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Why Flutter Is Best For Your Next Cross-Platform App Development

Why Flutter Is Best For Your Next Cross-Platform App Development

A decade ago, building a mobile app for business was so expensive and even time consuming as at that time we only had few mobile app development technologies- Java/Kotlin or Objective-C/Swift for building two separate code-base for the iOS app development and Android app development respectively.

With the penetration of cross-platform app development technology, the lives of mobile app developers have become easier as they can build an eye-catching yet complex mobile application in very less time.

However, in today’s time, there are various cross-platform technologies available in the market that you can use to build scalable mobile applications. Flutter is one of them, which is getting huge popularity from mobile app developers. Cross-platform mobile app development with Flutter is now easier and time-saving when compared to native app development. This technology has revolutionized the way you build complex and feature-rich applications for iOS, Android, Windows, and web applications. One can easily build feature-rich and scalable mobile apps using Flutter in half the time.

Flutter App Development Company in India

Flutter is a high-performance mobile app development tool-kit that comes loaded with many impressive features like ready-to-use widgets, single code-base, hot reload, and many more that distinguish it from other available app development software.

Here in this article, we will have closer look at the Flutter app development and why Flutter is best for your next cross-platform development.

With 1.84 Million apps available in Apple’s app store and 2.7 million apps in Google Play Store, mobile app development has become an urgent need for businesses of all sizes.

Today, with several options available for startups or businesses to develop mobile apps in 2020, you must be wondering why we have chosen Flutter for this battle.

Benefits Of Flutter App Development-

  • High-Performance

Flutter has a 2D rendering engine that provides super-fast performance and results on both iOS and Android platforms. It also helps you launch UI built on Flutter on any virtual platform.

  • Optimized Coding

Flutter, developed by Google, uses Dart language to write code for mobile applications. Basically, Dart is an object-oriented and class-based programming language designed to build mobile, desktop, server, and web applications. In addition to this, with C-style syntax, Flutter follows a reactive and declarative coding style. This opens up a new dimension for intelligent coding.

  • Reliable

Introduced in 2017, Futter is originally designed to provide an amazing development experience. It has too many advantages that help developers to build mobile applications. Various popular tech companies or mobile app developers use this platform to build reliable solutions.  Google Ads, Tencent, Alibaba, Hamilton, Reflect, etc., are the tech majors that rely on Flutter. Using by millions of people, Flutter has delivered satisfactory services to these tech majors who trusted Flutter with their business projects.

  • Hot-Reload

Hot-Reload is one of the best features provided by Flutter to simplify real-time changes in the applications, without even losing the current application state. And that is what makes Flutter app development stands-out from the native technologies. App development using Flutter reduces the development time by almost 30%.

  • Native-Feel

Mobile application with unique and eye-catching UX is crucial to attracting more and more users. And Flutter is the best platform to make a mobile app feel and look like a native application. Due to the lack of budget or app development team to build a Native Android and iOS app, various startups around the world choose Flutter to build Native feel like Cross-platform applications.

  • Well Documented

However, Mobile App Development In Flutter is relatively hard for a newcomer to learn and understand the process of development. But, the truth is that Flutter is very easy to understand and learn. It takes care of everything as it offers thoroughly understandable and complete documentation to make development easy and quick.

Flutter offers analytical explanations of every process and also manages to explain the cross-platform tools in-depth. This is a major distinguishing factor between Flutter and other SDKs.

Flutter App Development Advantages

Flutter has many advantages in comparison to other cross-platform systems such as Xamarin. However, it also has a few drawbacks. Let’s have a look at the advantages of Flutter.

  • Employs the C++ rendering engine
  • Provides the entire set of widgets
  • Architecture is based on reactive programming
  • A Comprehensive SDK
  • The apps build using Flutter support multiple platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, Mac platforms


Flutter app development in today’s time buzzing the mobile app development market. Various tech companies and new startups are adopting Flutter technology to build cross-platform mobile applications.

If you want to build a Flutter mobile app for your business, then you can hire mobile app development. For a complex solution, you can partner with the best Flutter App Development Company In India.

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