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How Does Android Developer Charge To Develop A Mobile Application?

How Does Android Developer Charge To Develop A Mobile Application

The customers always think how does Android developer charge to develop an application. This cost varies widely with different factors. Yet, let’s move to figure out how much cost could take and it might expect to develop in diverse platforms for the iPhone, iPad, or Android application, and what financial plan is actually planned for reasonably low prices and high quality so that everyone will look for it.

A mobile app can’t be developed by everybody, you need the right expertise and the right experience to build an app for your business. The competition is tough as nails. Every single business whether small, medium or big is trying its hands on mobile app development. A vital point to note here is that the cost also differs based on who builds the app- whether a high-end professional mobile app development company, a freelance developer or in-house team.

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Now it is clear that the cost of the app can be determined by the number of hours spent to build it. Majority of app development companies usually follow this state – so-called Time & Material payment model.

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Alternatively, there is a Fixed Price model. Here you approve on the final product from the very beginning and it’s much more difficult to implement variations because the development process here works in a different way – not with short iterations, but just providing a complete project on time. Both of these schemes will result in altered prices. Generally, fixed price is likely to be higher as a development company adds various risk factors to it.

What Does An Android Developer Actually Do?

Although the Cost of Android mobile app development is largely based on the features and functionalities that the customer wants in a mobile app. When talk comes to that, what Does An Android Developer Actually Do? An Android developer takes all the specifications, as per on project requirements, on the white paper and then implement them into a functioning and user-ready application, including wireframing, design, coding, and testing. From UX/UI design to data integrations, a well-experienced Android developer has everything at its fingertips. A programmer takes the projects by following the given app development processes, remember that all these factors influence the cost of app development.

Wireframing– It is the first process of developing an app. The programmer design a blueprint of mobile app’s content and layouts that slue on eye-catching UX/UI.

Front-end (UX/UI Design)

After making a blueprint of a mobile app, using Android Studio, programmer converts blueprint into the UX/UI design along with eye-catching Material Design. Mobile app UX/UI design varies widely on the type of applications.

Back-end (Coding)

After making the UX/UI, functionality in mobile app requires integration with database, third party APIs, libraries, middleware, etc.

Testing/Quality Check

Testing is the most important part of mobile app development. A programmer builds mobile app keeping bug free code in mind. A developer also has good knowledge about all types of testing, including integration testing, unit testing and debugging. Most of the developers skip this step due to less knowledge of testing.

Publishing or Deploying

Once the app gets prepped, now a release-ready APK is ready to take its place on Google Play Store. The developer can also deploy the app over the Google Play Store.


Once an app development project is completed, certainly it will require a technical support from its developer.

Cost of Hiring App Developer

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If you are planning to hire application development services provider, the first thing comes in your mind, How much does it cost to hire an Android developer? Well, you don’t need to go into deep as there are a number of developers available online at impressive costs. Here is the figure of Android app developer that you may consider to build a mobile app. You also may look for developers in various regions of the world.

  • India – $50 to $80/hour.
  • USA/Canada-based Android App Developer $50 to $200/hour
  • Western Europe – $30 to$170/hour;
  • Eastern Europe – $20 to $150/hour;
  • Australia – $50 to $150/hour;

Having said that, there are a variety of mobile applications, running on the Google Play Store. According to your project requirements, the developer decides the cost of mobile application.

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For example:

Average cost to develop an app for small business – about $10-15k

Average cost to develop an Android app for medium size business – about $20-25k

Average cost to develop an Android app for large business– about $35+ k

The given figures are based on Hire Android App Developers and these costs may differences that depend on the time and project requirement.

Final Words

As you can see, there are many developers available around the world. If you want quality and result-oriented mobile app for any kind of businesses at affordable costs, then indeed, no one can beat Android App Developer in terms of quality, cost, project delivery and more.

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