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6 Major Factors That Will Help Hire The Best Mobile Developer For Your App

6 Major Factors That Will Help Hire The Best Mobile Developer For Your App_1019155924

Did you recently have an amazing idea for your next app? Well, kudos to you, but just having an idea is not enough. You need the right developing team for the same. An estimate says that 2.3 million people identify themselves as mobile app developers worldwide. But we can never be sure of their legibility.

So, in this blog, we will cover some of the legal sources that will help you to hire the best mobile developer. Not only this, but it will also shed some light on points that you need to ask those developers. This ensures that the hired individuals are right.

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Here are the sources that will help to hire the best mobile developer for your app

1. Destination

The first thing you need to know before trying to hire the best mobile developer is the right place. Which county/city/place has the best and maximum number of quality developers?

Well, the most popular answers are India, The USA, Europe, and Ukraine.

North America has the Silicon Valley where information and technology are in abundance. Most IT companies situated anywhere in the world has their headquarters in the USA.

If America has the most advanced technology, then Europe has the largest no. of programmers. The Foggy Albion and Berlin is the most important tech hub of Europe.

India is the country where most IT companies of the world outsource their app development projects. Bengaluru is the Silicon Valley of India and a lot of software developers are found here. (300K according to ZDNet)

Ukraine is another country from where you can hire mobile developers. Most companies situated in Europe, USA, UK, and Canada outsource their project to developers situated in Ukraine.

Developers of these regions cost differently. India is generally considered as a hub where quality meets price.

2. Extended personal networks

After finalizing the destination, it’s time to start looking for the right developers. As an owner, you have a lot of connection with people who work in different departments. Talk to them, and surely they would guide you towards the right person.

Just make sure that whomever you meet must know what and who you are exactly looking for.

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3. Local colleges and universities

If your budget is low, you can certainly hire students for your mobile app development solutions. And don’t set your eyes on Harvard students or big universities. Try your local colleges; they have an abundant supply of talented students. These students want to work with companies so that they get experience. Talk to the college professors as they will guide you towards the best students. The only drawback of this is that the development time would be more as they have classes too. Otherwise, in terms of cost, idea, and execution this works well.

4. Freelance outlets

If you want to hire freelance mobile app developers, check out Upwork.

This is the best site to find freelancers from all around the world. It offers both fixed and hourly jobs. It has both Elance and Odesk too and now they work as a single team.

It will help you find a freelancer who can help you with your app. You will have to hire a senior developer that you can work with face to face.
Other freelance sources are People Per Hour and Guru.

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5. Design communities

A designer community is also a great network for finding developers. As IOS and Android developers provide a team that consists of designers. So, through them you can find a developer who is great for you.

6. App developing agencies and companies

When looking for app developers, it is a good thing to look at some local or nearby companies or agencies. The team of developers in an agency/company is professionals and expert in knowledge and technology.

They make a specific strategy for work that suits your business app requirements. Also, they have a great communication channel, pricing estimate, and post-app launch maintenance facilities. You can’t find these features with a freelancer.

How to hire the best mobile developer?

When you are looking to hire the best mobile developer, you need to go through a lot of candidates. Thus, it is necessary to make a list of candidates and ask them some important question. The candidate whose answer is perfect and suits your budget and need is the right developer for your mobile app.

Ask these questions and compare

After compiling a list of candidates, make sure you ask them these question. This will ensure that the developer you work with is qualified and up for the job.

1. Ask them about the apps they have built

Ask the candidates or the companies about the apps that they have built. Most of the candidate will readily give you the details. This will help you to check the success of their app on play/app store. If none of their apps survived on these stores, it is better that you move on to the next candidate.
Similarly, it is crucial that you check out the website of the company you are planning to work with. If their site is basic and old, it is best not to work with them. The logic behind this is that if an app developing company can’t run a great site, it surely won’t be able to make a great app.

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2. Ask them about the list of their previous clients

Take a list of their previous clients from them. This will help you to get a more thorough understanding of how these candidates work. All their work ethics, timely submission of a project, progress updates and communication channels would be known to you. This will help you reach a good decision.

3. Communication channels within the company

Communication is very important when you want to hire the best developer for your app. Firstly, whatever your app requirements are, should be easily conveyed to them. Make a document so that they understand the app’s idea and your expectation.
Next, ask them about how will they communicate with you? How many times will they give you update reports about the project’s progress? Whom can they call if the team is not responding and so on?

4. Development Process

There are different ways through which an app can be developed. Ask the candidates/companies about their preferred approach. Also, if they are not convincing about their preferred methodology, it is better to let them go.

5. How much does it cost to hire an app developer?

Pricing is the most important factor which will decide who to hire. If you have a good budget, it’s not a problem. But with a limited budget, you will have to compromise on some features. For, low budget startups, freelancers are the best option.

Also, make a draft such that the candidates can give you a good proposal that suits both parties.


These were the sources that will help you to hire the mobile app developer for your app. So, for your next brilliant app idea, if you can’t find the right developers, check these sites. Also, remember all the points and question that you need to ask the developers. This will make sure that your time and money doesn’t go to waste. Most importantly, ask and compare how much does it cost to hire an app developer from different company/agency. Even different freelancers must be asked the same and then the final decision should be taken.

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