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How Much Does Dropbox like App Development Costs?

How Much Does Dropbox like App Development Costs?

Storage is the first need for every user who uses any smart device in today’s world. Well, using these devices means having some sort of storage for storing their data somewhere. The storage can be online storage or offline storage. Online storage could be cloud storage or any server-based storage.

If you think about developing your own Clone like Dropbox then you are thinking right, Dropbox like application development is very rare and unique not everyone thinks to go with this type of app development process as this might be costlier as they think but this aint. We are here to solve your problem with the cost.

But first, let’s discuss what exactly Dropbox is?

Dropbox was founded in 2007 by Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi. Dropbox is a file hosting service that provides ample of options to the audience, which includes cloud storage, your personal cloud, file synchronization like Gmail, and client software for third party usage.

Dropbox like app development

In other words, Dropbox is an application where you can safely save or store your important or personal data to make it safe and easier for you to access from anywhere from your computer, through mobile phones or Tabs.

You can also edit your documents on the application whenever you want, you can add pictures, & videos, anytime you want and share it through Dropbox through a link where other users only can view the data they can’t change or access it in any other way.

You can share the photos or videos with your friends privately or publically this is made possible through the security features in the Dropbox application. One of the other features that Dropbox offers is that it allows you to work with other people or like for say your team. You can create a folder and share it so in other words, it’s a shared folder. When you create such a folder and add other people to that folder every person who has access to that folder will get the updates. The file that you will share in that folder will be available to them in the same way it appears in your Dropbox. The update feature will save you a lot of time as you don’t need to edit the file and send each and every person personally on mail.

Large files? It’s not a problem if you have Dropbox with you. Dropbox allows you to share large files in the same way the small files are shared. To share your files with someone you can create a link and share that link which can be used to share files in your documents. You can easily send your file on Dropbox right away with a link. The link can be opened by any user you send the link to even if they don’t have the Dropbox account.

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Dropbox is available to the users in both web and application form and works on both the platforms Android and iOS. Dropbox initially provides the 2GB of free storage to its users on the cloud. Also, the Dropbox has come up with a new feature which is Dropbox Plus which extends the online cloud storage for the users to 2TB for the users who opt for it at a cost of $9.99/month.

There are many Benefits that Dropbox provides you as a user:

  • Convenience for Accessing Files: You can access your storage account and its data from anywhere through your devices like PC, Smartphones, or Tabs.
  • Storing Data: You can easily store your data online, as Dropbox provides 2GB of free storage to every user to extend the storage you can buy premium for the account.
  • Sharing is Caring: Dropbox makes the sharing easy for you, as you can share the data in the form of links, Dropbox allows easy sharing as you can easily share the data and if the person is not having the Dropbox account still they can view it.
  • Searching: Well, the searching function in the application is very helpful for the user as the user can easily search for the file they are looking for.
  • Save Online Materials Offline: If you run out of mobile data or if you run out of internet connectivity then you can save your online data to your Dropbox and you can view it when you ran of internet or mobile data.
  • Security: If you think that some information is on your phone which is very important and you don’t want anyone to view it then you can add that important information to your Dropbox account. Enabling the password function on the Dropbox allows you to secure your data on Dropbox and no one can view the application data until it’s you who knows the password.

Challenges that Dropbox solved in the real world market

  • Inconvenience and Disorganization
  • Security and Recovery Issues
  • Hassle of Collaboration
  • Higher Cost

Top Features of Dropbox

  1. Create a Document/Folder
  2. Take a Photo
  3. Upload Photos/Videos/Files
  4. Scan a Document
  5. Add File from a Computer
  6. Offline Access
  7. Notifications
  8. Search
  9. Dropbox Paper
  10. Share a File
  11. Copy Link
  12. Preview and Download
  13. Manage Access
  14. Export

UI/UX Analysis of Dropbox-like Application 

  • Animated Onboarding Screens
  • Minimalism Design
  • Ease of Login

Cost of Dropbox-like App Development

It is a must for all the businesses that they have secured storage where they can store their important and confidential data securely which can’t be accessed by anyone unauthorized. It’s like every other app development process the charge for Dropbox-like application development depends on the number of features you want to integrate into your application. Endive Software, which is a leading best mobile app development company, can be your technology partner in developing and designing the best Mobile Applications for each and every kind of problem. For the app like Dropbox, the lowest cost could be around $12000 and it goes straight up to $200000 US based on the selected features in your application. Hire the best Mobile app experts in India.

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