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Food Delivery App Must Have Features And Cost

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Delicious food, this is something that no one can refuse to eat. These days, almost every esurient person, after going a whole day without eating, likes to choose food ordering apps to order foods from their favorite restaurant instead of walking to the restaurant. After online shopping and taxi booking app, the market for food delivery applications is here now to dominate the world. Food delivery apps like Eat24, UberEats, and Zomato are performing amazingly these days. The popularity of these applications is increasing day by day and very helpful for those who like sitting in the comfort of their home. These food delivery giants have collaborated with all the restaurant owners to expand their services. These food ordering apps or restaurant finder apps help you treat yourself with delicious food without going out. People have given a tremendous response to these food ordering applications and are using them regularly. Users can choose their favorite or nearby restaurants and order food by using the food delivery app like Zomato.

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Features That You Must Have In A Food Delivery App:

Restaurant Profile: Providing the restaurant’s profile and their reviews & rating will make it more easy for customers to find or order the quality food.

Table Reservation: Now it is quite easy to book a table in your favorite restaurant with a food delivery app like UberEats. This feature lets your customers avoid the queue and time for the table booking to be taken and processed. Just park your vehicle in the restaurant’s parking and get to the table directly.

Live Updates: It is one of the best features that you can’t ignore for your app. Using this feature, user can track their food delivery boy to deliver food at the doorstep. So, ask your food app developer or food delivery app development company to implement GPS technology during the food delivery app development.

Push Notifications: This is the best feature that you must have in your food ordering application. Users can get notifications related to their food order history, new offers and more. This feature will increase the usability of your app. Sending alerts/messages 5 to 10 times in a day might be annoying for your customers. Only send notification only twice in a day that is worth and profitable to your customers.

Reorder: People generally have a particular food preference and would want to order the same items again. Your application must have this feature to allow the user to reorder the same food items again easily.

Payment Modes: It has been noted that almost 80% of people who order food online prefer Cash On Delivery payment. Hence, you must keep multiple payment options in your delivery app. You should implement all types of payment modes, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, e-wallet, net banking, credit, and debit card.

Discount Coupons/Rewards And Cashback: Discount coupons and cashback are the best and easiest way to attract more customers. You must regularly offer good discounts and attractive offers to attract more customers. As per the reports, around 40% of users use the food ordering application to look for offers, while, 25% of users use the food delivery app for earning or redeem loyalty points.

Predictive Search: This is the best feature which allows your customers to directly search restaurant name and dishes name. Filter and Predictive Search options help the user to navigate through and find what they want easily.

Preorder: Some people want the food to be delivered on a regular basis or daily, or want to schedule a delivery for the future. Your app must have this feature to allow the user to place an order in advance.

Social Media Integration: With social media integration, users can share photos of their favorite dish with their friends and families.

Geo Location: This is the must-have feature that allows your customer to track the location of your meal with real-time GPS.

Chatbots: This is the best feature that you should have in your application to handle the queries of the customers. This computer programmed software can simulate a conversion with the users in a natural language.

Order customization: It is must for the customer these days, so you must provide a customization feature in your app.

There are Three Important Factors while you order your food

The Where – Browse the menu of your favorite restaurants

The What – Select your Food and submit your food order

The Delivery – Select the location of your delivery

Options Availability and Its Impacts

There should be many such options available in your food delivery app like Filtering from price high to low or Vegetarian to Non-Vegetarian, this option enables the user to filter the restaurants on price basis and Type of Food basis.

Not only for the customers but for your clients such as Restaurants and cafes can also have the benefits of the app, like they can track a good amount of customer base through the app. They can provide online food and delivery services. It can also enhance good customer Relations.

You must be wondering how and where these food delivery finders generate their revenue from? It is very important and most likely to find out before getting your own app. These apps can basically generate revenue from the following four sources:

  • Delivery charges from the customer.
  • Sharing revenue from partner eateries.
  • From advertising partners.
  • Delivery tips from customers.

Multiple Platforms (Android & iOS)

If you want that your app would be noticed by everyone, then it can be done only if your food ordering mobile application is accessible on different platforms i.e. Android, Window, and iOS. The app developing cost for different platforms may be higher but worth for the highest ROI.

The Cost to Build A Food Delivery App

The cost of Food Delivery mobile application varies according to your requirements. Developing Food Delivery application in one Native Platform (iOS or Android) is quite higher or expensive than building the app in Hybrid, React Native and Progressive Web App platform.

Here are some figures for the development costs of the application.

The total cost of developing a Native App – $30,000 to $35,000

The total cost of developing a React Native App – $20,000 to $25,000

The total cost of developing a Hybrid App – $15,000 to $20,000

The total cost of developing a Progressive Web App – $15,000


Nowadays food delivery apps are in demand. If you want to develop a basic food delivery finders app will cost you $7,500, but more features and integrations will cost you more. A premium app with all the features and integrations can cost you up to $25,000. It will also require constant efforts and investments which you must be prepared for before investing in a venture like this. Because this venture will be in trend as soon as it goes live.

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