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Factors Making Kotlin A Preferred Choice For Android App Development

It has been a considerable amount of time since the launch of Kotlin programming language by Google. The language owing to its definite approach for programming has caught the attention of various Android app developers and is expected to replace Java in the future. Kotlin replaces the loquacity of Java with its accurate and precise approach towards app development. The language also helps the app developers to develop innovative app solutions with a greater ease as compared to Java.

Android App Development

Java being a more prominent and popular programming language has its own set of benefits, but Kotlin is sure to influence the world of Android app development in its presence. Displaying a set of advanced programming tools and robust features, Kotlin has a number of reasons to be preferred over Java.

So, let us have a look at the factors that make Kotlin a prudent choice for Android application development:

1.    Choose Kotlin For Lesser Coding

Kotlin programming language defeats Java with its brevity. You can develop a same Android application in a lesser number of code lines in Kotlin as compared to Java. Therefore an application developed in Kotlin programming language requires a shorter time to market in comparison to Java. According to the reports, an app developed in Kotlin has about 20% lesser code lines as compared to one developed in Java app development language.

2.    You Have Access To Various Development Resources Typical To Java

Though Kotlin is a new programming language, it is fully compatible with Java. The various resource libraries and the development tools available in Java can be potentially leveraged for Android app development through Kotlin. By using Kotlin as your programming language you can blend its rapid app development perks with the extensive resource library for Java. Thus, allowing you to create high-yielding app solutions in a shorter time to market.

3.    Kotlin Is Considerably Easy To Learn

Owing to the simple syntax of the Kotlin programming language, it can be learned with high ease. Any new developer or a beginner can learn Kotlin in a few weeks time with just a little amount of effort. Kotlin being compatible with Java allows you to use the latter’s extensive development resource library, making it all the more simple for you to learn the language in the initial stage. The language follows a precise programming approach and therefore you are not entangled in the verbosity of a programming language.

4.    You Don’t Have To Pay To Use It

Do you wish to employ Kotlin for your Android application development project? Go ahead it is free! Kotlin is available for free and can be readily employed as a preferred programming language by anyone. Owing to its free nature, Kotlin can be used for experimenting your innovative app ideas, and therefore learners do not have to pay an extra fee for learning it.

5.    Easily Available Java-to-Kotlin Tool

Kotlin is an open-source language and you can easily find a Java-to-Kotlin tool online for converting your Java codes into shorter and precise Kotlin code files. The tool is purely efficient and can be utilized intuitively. Meanwhile, the open-source nature of Kotlin programming language opens the door to an infinite number of resources, development tools, and support tools that are available online. Thus, allowing Android app developers to develop solutions in a resourceful manner.

6.    Built-in Null Checking And Support For Secure Programming

The Kotlin programming language has built-in Null Checking and therefore allows seamless coding with applied NullPointException. Kotlin along with allowing you access to Java’s extensive list of resources and development tools provides its own extension library that can be leveraged to make requirement specific customization in an Android app development solution. These sets of extensions allow you to make changes in the existing classes and you do not have to rewrite the entire code for customizing your app. With this, Kotlin as a programming language offers robust programming perks and shows support for advanced encryption standards. Thus, allowing secure Android application development.

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Kotlin programming language is gradually gaining popularity in the mobile app development world and will serve as a base of innovative Android app solutions in the near future. So, to leverage the perks of Kotlin programming language connect with Endive Software, which is a recognized Android app development company in the USA. You can connect with Endive Software at –

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