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How Is IOT Useful In The Healthcare Industry?

How Is IOT Useful In The Healthcare Industry

In the context of the healthcare industry, there is no a specific definition of Internet of Things (IoT). From automation, remote monitoring, quality to the accuracy, there are tons of benefits of the Internet of Things in the healthcare industry, that are truly impacting the entire healthcare ecosystem in all directions. Nearly 70% of healthcare organizations have introduced IoT-enabled applications and devices into their system.

How Is IOT Useful In The Healthcare Industry

Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence have embossed as the best technology which helps developers to build the healthcare-specific IoT-enabled applications. In the recent time, the industry has numerous IoT applications, including cloud solution, emergency care, data maintenance, and more.

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In addition, the advanced and cutting-edge IoT devices used in the healthcare industry are also doing well, as they are widely being used in the system to automate the various tasks. Moreover, as per the report, there are 3.7 million medical devices are running in the recent time, and it is expected to touch $ 136.8 billion worldwide by 2021. There are many reasons of this dramatic growth, including the massive uses of wearable devices, healthcare equipment, and the falling prices of sensor technology.

Here are the major uses of IoT applications and devices

Real-Time Monitoring

The penetration of IoT has made the healthcare system more advanced and modern. In earlier days, there were no ways hospitals or physicians could monitor patient’s health and make recommendations accordingly. And now, through IoT devices, they can monitor patient information in real time and make recommendations accordingly. Moreover, wearable IoT devices are also used to detect a real-time information of various health points such as blood pressure, heartbeat, physical position and footsteps.

Enhanced Drug Management

It was a challenging task to manage the details of drugs and medical equipment, there were no advanced devices to monitor them all. The evolution of IoT devices has made many changes in the drug management system. Through connected IoT devices, the vast amount of data can be accessed in a very short time and can reduce the costs. The use of IoT application in the pharmaceuticals has become very important, helping the management to enhance the drug inventory system.

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Role of Wearable Devices

Wearable devices like iWatch and Samsung Gear have become the first choice of healthcare professionals. Several medical or healthcare applications are running on iOS and Android that provide specific information about the blood pressure, glucometer, heart rate monitoring etc.

Data Sharing

Through the IoT applications, the patients can manage their reports over the clouds that can be accessed anywhere and anytime through the internet, whereas the doctors can make recommendations accordingly. Due to the increase of medical devices, it can be hard for doctors and medical professionals to come up with a proper solution. For this, IoT solution can be used to share the data to get specific results.

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