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10 Interesting Geo-Location Based Ideas to Integrate In Your Mobile App

Believe on it or not, but Geo-location is present in more than 90% of apps installed on your smartphone that is the truth.

Geo-location, it’s one of the best features that you can see in every mobile application. We all make use of location-based applications 5 to 10 times in a day to address some specific tasks. It is driving the most widely used mobile applications that are healthcare app, taxi app, food ordering app, logistic app, live location update app and more.

Geo-location is an advanced technology which is available in every Global Positioning System (GPS) enabled Smartphone.

It is very convenient as just type address or destination in an address bar and your personal assistant would verbally take you there.

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The best example of this was Pokémon GO that had touched great height at that time. This GPS-based game has also attracted several business minds. As, after the huge success of Pokemon Go, many other startups, entrepreneurs or game developers have introduced their GPS based Augmented Reality games to create a palpable experience for game enthusiasts.

As of 2018, 96% of smartphone users aged between 16 to 32 in the US have been using location based apps.

This technology in mobile applications has opened opportunities for those who are seeing location-based application startup ideas and also helping businesses in establishing their position in the local and global market.

Using Geolocation or GPS technology in a mobile application, you can expose your business to over 200 million potential users in the US alone.

This trending technology in smart devices you can use to share your current locations with your friends and family. You can also post your present location over Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, and also can use for many other purposes.

Where is my Food Delivery Boy Right Now?

Where is my Car right now?

What is the Status of Traffic today?

The answer to all these questions can be done through GPS enabled smart devices.

As we go from one place to another, GPS every time gets data from the server and sends notifications to determine the places or locations on our smartphones. That is how GPS has made our lives easier.

How Geo-location Works?

Geolocation tracking mobile apps to establish a connection between the satellite and a device to gather data in real time. Further, the information received from satellite helps in determining the behavior of a moving object or person.

Moreover, different technologies like Cellular ID, Geofencing, Wi-Fi and Assisted-GPS system are used to gather real-time information.

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We have put together the best uses of GPS or Geo-location features in mobile applications. And also have listed 10 Geo-location based app ideas that you can use to raise your startup.

  • Weather Forecast App

We all use weather apps to know the temperature before stepping out of the home. It is the most popular Geolocation system based mobile app which provides an accurate and detailed weather condition based on the user’s current location. It also makes the prediction about the current and the forthcoming weather status.

So, if you are developing a weather forecast application, then you must implement a Geolocation feature to help your users to get the current status of recent or upcoming weather condition.

  • Retail App

It is now easy to track your product status, finding the best discount, and location of a store with Geolocation-enabled retail applications. The retail industry is also taking the advantages of Geolocation to augment their in-store experience.

Walmart, IKEA, and Target are the best example of it. In addition, various retail companies or startups are using this feature in their apps to provide a unique shopping experience to their customers. Moreover, Retail app is one of the popular ideas that you can choose.

Build your own Geolocation based retail app to provide a number of useful features to your customers.

  • Social Networking App

Every day around millions of location-based activities being posted over the popular social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

In Facebook, check-in or checkout is nuttiest things that we all are familiar with.

Moreover, you can use this Geo-location feature in your mobile application and allow your users to share their funniest and memorable activities using Geolocation.

  • Taxi Booking App

The complete architecture of Taxi booking apps like Uber and Lyft is fully based on Geolocation or GPS system. And now you can estimate the use of the Geolocation feature in taxi booking applications.

If you are building a taxi booking app, then you must have this feature in your taxi booking app to easily locate the current location of the cab.

  • Augmented Reality Game App

Most people think that there is no use of GPS or Geolocation in gaming applications. Most popular Game application Pokemon Go is the live example of it. This game is totally based on GPS. There are several game applications in the market that run through Geolocation.

If you are planning to develop an augmented reality game app, then you should consider Geolocation to help game enthusiasts to avail the benefits of the feature.

  • Online Food Ordering App

If you are delivering food to your customer on time and accurate location that means you are making goodwill in the market for your business. The same various popular online food ordering apps like Zomato and UberEats are using a Geolocation feature in their apps to deliver excellent services.

If you are planning to build a food ordering app like UberEats and Zomato then this is the must-have feature in your food delivery mobile application.

  • Travel App

Traveling applications Booking, Airbnb, and TripAdvisor are also providing excellent traveling experience through a Geolocation feature. Almost every second person uses a travel app to address their traveling needs. With this, it’s now easy to find the places, and hotels of your choice using Geolocation.

So, if you’re planning to make a travel app like Airbnb and then Geolocation feature can help your users finding the hotels with directions.

  • Dating App

Tinder like dating app is probably the most obvious example here that also uses Geo-location feature.

Building a dating app like Tinder is the best idea, you can build a dating app by adding Geo-location feature in it. You can also add a number of features like distance range, location changing and others that the user can set according to their need.

  • Health & Fitness App

As per the reports, around 58% of smartphone users have already downloaded a health or fitness app to track their daily activities. Health and Fitness applications have turned out to be the most popular applications, that are being used by millions of users.

Geo-location enabled app captures your daily activities and show you the results based on them.

  • Mapping/ Navigation App

Mapping/Navigation App with Geolocation technology will help your users in many possible ways. It’s not only helpful for the users but provide them a unique experience.

Building mapping and navigation app with a variety of useful features is the best idea to make huge revenue. Google Map and Waze are the two most popular apps running on the GPS system.


Almost every second application has Geo-location or location tracking technology. And, even at low budgets, it is easy to build location-based applications. Using the Geo-location feature in the app, you can make huge revenue.

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