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How Do You Compare The iPhone X and iPhone 8

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On 12 September 2017, Apple released its new iPhones, the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. With this, it marks the beginning of new era of iPhone which has come with few of the best features in iPhone segment. It will really challenge any iOS app development company to develop apps by considering the various features of new iPhones and getting the best out of its capabilities.

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Here, we will draw a comparison between iPhone X and iPhone 8 which are touted against many reviewers over few days. It should be noted that we will be skipping their specs and will be focusing on their new features as well as certain characteristics which set them apart.

Let us begin with the comparison with detailed discussion on various aspects of both the phones.


In comparison to iPhone 8 Plus, both iPhone 8 and iPhone X are smaller. iPhone X measures at 143.6mm x 70.9mm with 7.7 mm thickness. When it comes to iPhone 8, its dimensions are 138.4 mm x 67.3 mm with a thickness of 7.3mm. iPhone X weighs at 174 gm where iPhone 8 is a little bit less heavy at 148gm.

Screen size

The major difference between iPhone X and iPhone 8 is its screen size and characteristics. iPhone X has a screen size of 5.8-inch with Super Retina HD display whereas iPhone 8 has a 4.7-inch Retina HD display.

iPhone X is taller than iPhone 8, but it is not wider. Both phones have a different aspect ratio with iPhone X has 19:9 aspect ratio while iPhone 8 has 16:9.

Screen quality

iPhone X comes with OLED screen which is termed as Super Retina display by Apple. It has TrueTone with a pixel resolution of 2435 x 1125 at 458 ppi. In case of iPhone 8, it has Retina Display with a pixel resolution of 1334 x 750 at 326 ppi.

These figures suggest that iPhone X has better screen quality. However, it depends on the user which screen suits them better as the difference is not known as per now. Any iPhone app development company will need to adjust to these screen quality in order to make their apps more visible and appealing.


Both iPhone X and iPhone 8 comes with 12 MP camera, but there are some major differences.

iPhone X has two cameras at the back with f/1.8 aperture wide-angle along with a f/2.4 telephoto camera. It can take great portrait shots which is a great feature. It has optical zoom and can digital zoom to 10x.It also has 7 MP TrueDepth front camera which comes with Portrait mode as well as Portrait Lighting which also makes Face ID possible, which we will cover later.

However, iPhone 8 has only one camera with f/1.8 aperture, and it isn’t able to take good portrait shots, and when it comes to digital zoom, it goes to 5x. It has 7MP FaceTime HD camera along with Retina Flash.

In terms of cameras, iPhone X performs way better than iPhone 8. Even though iPhone 8 camera is good and in case you don’t really care about Portrait Mode or taking better selfies, then iPhone 8 is more than sufficient. If you are developing applications which require camera functionalities, then you need to ask your iPhone developer to take these characteristics into account.

Absence of Home Button

With the removal of Home Button, Apple wants to convey that it wants to revolutionize the iPhone interface. If you are planning to buy iPhone X, then you have to get accustomed to a new way of navigating the interface. It may be easy or may be frustrating to you. It all depends on how able you are to embrace these changes and how intuitive this interface of iPhone is for you. So, before passing any judgment on its interface, we would like to spend some time to judge its performance. If you hire an iPhone app developer, make sure he doesn’t introduce the functionality of home button and takes note of this new interface,

Wireless Charging

Another revolutionary addition to iPhone, which we have seen in a couple of Android Phones is Wireless Charging. We aren’t quite sure about how important this feature is, but we do expect that it will certainly attract many users. We would like to mention that both iPhone X and iPhone 8 comes with wireless charging which means you don’t have to choose the phones on the basis of charging type.

Face ID

Many users have been complaining about the loss of Touch ID as they were comfortable with unlocking their phone by mere touching the home button and they were enjoying the way the can use their iPhone to pay for things in various shops. With the addition of Face ID, you can now unlock you iPhone by just looking at it. It recognizes your face and unlocks itself.

There are lots of concern going around on the web on the reliability and security related to Face ID and how it is going to be implemented.

As per Apple, Face ID is more secure than Touch ID. Well, only time will tell if iPhone application development will be able to utilize this feature in their apps when it comes to better security to be offered to the users and prove its worth.



There are many inherent features of iPhone X which makes it stand apart like Portrait Mode Selfies along with improved Portrait Mode by the use of the rear camera. It has bigger screen size, and it is not wider than iPhone 8. The screen quality of iPhone X is way better than iPhone 8. Even though iPhone X is little heavier than iPhone 8, it is adjustable for the users since they get more features. With the removal of Home Button, the users will have to learn a new way to navigate the interface. With the absence of Touch ID and the introduction of Face ID, there are many issues which are surfacing while Apple is certain that Face ID is much more secure than Touch ID. For any iPhone app development company, there are many opportunities to harness these new features

Even though iPhone X is costlier at a price of $999 whereas iPhone 8 costs around $699, iPhone X comes with a plethora of great features which outshines iPhone 8. If budget is not an issue, then we recommend you go for iPhone X. But if you have budgetary constraint and you still want few of the best features of latest offering of iPhone then iPhone 8 is better suited to you. Even though there are various aspects which put iPhone X above iPhone 8, but keep aside these differences, iPhone 8 is still a great buy.

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