now let’s finalize here for you

The Total Mobile App development Cost

In the article, we have discussed a lot of things and features still there are a lot of things which might need light but not now as they are not a part of the development process but after the development stage.

Let us just take the cost in of everything we discussed into an account and calculate a total estimate of what it would finally cost you.

 Basic ApplicationMedium ApplicationLarge Application
Custom Development$25000+$60000+$130000+
Quality Assurance$5000+$10000+$25000+
Project Management$7000+$15000+$30000+
Business Analysis$2500+$5000+$11000+
Total Setup$55000+$100000+$216000+
Time Taken3-5 Months6-9 Months9-12 Months

Note: This is not the final cost of the application it is just a breakdown for you to understand the type of application can cost you up-to this because each case is different from others. We value our transparency and honesty and this cost break down is a serious process for us.

At Endive Software we follow a customer-centric approach because we value cooperation with our clients and we do care about our long-term relationship with them. If you are desperately looking for someone to estimate your project well, then don’t hesitate we are always here you ready to help you.

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