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How Much Does A Web Designer Cost?


Every business needs some push that makes it visible amongst the target audience. And having a well-defined website that is constantly updated is one such push.

In today’s competitive world, having a website is necessary to connect with your consumers on a global level. Due to technological advancement, many CMS platforms like WordPress have come into existence. These CMS platforms design the site quickly and easily, but hiring a web designer is better. The reason why a firm should hire a designer is a professional site. A designer who knows the technicality and is creative will design a website which is more attractive than a single page.

Some advantages of hiring the top website design company are as follows:

Professional website having a unique design: CMS platforms use templates which are basic and are used thousands of times. But if you hire a professional web designer, you will get a site that has a unique and customized design.

According to business: A web design service provider creates a website according to the business. They keep in mind their values and goals and delivers that message through the design.

Fast Website: Every user prefers a website which is fast and loads quickly. A web-designer will make sure that all the necessary plugins and tools are used while designing the site.

Optimized for mobile: The millenniums prefer opening websites on mobiles. Thus, it’s crucial for your website to be mobile optimized. A web designer will make sure that the site is designed in a manner that it loads within seconds on small screens.

Now that we know the benefits of hiring a website designer, the next thing to learn is the right designer to higher. There are numerous web designing companies, web designing agencies, and Freelance designers. Let’s learn the difference between the three and what each of them provides to its clients. Deciding the right designer also affects the amount you will be paying for his/her services.

1. Web Designing Company

A web design company is large in terms of size and the members. It provides a wide range of services, which is usually required to create a high functioning website.

If you hire a web designing company you get experts in coding, designing and other departments. This means one thing- assured quality.

2. Web Designing Agencies

They are smaller in size and number. They usually provide a single service or outsource some feature development to other designers. If they outsource the project, they deal with a number of designers. This means many creative minds work together. This brings variety and best features in a website. The downside- lack of coordination and communication, which can lead to poor website design.

3. Freelancers

If you want a good site at an affordable price, freelancers are great. Before you hire a designer, make sure that the freelance designer has relevant knowledge. Also, make sure you agree on things like payment, website look and feel and so on.

Now, how to choose a best designer from amongst three depends on your needs. Keep in mind factors like cost, the size of the project and company and timeline, business needs etc. while hiring a designer.

Want to hire a website designer? Let us see how much it costs: –

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Here are a few factors that influence the fee of a website:

1. The scope of the project

How big your project is a crucial factor that influences the cost web designer. Creating a website is more than designing a few pages including the homepage. It needs some unique and basic features like call-to-action buttons, social buttons, and images etc. Also, if you want some specific things like logo making and placing, sliders etc. the cost will increase.

For this purpose, giving a creative brief is a good practice, it tells the designer everything from targeting the customer to themes and color scheme and more.

2. Location

Location is a crucial cost adding factor when you are searching for the right website designer. Every company or agency will quote a price that suits their and your location and lifestyle. Also, if you hire a freelancer, you need to coordinate time-zone and other things.

3. Platform and complexity

Every designer has a go-to platform for creating a website in which they are comfortable. This is also a factor that may increase or decrease the cost. Moreover, if you want a complex website design, make sure your budget is high too.

What are the different costs for different features?

When you hire a website designer, the first thing you should do is evaluate the need of your company and project. A small business requires a simple website. The cost of developing one with basic features will be $1000. Similarly, with advanced features and more needs, the price of hiring a web designer increases.

Under $1000

Imagine an offline business whose size is either small or medium. It wants a website for more visibility and online presence. The best thing it can do is to hire a designer that will create a site under $1000.

Since such business just wants an online presence, they need only some basic pages. One homepage, one about us and 2–3 other necessary pages, which requires only his minimal amount.

Under $1500

If you think your business websites need more advanced features like:

  • CMS
  • Social media buttons
  • Google integration for getting the site listed in the search engine or,
  • For keeping an eye on the number of visitors to the site, you will have to pay up to $1500.

Under $3000

For an e-commerce website, the budget must be $3000. As you will need elements like live customer chat, delivery tracking, and order management features.

Over $10000

If you run a business that is big in size and deals with huge databases, you will need a more sophisticated site. For such website, the budget will also increase.

A simple site can be made in $250, but with advanced features, the price may go above $1300.

In conclusion, I will state that we have discussed the merits, we can give to our business if we select a web design company. The cost of creating a website depends on various factors and all of them need to be taken into account. Before you hire the best web designing company, make sure why and how you want the site to look. Thus, the designer is your best bet to take your business to the pinnacle of success.

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