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How to Develop an Event App- Features and Development Cost Inside

How to Develop an Event App- Features and Development Cost Inside

In today’s time, industries of all types are getting perks of technology and the event industry is no stranger to this fact. Social gatherings, work events, organization events, parties, and even business meetings, all these are referred to as events. And to manage these events, there are various kinds of event planning apps available in the app store and play store that people time to time use to get certain information about the ongoing and upcoming events. 

Eventbrite, Hangtime, Meetup, FieldTrip, etc., are the most popular event apps that quickly outgrew their first impression as the most useful tools for both event planners and users. These apps are frequently used for a sporting business conference, meetups, delegation meetings, live concert of a favourite band, and other events. 

event planning app developmentAs the event industry continues to grow, mobile applications are becoming more and more necessary as people nowadays come to choose an easy way to access certain information on their smartphones and tablets. 

As per the report of Bizzabo, around 65% of smartphone users use event apps like Eventbrite to look for the event or social gathering, whereas 37% of conference planners who arrange a meeting for the corporate sector utilize a mobile event management app for their meetings.

And looking at the increasing numbers of both events and attendees, many more event app development companies are providing event planning app development services to the event planners, or startups. 

If you are a Party Planner, Event Organizer, or Entrepreneur and thinking of building an event app, but have a lot of questions in mind- How to develop an event app? Which platform is better for development? How to look for a trusted mobile app development company? What functions should it have? Cost of development? 

Don’t worry, this article is for you with all the positive answers. And also tell you everything about how to create your own event planner app. 

Types of Event Apps- 

You have probably seen many events around you and for every particular segment of events, there is a dedicated event app. Basically, there are various types of event management apps that can be classified depending on the works such as- 

Conferences and Business Meetings 

Business professionals use event apps to organize their work-related conferences and delegate business meeting to interact with more and more attendees. And the attendees use the app to get to know more about the meeting. Whova and 10Times are the most popular apps that help people discover conferences, workshops, exhibitions and more. 

You can build a conference and business meeting app to allow business owners to schedule their events directly on your app using their account. 

Local Event Apps 

There are various event apps that are used by locals to organize different social gatherings. DoStuff and Eventbrite are event apps that help people find events happening in their cities. 

Festival Apps 

You can build a festival event app to help your users to find local festival events, themed occasions, or holidays and can register themselves. 

How to Monetize Your Event App? 

Once your app is ready to use, now it is time to make it profitable so you can generate revenue. Here we are going to discuss the most useful common monetization options for event management apps. 

Service Fees– Most of the event apps follow this model and you can apply service fees on event tickets sale. 

Advertisement– Placing an advertisement on your app is the best way to monetize. You can place advert banners into your app so people can see them while navigating through the app. 

Paid Promotion– The event organizers can launch a campaign and start promoting your app and engage with more and more users to learn about events in your app. 

Additional Features– Use a freemium monetization model and offer you, users, additional paid features. 

Commission– You can start charging a commission from the event organizers that are listed on or using your app. 

Must-Have Event App Features 

Event List– Choose a simple and unique layout to make your app visually appealing and list all the upcoming events with images so that the users can easily access them. 

Favourite– This feature is available in most of the event app that we have discussed. Implement this feature in your app for the users to make them able to add the event in their favourite list. 

Calendar– Add this feature in your app that the users can use to find interesting events nearby and add them to their calendars. 

Photos/Videos– Adding attractive photos/videos of events can help you gather more and more users to the events. 

App Analytics– This feature will help you track the live activities in the app and keep a track of user behaviour and provide them with an outstanding experience for which they will keep coming back.

Search Option- This is a crucial feature that will surely improve the users’ experience. This feature allows your users to check the events by location, type, free/paid entry, and others. 

Program Preview– Most of the people make the final decision by previewing program of the event. Provide a program preview and add something interesting in it to grab their attention. 

News Feed– Newsfeed is one of the best features to keep your customers updated with the latest news about the event. 

Speakers List– Speakers list is indeed must-have for those who want to build an event app for the users. Your users will get to know who is attending the events. 

Ticket Booking Feature– Add this feature to allow your users to buy tickets for the events from your app. 

Push Notification– It is a useful feature that reminds your users to know about the important dates or other information about the upcoming events. 

Payment Options– Provide your customers with various payment options to make payment hassle-free. 

Features that Look Like a Cherry On Cake- 

Live-streaming- This is the best for those who have a premium account and can watch live streaming anywhere. 

Mobile Wallet– to pay for the event through the mobile wallet. 

Chat option– to talk with the speakers to know more about the event. 

Internal Social Feed– This feature will keep your users engaging with the other users who are using your app.

Mobile check-in– is the best feature to let your customers enter into the event venue by showing tickets in the mobile app. 

Campaigning through poll and survey– Get more and more users’ feedback and establish drive session engagement with polls and questions. 

Offers– Provide an amazing offer to gather more and more attendees. 

QR Code– Using this feature, the attendees can easily check and enter into the event venue by showing QR code. 

In-app Camera– Using in-app camera your attendees can capture photos/videos at the event and can share them over social channels such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp Status, Flickr, and other social networks. 

Security– This is one of the best features that make your app more trusted among the users. Using this feature, a user can send their event and location information to their friends and family for security purpose. 

How Much Does It Cost? 

It might be hard to say about the exact cost of event app development like Eventbrite. But based on the development framework, technology use, development time and features, here are some estimations of cost-

Event application with basic features- Event app with basic features may take around 1-2 months and the development cost may between $6K-$10K.

An event app with advanced features- An event application with advanced features discussed above will take around 2-3 months and the development cost would be around $16K and require a dedicated app development team of 3-4 developers.

Event application with more complex features- Enterprise level event app with complex features such as APIs integration, Cloud environment, high-quality user interface, large database, etc., requires around 3-5 months and the development cost would be around $25K-$30K.

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