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How Android Applications are Boosting the Business of Education Industry?

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Revolutionizing the world of M-Learning or ‘mobile learning’, the Android app market has come up as a supreme leader in the mobile app world. With approximately 2.46 Million Android applications covering the smartphone world, the popularity of the Android app world is evident from the fact that about 65 Billion of Android apps have been downloaded from Google Play between 2010 and 2016. Craving this huge audience Android application world has come up with a great business promotion platform for the education Industry.

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Statistics of Education Category on Android App Market –

1)    As we go according to the statistics the total number of Education category Android applications on Google play is higher than any other individual category, with about 0.2 Million Education applications, making it the most popular category in Google Play app world.

2)    Talking about the success rate of Education category Android applications, they lead in the total number of paid downloads on Google Play and are followed by their subcategory, which is ‘Books and References’ applications.

3)    The total number of downloads (including the free and paid downloads) for the Education category for Android applications is also among the highest categories.

Category – Educational Android Applications Stats of 8th Nov 2016 (Google Play)
Total Number of Educational Apps 199781
Total Number of Paid Applications 27137 (14%)
No. of Apps with Above 50k (>50K) Downloads 8902


How Android Apps Contribute for Education Industry-

Android app development companies have been developing various educational applications that have made the learning process more interactive and efficient. The education companies have been employing professional Android application development services for promoting their services and superiority of their brand as an online educational institute. In coordination with the various Android app development ideas, there has been the evolution of new concepts like virtual classrooms, online book market, learning through practical application, etc.

Some of the evident benefits of Android application development sector for Education Industries are –

1)    Providing Range of Options and Expanding Business Boundaries:

In coordination with a professional Android app development company you can build Android applications for virtual classes, e-books, language learning apps, learning through video demonstration, etc. Some of the successful apps include – Duolingo for learning languages, learning geography through Google Earth, Coursera for subject learning, Udacity for superior courses etc.

2)    Effective Business Exposure:

Education Industry has the greatest potential for business exposure across boundaries and this can be made feasible by the universally spread Android app market with a capable Android app developer besides you. From promoting your courses through Android apps across the geographical boundaries to promoting the superiority of your brand, Android application market can help you win over your competitors with its huge audience.

3)    Anywhere and Anytime Acess:

One of the most influential perks of educational applications for the education industry is the perk of anywhere and anytime access to their services by their users. Education industries can hire Android app developers or an Android application development company to craft education apps for them in order to promote their virtual classroom services and video demonstration services. With this, various applications including Online Quiz and Test Papers also have a great audience.

4)    Better Institution and Learner Engagement:

With the android app development on the go some non-profit service apps like – ‘Attendance’ and ‘TeacherKit’ have come up with a good solution for effective collaboration between students and teachers  for assessment of student performance and other attendance records, etc.

With optimized Android app development services, the Android app market has helped many education technology providers taste the sweetest piece of success, which include – BlackBoards, Pearson, etc., and there are many popular apps like Duolingo, Khan Academy, Science 360, etc.

To start as an influential education technology provider or to promote your educational services as a renowned educational institute, you can employ our state of the art Android app development services at affordable costs, by connecting with us at –

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