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Food Delivery App Trend For Driving the Future of Food Industry


What comes to mind when you think of food ordering or food delivering business? Success, revenue and fame? But you don’t know that how long you will have to travel to reach here. Idea, investment, manpower, and efforts are the basic needs to step down in this segment. Everyone is working in a way or another just for success. Some of them quit in the mid of journey while some of them reach the peak of success.

Above 80% of restaurants are turning to technology–like online ordering, reservation and food delivery apps, and restaurant analytics–now more than ever to help them run their business successfully and efficiently.

Revenue in the Online Food Delivery segment amounts to $7,011M in 2018.

Revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate of 10.5%, resulting in a market volume of $11,569M by 2022.

#Strategy of Building Food App

Another question an inquisitive mind can think of is that can we start this food developing service with a small amount of investment. So the answer to your question is yes. You can start this business venture with a small amount of investment, but the question arises over here is how?

Don’t worry we will tell you how along with that we will also tell you about the proper procedure of starting a business.

First of all, let us understand the pattern. How this whole system works and how will you earn the money. It is basically all about the deal you make with the restaurant. On the behalf, you will deliver their food and will get them new orders. In return, you will charge a particular percentage of the total revenue generated. See that’s it. It’s this simple, your half the work is done. So this was the work you have to do in the background.

Now for the front look, you have to develop an application. For that, you need to search an app developing company. So the first thing in this you should know what exactly an app developing company does. They basically develop an application for you which you can use for interacting with the customers and helps you in strategizing the marketing of your application.

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At present, there are many startups that are providing you with application development. But the most crucial part is choosing the company that is best for you. Which company will help you to start your startup? Here are some tips you should always follow before you give the contract to any company for developing the application.

First of all, the most important thing is that you check their background. Their history and past work experience. Better the experience, you get the advantage. Then compare the company willing to provide you with the best code with other services like free sale support, proper testing and much more.

Companies which take a personal interest in your applications and willing to develop a good relationship with you are the best ones. You should go for them. Now before you develop anything or start anything there is something you should first go through like who all are your competitors? What is their speciality? What are the things you can add to your application to make it stand out from a crowd? These are some questions you should be focusing on.

Here we’ll do half work for you by letting you know about the application which are best in this field and what makes them the best? We have listed top 10 food delivery apps among which we are discussing about the top rated ones.

  1. UberEats

Now the best comes Uber eats food delivery app, for being on the top of the list it had to do a lot many things. Its delivery charges are low. Its delivery time is perfect. Its food delivering services are really nice. It even provides a lot of coupons to its new as well as existing customers, which is a really cool way to attract customers. UBER food delivery app is new but one of the best food apps in this market. 

  1. GrabHub


Now let’s discuss the qualities of the existing application let’s start with GrubHub it is famous because of its various methods of payment. It accepts cash on delivery, apple pay, android pay, then PayPal Credit cards and debit cards are common. It even provides you with the feature of awesome express reorders. You can just repeat your favourite order with one click.


While delivers food, groceries and help with errands also (like picking up your laundry). There is this one cool feature which they provide is you earn delivery coin on every order you can collect them and later use them to get a huge discount to save money.

  1. Postmates

Postmates food delivery service app works on almost the same principle as Then comes the seamless it is linked with almost 12,000 restaurants in America. Due to its vast network, you have so many options to order your food from.

  1. Foodler 

Foodler is also same as seamless with a vast network of restaurants. It allows you to recommend your favourite restaurants to people. It gives you free delivery over just 20$.

  1. Doordash

Doordash is highly famous in North America for being the cheapest food delivering application. The minimum order is just $99.

  1. Eat24 

Then comes the Eat24 it is popular among people because of its reviews. With the help of its reviews, it becomes very easy to find a good restaurant in your local area. So you can always read the reviews to get the best. Then comes the caviar it is best for its timing.

  1. Caviar

This app made its position in top 10 apps that provide food online. It is more preferable by people who love their food with so many specifications. Caviar lets you customize your food just as you wish to eat it. It is practically a boon to all the Mr Or misses choosy around.

  1. SkipTheDishes

This application has a network of a wide range of restaurants. Helps you order from almost any restaurant you want to eat from around you. Thus, you can watch your order from the moment you place it until the food is at your door.

  1. Seamless

It is one of the biggest food ordering online application. Through seamless you just not have thousands of restaurants that you can order from but also it provides you with amazing discounts. It also provides you with food without Delivery charges.


To make a good fast food delivery app you must make a best food delivery app like UBER with more new cool innovative features. So that you stand out of the crowd. Endive Software is a prominent name in making food delivery apps along with amazing features. If you want food delivery app, but do not have enough money, don’t worry, Endive Software provides quality app development services at affordable costs.

Now after doing this you are all set to develop an application. Now what all major things you should keep in mind while developing an app are as follows:

  • You should make sure the application uses the optimum space in your phone.
  • Data leakage should not be there.
  • Payment details should be secured properly.
  • It should have a user-friendly layout.
  • Proper customer support.
  • Should use the minimal internet.

These are some basic points you should always keep in mind. It will help you to represent your application in a better way. That’s all for this time, hope you might have got the idea what exactly you need to do, to develop a food ordering application. So good luck with your venture.

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