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How Healthcare Industry Opens Door For Technology in The Future

Healthcare Management Information System

Over the years technology has been making its way against all odds to transform the healthcare services into a more proactive, prompt and convenient approach. The healthcare industry has now started integrating real-time communication techniques into their systems. As we talk more specifically, telehealth is growing rapidly in the healthcare industry along with m-Health that adds to the benefits of remote assistance and other functionalities. Though the healthcare industry has been reluctant to the innovative changes in the field, it is growing rapidly in the sector and the healthcare industry in the US is growing at a rate of 56% in respect to the telehealth technology.

Healthcare Mobile App Development

As we further take into consideration the growth in the telehealth sector, there are various advancements in the fields like home-based care and monitoring, video diagnostics, remote physician care services, and remote consultation, etc.

So, here we consider the various social and economic factors that signify how the healthcare industry opens the door for technology in the future:

Investment in the Healthcare Sector

Investment in the healthcare sector is increasing at a rapid rate and it is ready to reach an all-time high peak in the coming years. The move towards m-Health and responsive care has been escalating the healthcare cost. As reports say, the expenditure in the healthcare sector is expected to reach $5 Trillion dollars in the US by 2022. For example, GP2U an Australian company invested towards the improvement of the quality of healthcare services.


Traditionally, only the major medical procedures among many were reimbursed by the healthcare insurance providers, eg. If the patient is suffering from mental health illness, or he is from a rural area. However, today the healthcare insurance has become a mandate for the telehealth services. This further adds to the benefits of adoption of telehealth services.

Affordable Care Act

In order to cut down the expenses of the healthcare treatments, government legislations are introducing new associations and acts that imply cost regulations and research new technologies for cost reduction. For e.g. Affordable Care Act has introduced Accountable Care Organisations to improve the quality of healthcare services along with reducing its cost.

Rise In Technology

  • A significant growth in the field of telemedicine is noted, along with these advanced hospital management systems (HMIS) and m-Health are the prime areas of concern. Virtual healthcare assistance services and remote monitoring are other areas that have witnessed some major investments.
  • E-Consultation services have come into the picture over the years and are adopted by various hospitals and insurance providers.
  • Mobile and connected health market (m-Health) is flourishing and startling 1.8 billion downloads of health apps are expected in the US by 2018.

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The advancement of technology in the healthcare sector has accelerated over the years and there is still an infinite potential for the area to be explored. As with the changes in the various regulations and the increased investment in the area, innovation has surely picked up the pace. However, the concerns like- the security of the data, data sharing regulations, severe and highly reliable technology requirements, and complex advanced HMIS solutions, surely have slowed down the technology adoption rate for the healthcare industry. Working extensively in these areas, Endive Software can help you guide through your healthcare app development and software development requirements.

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