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Key Features of Hotel Booking Mobile App Development with Cost Estimation

hotel booking mobile app development

From Dreaming a trip to experiencing one both are different things. Well, you think about the time it takes to book a place? Now with the booking, it becomes easier for you to make your dream into an experience.

Hotel booking is one of the services provided by the hotels online and on the apps also. There are many apps these days which are growing their business by providing the booking services which are offline to online.

The travel market is on saturation these days. It is difficult to attract the customer. The difficult and important part is to convert them into a permanent client. You should know what features you are providing to these customers to convince them to take your services and solution and become a permanent customer.

online hotel booking sales

Hotel booking a world where traveling got a lot faster is the easiest job! It was scary in the past when you got to book your hotel after reaching the destination. It was a hell of a time. Now with the change in the tech world and upcoming apps travelers like you can easily find their nearest hotels if they are new to the place and looking for a place to stay.

According to research done by Google hotel booking through mobile apps has increased with over 36% from the year 2016-2017. And approximately 40-50% Of the U.S travelers and 60% of the smartphones travelers book a hotel room on the hotel booking app.

About 70% of the tourists and travelers reserve their place or a hotel room for the day they want through the hotel room booking apps.

But the big question arises here that “Do we need Hotel Booking apps when these travel agencies are taking care of it for the users?”

Yes, we do need this room booking and hotel booking apps. Well, the online market grows by about 15-20% every year.

Everyone appreciates freedom, so they want to control over everything they do and traveling is not an exception out of it. Travelers in today’s world have many options to plan their vacation or holidays the way they want it.

Hotel App Development is trending in the technology market every other hotel wants to build an app for their hotel business which is quite good for them to make a market standing and growth. The online hotel booking app can help the hotel owner to make more business online than they make offline for a single day.

If you want to be a part of the industry you need to have proper knowledge about the online market and the developers you are going to need, to build your apps.

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Let’s take a Look on

Hotel Booking Mobile App for Users

Well, hotel booking apps or a web site allows you to make online hotel reservations. It owns its increasing popularity:

  • Security: The user’s privacy and financial situation and personal information are protected.
  • Cost –Effectiveness: Enables the users to easily spot the deals and can take advantage of it.
  • Convenience: It saves the users time net surfing, talking to agents or calling into the hotels, etc.

What is it other than a Hotel Booking app then?

Hotel Booking apps are more of a Travel App where you find the complete package of booking a flight, a taxi, a restaurant, a package holiday or a cruise, etc and what not.  So just thinking of a hotel booking app you can imagine a travel app.

Hotel Booking Mobile App for Users

Well, not every travel app is designed for making bookings. There are many apps which help you to manage your booking with but you can’t book your stay or anything else with them.

Business Model Used Behind the Hotel Booking App

Everyone needs to understand the type of business model which the online hotel booking apps is placed on. It varies from different model behind its development.

Four Models which helps in the development of a single hotel booking app are:

  • Advertising Model
  • Aggregator Model
  • Dedicated Model
  • Merchant Model

Advertising Model:

This model allows the owner to make money on their own hotel app. The owners of the apps get a specified amount on each click the user does and gets redirected to the hotel websites. This is the latest profitable model also it does not require any kind of investment or risk.

Aggregator Model:

With the help of this model, the hotel owners get one advantage and that is, the users get to see the list of hotels and books the stay according to their preference after the booking is completed the user is redirected on the company’s website which helps the hotel owners. One of the examples of this kind of apps is

 Dedicated Model:

If your hotel is famous or big enough then this model or approach can help you grow your business more. This model helps the chains of Hotels such as Ramada, Hilton, etc. which have their own chains of resorts and hotel. The approach helps them to create their own hotel separate app containing all the resort, hotel chains, and others. Although beside the booking purpose with this app the customer can make special requests like for a pillow or bed sheet or in food like coffee, or anything they need.

 Merchant Model:

This model helps the app owners to get in the contract with the Hotel owners to get the rights over the number of rooms they get on high discount according to the wholesale rate. Afterward, they can offer these rooms to the users of their apps at an average margin of 20-40%. Prices of these hotel rooms can be very flexible and can be changed according to the travel booking demands.


What Benefits are there with the Hotel Booking Apps?

  • Benefits to Customers: Customers get benefits like Security, Discounts, Reliability, Convenience, Efficiency, etc. Customers get the best value for money and much more. The entire trip can be arranged from single apps. 
  • Benefits to the Business Owner: Business owners seek unlimited benefits which fall in the range of user engagement, user variety, multiple revenue streams, etc. 
  • Benefits to Hotel: The hotels get direct booking through the apps which they can sell at the higher or lower rate depending upon them. There is a lot more than this to hotels like Automation, User-Data, Direct Reach Out, Brand Promotion, and Customer Loyalty, etc. 
  • Booking & Cancellation: If a user has picked a hotel they are redirected easily to the Payment Gateway to make the payment, using many other payment options like PayPal, Net Banking, Credit/Debit Cards, etc. In the case where the customer wants to cancel the booking then there are many Hotel Booking services which offer the user a free cancellation policy which a user can use within 24 hours to cancel the bookings made. 
  • Accommodation View: Audience can view the close-ups of the hotel they are going to stay in they have the choice to make after viewing the images of the hotel so they can get the whole overview of the hotel.

Features of Online Hotel Booking App

  • Hotel Information: All the hotel related information can be found on the apps by the user like a number of rooms available, prices, discounts, and other things related. 
  • Push Notification: With this feature in the apps the user gets notified with all the new updates or booking updates on their mobile phones from the apps.
  • Messenger Support: This feature helps the users to get 24/7 support from the hotels if they face any problems or have any query related to their stay. 
  • Online Receipt: If the user makes the payment online through the apps for the accommodation then they are provided with an online receipt of the payment made on their mobile phones or through the mail provided by the user. 

Features of Online Hotel Booking App

  • Room-Cost Feature: This feature in the apps helps the user to make their bookings without any hassle; also the apps are integrated with the Room cost calculator feature which lets the user know about the total cost of a room according to the user preference. 
  • Virtual Tour of the Hotel: This feature in the apps helps the users to see the hotel virtually through the 360 pictures they have uploaded on the apps or through the VR view provided in the apps. They also upload the videos of the hotel so that it provides them a better and a realistic view. 
  • A Travel Assistant: The app is integrated yet with another feature in it which is a chatbot assistant which helps the user to provide the smaller information about each and everything they want to know whether its price, the ambiance, food menu, images of the hotel or anything else. 
  • The Currency Converter: The app is integrated with the currency converter which helps the user to convert their currency to check the actual price they are paying in other currency according to their this is a good feature for a user to make an estimate of the trip they are planning. 

Some other Features

  • Trip Planner: This feature in the apps does not only help the user to make a hotel booking but it also helps them to plan the entire trip with it.
  • Places Nearby: User can search the places nearby them like the tourist spots, or movie halls, or restaurants, malls, etc. 
  • Comparing Hotels: User can also compare the other hotels with their hotel if they want to, they can check the rating and reviews of other hotels in comparison to other hotels also they can view the hotel images and take the hotel tour through the apps. 
  • Taxi Booking: With this feature in the apps users don’t need to get panic they can book the cab/Taxi through the apps itself like OLA, Uber, or local taxi provided by the hotel.

Third Party Apps

  • Navigation: With this feature integrated with the apps the users can use the Google Maps feature provided in the map to navigate themselves to the hotel if they can t find it or to any other places nearby their hotel. 
  • Payment Gateway API: This API integration in the apps helps the user to make the payment through the apps itself without checking out from the apps to others.

Payment Getway API

  • Rating & Review API: This API in the apps helps the user to make Ratings and reviews on the apps about the hotel and their experience on the trip they planned through the apps. 
  • Secure Servers: This feature is for the security of both the customers and Hotels, for customer personal information and hotel information. The secure server feature is for keeping all the information secure and safe for both sides. 
  • Weather Forecaster: This is a must-have feature in the Hotel Booking apps as the user planning the trip can view the weather at the location they are planning to go. 
  • City Guide: This feature in the apps helps the user to travel with full information about the place they are traveling to with that city guide feature inbuilt in the apps. 

Technology Used in Developing the Apps

  • Cloud Integration: To integrate the Cloud Storage services one can integrate it with AWS which stands for Amazon Web Services. 
  • Push Notification: One can integrate or Twilio plug-in to the apps for the Push Notification Feature, so the user gets the push notification easily on their devices. 
  • Payments: The Apps is integrated with the Third Party Payment Gateways like PayPal, Net Banking, Credit/Debit Cards, e-Wallet, etc. For the users to pay through the apps.
  • Database Used: The Database one can use is many out there such as MongoDB, Mail Chimp Integration, HBase, etc. Integrating these databases in the apps can increase the data entry in the server and also this can make the server much faster. 
  • Real-Time Analytics: You can use BigData, Hadoop, Spark, Flink and many more for the real-time data analytics. 
  • Maps: For integrating Google Maps in the apps for the users to provide them a better experience of the apps you can Google Maps API in the apps. 

Google Maps API

  • Nearby: You can add Google Places API available on Google Developers option which helps the users to find the nearby places when they go out on the trips.

There are many things integrated into the apps if we say listing them in the article here only makes it long enough for you to read it. So if you want to build your own mobile apps then you need to have proper knowledge about the mobile app development. You need to have a proper idea and knowledge of the Hotel Mobile App Design you want to build. In recent trends for business mobile apps is on the peak. Every business is building their own mobile apps and increasing their online visibility through it which gives them good growth with it.

Discussing the cost of developing a Hotel Booking Mobile App

Cost of Hotel Booking Apps Depends upon the platforms you want your apps to be on like Hotel Booking App for IPhone & Hotel Booking App for Android. Both have different platforms iOS & Android the features in the app remains the same but other feature changes due which it changes the cost of development for both the apps.

Also, the cost of develop in different is different which means getting your app developed is majorly affected by the factor which is region. The cost of different regions where the major app development takes place are listed below:

  • US-based developers: $100 – $200/hour
  • Eastern Europe-based developers: $100 – $180/hour
  • India-based developers: $20 – $60/hour

The total cost of the hotel booking apps can cost you up to $10000-$15000 for a less featured app. But for the feature-rich apps, the cost may rise up to $20000-$35000.

The cost can rise up more if you are looking to develop the apps for both the platforms including the web portal for the platform.

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