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An Entrepreneur’s Guide To Developing A Mobile App

An Entrepreneur's Guide To Developing A Mobile App

As the time changes, the techniques of business have been revamped with the addition of digitization. With the introduction of the web, the customer had relied upon the website for helpful ways to make their lives more convenient.

Although nowadays mobile app has overtaken the position of websites. Everyone prefers the mobile app to do everything. From ordering products to booking movie tickets to asking for mobile repairing services.

mobile app development

The mobile app is easy to use and handle. It can resolve all types of problem and need. That’s the exactly what a customer wants. In this era increasing business growth and company revenue without the app is next to impossible. Everyone businessman must establish an app to boom profits in short time.

If you are a business owner and looking for a guide to establish an app for your business. This is the perfect place where you will find your answers.

Here I will share you some important steps to develop an app which will make your business grow exponentially.

Step 1: Value Proposition of App

Let’s discuss why the customer should use your app. Is your app providing proper resolution of the problem of the customer? Is your app satisfying the need and want of the customer?

If your app is capable enough to make happen the answer to the above two questions. I am making sure you that app will definitely upscale your business growth and revenue.

Everyone is in search of App which solves their daily problems and needs. The value of a proposition is about innovative ideas of App which the resolve the emerging problem of customer and satisfy the requirements of the customer.

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Step 2: Identify the target of App Development

The aim of making an app must be dealing with the business goal and customer’s satisfaction. It should not design only for publicity or to get famous. Moreover, it must contain a different kind of tasks which are a necessity of the customer.

If the mobile app development does not undergo with proper implementation, then its flaws might result in falling of app in the time ahead. Figuring out the problem and vanishing it as soon as possible tends to improve the quality of the app. Otherwise, your app will go out of the race in the trending market.

The demand of your app could be determined by validation. You can use the Google keyword planner to find about the number of people who are seeking out what you’re trying to do. You could also build a page that mainly enlightens your app idea and seeks user interest through email SignUp. Dropping the suggestion box is also the best idea to revamp the app.

Step 3: Framework the layout of App

layout of mobile app development

The app is your channel to expand your business wider. It will provide your services and delivery of products to the customer after app development. So before developing the app, an entrepreneur should cover a detailed overview and discussion about the app with the professional app developer. The development of the app should cover the answer to some simple question.

  1. Why would a customer use your app?
  2. Why would they buy products through your app only?
  3. What type of people would like to use your app?
  4. Is an app the right outreach/distribution channel?

Knowing about the interest and needs of the users increase the potential of the app. Their needs and user experience decides whether the app ends up being successful or not. Answering this question further guides an entrepreneur about adding features and functionality to the app.

The customers are the only people who decide about the future of your app and business. The user experience plays a major role in the app’s success. Good user experience could elevate the success ratio, while the opposite could fall down the app in the market. Hence, it runs at high risk of failure.

There are various research teams available in the market to find out the flaws or a problem in the app. Hiring a firm for this may result in an increase in the cost of the app. If your budget is high enough, then you can opt the market research team for app development.

Although if your budget doesn’t meet up with high value, then you can simply request feedback through surveys or comments. This leads to the saving of money for particular initial moments. After some time your app must definitely need market researchers to upgrade the app to turn into its best version.

The app must promise for an organized and productive work without any disruptions. Such effective services or proper delivery of the product on time plays a major role in the success of the app.

Step 4: Scrutinize the app development

Scrutinize app development

User engagement decides the development of your app. The growth of the business is directly proportional to the growth of your app. Before starting the actual development of the app process. You must think about the following question.

  • Is the idea of app innovative?
  • Does it stand on a value proposition?
  • What is the budget of the App?
  • Will it give favorable outcomes?
  • Will it stand on the expectation of customers?

Let’s discuss the answer of the above question with these key points.

Focus On Name And Idea Of App:

Everything starts with the name. Everyone first looks over the name of the app. The name should itself says the motive of the app development. So it must be impacting and unique.

The idea itself governs all steps of app developments. A unique idea and implementation give a solution to the emerging problem of the customer.

Focus On The Budget:

Focus On The Budget

The budget clearly decides the working and functionality of the app. The entrepreneur must focus on the main function what they want to execute. Adding a lot of functions in-app will directly increase your budget. Try to customize the app with only effective function in the early stage of your app. After sometime you can update or modify the app as per user convenience and suggestions. The mobile app developers costs on an hourly basis. Their demand for payment varies with the location.

US-based developers: $50 to $250 per hour

Eastern Europe: $20-$150/hr

based developers: $30 to $150 per hour

India based developers: $10 to $80 per hour

The time for app development varies with functionality and platform of the app. If the demands for the functions are more then it makes the developer invest more time. This gradually increases the cost of development.

Focus On Time For Development:

Normally it takes 4-6 months to build an app. Yet in some cases, it crosses the time of 6 months. There are some developers in the market who promise to build an app within 2-3 weeks. Our advice:  Say no to them. No quality app can be built in that little time.

Your budget also modifies the time of app development. If you are providing a good amount to the developer then they ensure sufficient time on the app development to leave on margin. Whereas, a tight budget pressurize a developer to work swiftly.

Focus On The Platform:

focus on the platform

The virtual market is filled with different platforms. Although, there are only two major platforms which are covering the 90℅ of the entire market. Your choice in most cases must between two of them.

The android app development takes 2-3 times more than IOS app development. While the return of investment is greater in IOS. As various free apps are available in the great amount on android.

Focus On Hiring Of Right Mobile App Development Company:

In-house hiring: If the budget is high enough and you want to keep an eye on development, then in-house development is more feasible.

Outsourcing: With thousands of companies listed for app development and everyone is endeavoring to sell themselves at the best in the world.

  • To choose out the best developer. You must keep some points in mind.
  • You can go online to look up for companies reputation.
  • Check whether the app developer is customer-centric or not.
  • Look out for the company’s pricing whether it matches your budget or not.
  • Hire an innovative and creative app development team.

Step 5: Drafting pre-work of app development

After making the development route, you should start preparing for a preview of the app which shows the basic idea of the functionality of the app. This process includes creating wireframes, mock-ups, etc.

Wireframing: Wireframing focuses on space allocation and prioritization of content, functionalities available and intended behaviors of the app.

Mockups: Mockups give the full size of a design which is used for evaluation of developing the app. It is a prototype which provides the functionality of the app and enables testing before releasing the final version of the app.

Drafting pre-work of app development

Preparing these give a layout of the work. These are the building block and basic need for the development of the app. These show a systematic path to the final destination.

Step 6: Working on Actual Development of the app

After making a prototype you can pass this pre-work layout to the developers after reviewing all the drafts and sketches entirely.

When the development process starts. You should take a weekly update from the developer about the development of the app. Both client and developer must look after budget and timeframe to finish the app with quality.

Moreover, some basic guidelines should be given to the developer for working properly for the app development.

Step 7: Preview launch of the app

Before releasing the main version of the app. You can also launch a preview or beta version of the app. This leads to checking of the flaws in the app and get feedback of customers. It is the best strategy to improve the quality of the app.

Like an example, Microsoft also releases a preview version of its operating system. To make out the best app in the market, You must concentrate over quality and handling of the app.

After testing your preview version, you can upgrade the features and vanish the flaws or bugs in the app. Then the final version is ready to spread out in the market.


The process of app developing for your business takes time. And outcomes of taking care of each step from idea to forming layout to develop preview to transfer it into final product give growth to the business.

You must take care of some common mistakes.

  • Asking the developer to build an app in a rush.
  • Neglecting the flaws of the app.
  • Not taking care of feedback and customer’s suggestion.

Just be patient. Let the app to develop gradually and systematically with the complete time frame. Overnight success could obtain only in dreams. While the development of the app may take a long time but it will give sustainability to the success of the business.

Ajay Goyal
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Ajay Goyal is the founder of Endive Software, is the leading IT Company based on India. He works dedicatedly with the clients to give industry-based results. His passion for learning the trending technology aids the team members to introduce unique and brainstorming. He runs development services like mobile app development and web development for enterprises and startups.
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