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Features And Cost Of A Food Delivery Finder App

After clothing and daily consumable, the online market is hot on food delivery applications. Food delivery applications like Swiggy, UberEats, and Zomato are performing amazingly these days. And very helpful to the users. When you getting hungry you can easily order their food with the help of these applications.  Nowadays, all the restaurants and cafes owners are collaborating with these food delivery apps. They can take online food order from the customers with the help of food delivery apps. These restaurant finders and food delivery apps help you treat yourself with delicious food without going out. People have given a tremendous response to these applications and are using them regularly. They get their food anytime and anywhere they want in a short period of time. And they can pay their payment through credit card/debit card, mobile wallet or prefer Cash on Delivery.

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Features you must have in a good food delivery app:

  • Providing the restaurant’s profile and their Google reviews will make it more easy for customers to find the food.
  • The Easy sign Up with the app makes your customer more interested.
  • It has been noted that almost 80% of people who order food online prefer Cash On Delivery payment. Hence, you must keep multiple payment options in your delivery app.
  • People generally have a particular food preference and would want to order the same items again. Your application must allow the user to reorder the same food items again easily.
  • 24×7 order delivery assurance and services will make your app stand out from the others and attract more customers.
  • Easy search and filter options enable the user to navigate through and find what they want easily.
  • Discount coupons and cashback are the best and the easiest way to attract more customers. You must regularly offer good discounts and attractive offers to attract more customers.
  • Some people want the food to be delivered on a regular basis or daily, or want to schedule a delivery for the future. Your app must have this feature to allow the user to place an order in advance.

Order customization is must for the customer these days so you must provide a customization feature in your app.

There are Three Important Factors while you order your food

  1. The Where – Browse the menu of your favorite restaurants
  2. The What – Select your Food and submit your food order.
  3. The Delivery – Select the location of your delivery

Options Availability and its Impacts


There should be many such options available in your food delivery app like Filtering from price high to low or Vegetarian to Non-Vegetarian, this option enables the user to filter the restaurants on price basis and Type of Food basis.

Food Delivery Apps

Not only for the customers but for your clients such as Restaurants and cafes can also have benefits of the app, like they can track a good amount of customer base through the app. They can provide online food and delivery services. It can also enhance good customer Relations.

food delivery app

You must be wondering how and where these food delivery finders generate their revenue from? It is very important and most likely to find out before getting your own app. These apps can basically generate revenue from the following four sources:

  • Delivery charges from the customer.
  • Sharing revenue from partner eateries.
  • From advertising partners.
  • A Delivery tips from customers


Nowadays food delivery apps are in demand. If you want to develop a basic food delivery finders app will cost you $7,500, but more features and integrations will cost you more. A premium app with all the features and integrations can cost you up to $25,000. It will also require constant efforts and investments which you must be prepared for before investing in a venture like this. Because this venture will be in trend as soon as it goes live.

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