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How To Create Photo Sharing App Like Instagram

How To Create Photo Sharing App Like Instagram

How To Build App Like Instagram

From posing to liking to commenting, it’s a habit for every person to post, like and share. Having an app for this habit is the best thing one can ask for. Well, Instagram made it easy. Instagram is one of the most trending & leading apps in the genre of social media sharing. Well, it’s one of the clingiest applications from which one can’t get rid of.

Having the catchiest and a mind-blowing user interface (UI), a user doesn’t feel right to close the app that is easy. Instagram leads the social media sharing industry. Day by day Instagram gets updated with the newest features. It attracts the user to try those features as soon as possible. Every day there are new filters available for the user to click the photos in some new poses and looks.

This kind of application also has a feature like Twitter. In which a user can follow as many as users, a user wants to follow. This application has an interesting feature such as Story mode in which a user can update a day to day post which is available for 24 hours. Revealing all the features in this part is quite a suspense breaker, isn’t it?

instagram growth rate

Let’s talk about apps like Instagram. Instagram is owned by Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg, was sold to him at a cost of $1 billion on April 9, 2013. Instagram before was known as “Burbn” which was more about the Video Sharing and Photo clicking like one of the click and share things. It was launched on 6th October 2010 developed by Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom it only worked for iOS devices at that time. In which you can add your captions or share your story on it. Check the other user’s posts, follow them, make a comment and lot more.

Instagram started the trend of sharing media, to follow other people, to make your community & get followed by other users. Get to know different users by following them and talking to them over the text messages. If you are having photography as a profession or as a passion then Instagram is the right place for you where you can post your photos and can also follow other photographers across the world and can also get in touch with them.

Now Instagram features are changing day by day which entertains the people and fills them with the excitement to use it more and more. According to the statistics provided by Google, among the Social Media sharing apps like Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and other apps Instagram has a top number of user’s live sharing the posts on a day to day basis.

These days as social media is emerging day by day there are new applications in the queue which are making a good place in the market these days and growing at a good rate. Some of these apps are TikTok, Pinterest, etc. These are entertainment mobile apps which are videos and photos sharing apps like Instagram.

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The photography culture is the biggest and modern part of our society. To capture a high-quality picture and getting the moment saved with it.

The popularity of Instagram among the users is because of the features which are creating a beautiful ambiance for its users in the application. The list of features is added to the App in the period of around 2017-18. Some of these features are:

  • Stories Highlight: In this part of the application users can post their video stories and images so that other users can instantly watch the story on a regular basis.
  • IGTV: This part of the app contains video stories of Users and is day by day becoming YouTube’s Rival.
  • Explore: This feature in the app enables a user to view other users, non private business profile. They can also search the users by their names and “Instagram ID”.

Now creating an app like Instagram from scratch there are many things you need to know about it. To create a media & entertainment app like Instagram or to create an Instagram clone you should be paying attention to:

  • Authorization
  • Editing Profile
  • Timeline
  • Posting Pictures
  • Social Features
  • Messenger
  • Location
  • Notification
  • Search for user
  • Picture Customizations

Giving attention to the interface of an app may help to make it better. Let’s get started with each and every factor listed above.

  • Authorization: It’s a very common feature in every application which is a user-oriented application. A two-way authorization process is the best way to grant a user authorization
  • Creating a new user account by providing a valid Phone Number or an Email.
  • Signing in or Logging in using a linked social media account.
  • Editing Profile: In this feature, a user has to provide valid information about himself like his social media account details his full name and his email. A user can customize or change their profile information like profile picture or profile bio.
  • Timeline: A timeline is a feature in which the user shows his post to other users for them to view.
  • Posting Pictures: This feature allows or enables a user to upload and post pictures which will be shown on the profile.
  • Social Features: In this feature, all the other social media accounts are linked to the app in which you have the feature to share your stuff on other social media accounts also at the same time you share on the app.
  • Messenger: This feature allows the user to send text and media over the application through the internet itself.
  • Location: This feature allows the user to tag the image to a location and also determine the current location of the user.
  • Notification: User gets Push Notification every time there is a new update or when someone posts a picture.
  • Search: In this feature, the user can search another user with his username or by their full name. The user can also search for tags as this feature is new and trending in both Instagram and Twitter.
  • Picture Notification: Features like this are available in all the media related application, which allows you to edit your picture with filters and also to crop them in the application itself. You don’t need to have another app for editing and cropping pictures.

create app like instagram

Let’s talk about the latest and integrated features you should be having in your application:

User Interface Ace Of Application

Login: User authentication through Google ID or other Social media accounts to get into the app.

User Profile: User will view his profile and daily feeds on the main screen of the application where he can like or view the feeds shown.

User Interface Of Application

User Search: User will search for another user or hashtags, which are newly trending in this era.

User Activity Feed: User can see who all have liked the media shared and also he can view other users liking feed.

Privacy: User can set his/her privacy in the account setting screen where the user gets to choose whether to make the account private or public.

User Requests: User can request and also can receive a follow back request if the user’s account is private.

Story Mode: Well, this is the latest and the trending feature in the list of features. This feature allows a user to put on a story for 24 hours in which a user can share a video or an image on a daily basis. Well, there is no limit to the stories one can add as many as they want.

Direct Messages: Let’s suppose you are following a user who posts some cool stuff on Instagram and you really like the stuff, so you can send a direct message to that user tagging the image or the post you really liked and also you can send the message directly by opening the user’s profile.

Filters: The very catchy and clingy thing in the application is filters on which people attract very much. These filters are available in the camera feature of the application which enables a user to click a picture or a selfie with filters on.

Posting Media: User can post media like video and images on their profile which makes their activity feed looks well.

Push Notification: User gets a Push notification whenever someone posts a comment on their feed or Message them.

User Interface

Ever heard that you can also monitor the things on your app which is like a control panel or dashboard which provides you to control all the activities a user do on the app. You can also choose to do a lot more to the app on a go.

Let’s take a look towards how this dashboard thing works and what are the features available to the admin of the application and what changes admin can make.

Admin Dashboard Interface

Registration & Login: The most basic and easiest thing is to get registered through a mail Id using Google ID and getting logged in to an app.

User’s Management: Admin gets to manage the daily users account created. Admin can review the account information if not found relevant admin can suspend the account of that user.

Dashboard Management: Admin can change the theme of the dashboard whenever he wants so that the users get to use the different UI in the application itself. Also, admin gets to review the overall stats of the day or month or a year that is how many users have joined and deleted the account on the application.

Reviewing app revenue generated: Admin reviews the account analytical information which helps him to generate a rough revenue calculation. Admin reviews the revenue generated through Google Analytics.

Extension Management:  Admin manages the extensions in the Application; these extensions can be upgraded or removed if admin wants.

Ads Management: Admin manages the ads on the main screen, it is up to the admin whether he wants to show the ads to users or not. Admin can also customize and show these ads in the form of stories these days.

Content Management: Admin manages the content on the feeds, which mainly comprises of managing the irrelevant or adult content which is not published. If someone tries to post that kind of content then the user gets banned or the account gets suspended as a penalty.

All the way we have talked out the features and other stuff used to build an app, Now let’s get to the most interesting part where you will get to know that what it will actually cost to build an Instagram clone or say a mobile app like Instagram.

Hire Developers

What you pay is what you get?

‘Let’s take a look towards the cost’

According to the features and time took in integrating these features in the application, the app may cost you.

iOS & AndroidBackend
Email Authorization40-50 hours16-20  hours
Social Media Authorization20-25 hours10-15 hours
Post Creation30-40 hours25-30 hours
Timeline50-60 hours30-40 hours
Image Customization70-80 hours
Messaging40-60 hours40-50 hours
Notification25-40 hours30-40 hours
Search25 hours30 hours
Geo Location Posting20 hours25 hours

Don’t need to worry all these costs are discussed down below take a look:

The hourly cost of building an app according to a team member differs. Let’s say you hired a group of people who will create an app for you, the team formed will look like this:

To provide a better user experience an application should be developed by the team, not by a single individual. So that each component in the application is created according to user needs.

Team required for a basic application

  • Project Manager
  • Team Lead
  • Programmer
  • QA Designer
  • UI/UX
  • Tester

Team Required For This App

Team required for an advance app

  • Project Manager
  • Team Lead
  • 2-5 Programmers
  • Back End developer
  • 2 UI/UX developers
  • 2 QA Engineers
  • System Administrator

Hourly Cost for each Team Member

Project Manager – $20-$40/hour

Team Lead- $20-30

Developer- $30-$50/hour

Back End Developer- $30-$40/hour

Designer- $20-$25/hour

Tester- $20-$30/hour

app like instagram

Cost of App Design

The app design is an integral part of the cost of development. It’s a factor for implementing

  • Designer: Hiring a professional UI/UX designer can cost you up to $150 & a low-level designer will cost you around $40/hour
  • Location: Depending upon the region you hire the designer the cost varies accordingly

USA & Canada: $50-$250/hour

Australia: $50-$150/hour

UK: $35-$180/hour

Eastern Europe: $25-$100/hour

Asia: $15-$30/hour

The simpler App design will cost you around $4000, an average app design will cost you around $9500 (e.g. WhatsApp), and complex app design like FACEBOOK will cost you around $20000.

If you are building an application which is based on a single platform, then for iOS it will be somewhere around $3500-$10000 and for Android, it will be around $4000-$10000.

These are some cost figures that can cost you to build your Clone app like Instagram 

Now let’s take a look at what the In-App Features will cost you alone.

Know the Cost by In-App Key Features

  • User Login: To get into the app and use its features you need to login to your account you created on the application. Using API’s can cost you not all the API’s are freely available on the internet. The User Login API integration can cost you up to $450-$900
  • Push Notification: This is a must-have feature on every application these days. The push notifications are none other than Real-time updates that will keep a user informed about any activities related to an app or service. Integrating this feature can cost you around $1000- $5000 depending upon the app complexity.
  • Navigation: App navigation is the first step in the development process that’s how a user moves from one page to another. By Scrolling, swiping, or by action button present in the screen. It may cost around $300 depending upon the work hours.
  • Chat/Messaging: It’s an essential feature if you are providing the user to user interaction. In this app, a user will interact with other users which is on the other hand. It’s inter-app communication. It can cost you around $2500-$3000
  • Database: It is a very essential feature in the application to store media on the application through a database server. An SQL injection used to connect the database which is the fastest way to initialize the data in the app. The database connectivity can cost you up to $700-$800 if you are connecting a very fast database type.
  • Search Bar: The search bar is very important if you are building a complex application which has a very large amount of data stored. The user can easily search and find the data; inserting the search bar can cost you around $250.

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