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Do Automobile Industries Have A Need For Their Own Mobile Apps?

automobile mobile app development

The automobile industry is getting wider as the new technologies are being introduced every year, results in the increasing the demand of cars. The top car manufacturers are adopting new technology in their car to increase the sales record. In addition to this, the mobile applications have their place on the dashboard of the cars. New on-board allows the car owner to measure the performance, vehicle security, entertainment and environment of the vehicle through mobile devices. Moreover, the automobile makers are generally using Apple’s CarPlay and Google’s Android Auto; many are planning to introduce their own apps system in their cars that will be almost entirely under their horizon.

automobile app development

In terms of mobile apps connectivity, the technology majors such as Apple, BlackBerry, Android and Ford are ruling the automobile industry.

Google: Android Auto

Google has two plays as Android and Android Auto that you can build in your car as you want. Android, this is the full-functioning version of Android, while the Google Auto is the Google Open Automotive alliance, which is widely used in the cars. By adding this into the car, you would need the phone. Google Auto assists you in every way, whether is entertainment, phone calls or road direction.

Apple: CarPlay

Every major vehicle manufacturer supporting CarPlay in their car. CarPlay basically uses the interface of your phone and display it on your car dashboard. The CarPlay only does not support every app on your device. It will help you in finding the location, check the weather condition, entertainment, etc. Siri will assist you in the easiest way as incoming iMessages and WhatsApp messages read by Siri without showing on the display.

Features of the mobile app in the Automobile Industry

You can unlock or lock your car without using a key. This in-vehicle app featured has been introduced in BMW. If you forget your key or lost your key, you can unlock your car by using your phone, which is connected to your car.

In addition to this, you can unlock your car in-app, but wouldn’t be able to turn on the engine that way. This task can be possible with several other auto apps that are in making to introduce you. The in-app engine start feature is coming in myChevrolet and Hyundai which allows you to start your car from the app by using a four-digit PIN in both cases.

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