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Advantages Of Using Firebase For Mobile App Development

Advantages Of Using Firebase For Mobile App Development

It seems like the mobile application is everything for us. There is no doubt that we all use mobile applications more than 10 times in a day to perform various tasks. Did you know what algorithms are used? how Backend and Frontend of mobile apps work?

Well, if you are a startup or enterprise and planning to develop a mobile app for your users’ urgent needs then you must have a look at Firebase.

Firebase is a mobile application development platform founded by Andrew Lee and James Tamplin in September 2011. Acquired by Google in 2014, in today’s time, it’s a trending platform for developing websites and web applications with the real-time database. Firebase is a Backend-as-a-Services that offers developers a wide set of tools and features to develop high-quality mobile applications at minimal time. Developers around the world also prefer this platform for building feature-rich and scalable web and mobile applications.

You will have a positive feeling about Firebase when you know that this platform provides services like analytics, cloud storage, automatic scaling authentication, real-time databases, configuration, file storage, and cloud messaging. Besides, it also helps developers to develop cloud storage for the apps including authentication functionality. Moreover, Firebase can also be used effectively for app marketing, social networks, user management enhancing the user experience and user engagement.

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Google Firebase is one of the best platforms that help the app developers in every inch of their effort to create unique and optimized web and mobile app.

Here we are going discuss the various features and benefits of Firebase that mobile app developers can use to make their mobile app development journey simpler-

  • Firebase Real-time Database-

As a Google Cloud Product, Firebase has a real-time database and cloud storage that help you to store and synchronize data to all connected clients. As a NoSQL database, all the information will be stored as JSON. In simple words, when a person who is using your mobile application goes offline, data remains available across all customers in real-time. Firebase is the right platform for those who want to develop a cross-platform app with Android, iOS, JavaScript SDKs and want to provide real-time updates to its users without creating database and API.

  • Google Analytics-

It is one of the best features of Firebase which helps you track the activities of your users and business insights. It’s free and comes with a capacity of reporting over 500 different event types with each of them carrying over 25 attributes. Using the analytics dashboard, you can easily understand how users interact with the app, how the users make use of your app, what type of device they are using and more. Using Google Analytics, you can export all app data to BigQuesy.

  • Crash Reporting-

App crashes can affect the way users use your app or might be resulting in uninstalling it. Firebase crashlytics is the best feature that helps you keep your app stable as it makes you able to find and fix the bugs quickly. Using custom events, you can figure out a crash before it even happens.

  • Fast and Secure Web Hosting

Hosting a web app is now easier with Firebase. It provides fast, secure, static, and production-grade hosting for developers. Using Firebase, you can set-up and host single-page, a mobile landing page, web page or progressive web page with ease to a CDN (Content Delivery Network) by using one commend. All the hosting tasks are performed through Auto Provisioned SSL (Security Socket Layer), Customized domain support, and Global CDN.

  • Firebase Authentication

For better user experience, most of the apps provide login facility to users to save important data or information in the cloud. Firebase authentication is very secure in all way as it provides SDKs and UI libraries to authenticate the users across the app using the user name or email id and password. The Firebase Authentication system was developed by the same team who implemented Google Sign-In, Smart Lock, and Chrome Password Manager.

  • Content Storage with Ease

Firebase provides an easy way to quickly and easily store content, including images, texts, and videos. You can use Firebase SDKs for cloud storage to store images, audio, video, or other user-generated content. Firebase is developed to save your time in storing useful content with mobile connectivity in mind.

  • Send Notifications and Messages

This is one of the best things that makes Firebase the first choice of developers. It is a free service offered by Firebase for better user engagement. It helps you send notification and message to the end-users across all devices and platforms. Firebase features a notification console GUI that helps you create and send notifications to the targeted audience. So, if you are looking for a platform with such notification feature that needs basic coding work then Firebase is here for you.

  • Recommend App Dynamic Links

Dynamic Links are smart URLs that let you recommend your app to people, friends or family across various platforms such as social media, web apps, emails, or any other promotions for better user engagement. You can boost your app URL to increase the presence of your app. The dynamic links have a browser-based property which redirected to the appropriate browser or app marketplace to install it.

  • Generate More Traffic to your App with App Indexing

As a Google product, firebase is linked with Google, so now it is easy to viral your app with Firebase’s advanced features. It provides the best way to re-engage with your app and helps in bringing your app in the search result of the web browser. You can increase search results by indexing your application. It helps users to find your app over web browser easily and install your app.

  • The Facility of In-App Advertising

Of course, the purpose of building an app is to earn money and you can experience it through Firebase AdMob. This is the best feature offered by Firebase to the businesses to generate profits from the app. With the AdMob, you can monetize your app for the best possible experience for your users. You can choose the best adverting format that suits your app and set it for your visitors.


Firebase has proved to be the best web and mobile app development platform. This platform not only helps you in Firebase app development but also provides you app insights such as performance, advertisement, analytics report and more.

If you are looking for the best web and mobile app development platform, Firebase is the right choice for you. Choose the renowned mobile app development company or hire experienced android developers or iOS developers for Firebase app development.

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