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Create A Music Video App Like TikTok

Features & Benefits of Having a Musical App like TikTok

It’s an everyday need for people to listen to music. Well, there are many music apps available for everyone’s entertainment. Nowadays these music applications are developing with more and more trending features. These features are so unique and trending which enable a user to interact with the application more and more.

Talking about the music application we all know that Music Applications are more about the music or music-related videos. These days music is everyone’s needs which they get fulfilled by using these music applications. As you compare the audience listening or using these music applications these days is more youth than older people. Everyone these days is having their headsets on while working or doing anything.

Ever heard of the phrase “Music is everyone’s escape”. Its true music provides a good escape to people who are in a desperate need of it. Music is the only thing helps a person to heal from the inside and feel joyful. These days, these new music applications are helping and entertaining people.

With new features, these applications are taking advantage of and creating their space on every other device they can. Every other person is having these Music Applications for their Entertainment these days.

TikTok is another music application in the industry of music. It enables a user to make short music videos on the popular music tracks & dialogues monologues from popular movies. TikTok was earlier known as Musically. was a social media service which was headquartered in Shanghai with its another office in Santa Monica, California. TikTok now is one of the trending music video apps.

musically and tiktok

On the other hand, TikTok which is also known as Duoyin in China is a Social Media Application for creating short videos and sharing them. It was launched in September 2016 in China as Duoyin and was introduced to the international market as TikTok. It is owned by ByteDance.

The idea of music applications has been changed ever since apps like Spotify, TikTok, or Pandora. When you open up your Facebook, and Instagram Account the first or the Second post you see is of a TikTok small video. The impact of the app like there is increasing day by day. And that is the reason today, why people are looking for an idea to create a music App like TikTok.

What is TikTok?

It is a Chinese music video platform, TikTok allows its user to create music videos and then share them with their friends on social media apps like Instagram, Facebook, with animation and music.

Many people have this habit of singing with the songs or to Lip-Sync them, sing and dance on them. An app like TikTok helps its users to set live Pictures and Live Videos as their wallpaper and also they can share them with their friends. These videos can also be edited with the filters provided in the application itself. Using these filters and special effects these videos are spiced up.

mobile app development like tiktok

This App additionally acts as a platform for millions of individuals to showcase their talents, their precious moments and knowledge they have in a video format. It also allows you to add your favourite music or sounds to the recorded video. These videos can be further edited with funny animations, sounds, music and a lot more things which make the video spicy.

There are many genres added to the application such as Rap, hip-hop, rock, electronic, and R&B. The simple and realistic editing tools that come along with the app assist in trimming, cutting, merging and duplicating the video clips. Videos that are recorded while live-streaming are constantly updated with creative and fresh designs. It could be a comprehensive mix of sports, dance, comedy, animal comedy videos, or DIY, etc.

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These videos created in the TikTok application can be set as the live wallpaper or can be converted to live wallpaper via TikTok. All the photos and videos can be saved in the TikTok settings.

Its iOS version is very smooth with its UI/UX and after checking the stats TikTok has reached the milestone by reaching about 150 million daily users. The application is increasing its worldwide presence overall.

Let’s talk about how safe the app is or could be for kids:

mobile app development idea

TikTok Safety Features

Parents these days need to take care of what their kids are up to. Parents need to be careful while letting their kids use this app it could be potentially dangerous for their kids. It’s not a simple musical app where you can lip sync and make a music video. There could be a music video with inappropriate content in them.

Anyone in the community can see the video or watch it even without the active internet on their devices. There can be a more adult video or content in the list when you explore which could be strictly prohibited for the kids below the age group of 18 years.

TikTok – Creating a Virtual You!

This app extremely simple and interactive everyone can learn to use it with simple scrolling and surfing. There are a lot of parents that think letting their kids use this application rather letting them stare at that Idiot Box (TV) is potentially better and much more desirable for their own entertainment. Parents also work out with their kids and pets on making some hilarious videos. There is a large amount of music content which contains pretty harsh and adult language. Sometimes kids try to lip-sync the musical track or content which they don’t even understand.

ios app development like tiktok

Now the kids get addicted towards the app, what amount of likes they have achieved among their friends and try to push the limits to see how many likes they have received. What seemed to be a private account now are public accounts, now what is suggested is a kid’s version of this app to upload and share funny, innocent and cute videos.

Market Standings

Market Standings

According to the Market stats, it is the 6th most downloaded app in the world in the quarter 2018. It is the most downloaded app in the app store. It is available in more than 150 countries worldwide with more than 75 languages supported in it. In the first year of its launch, it was having more than 1 million videos per day. TikTok record was having almost 31.5 million fans worldwide. But if talk about the Chinese version it has over 57 million fans overall, more than the worldwide growth in the first year of its launch. In 2016 when it was launched it was having 800 million+ downloads in that year. It was the most downloaded app in Nov 2018. It has 500million active users worldwide. It is one of the most downloaded applications in Asian Countries.

Monthly Earnings

It is having estimated monthly earnings of more than $1.4billion and only from the USA it has 42% revenue. The overall spending on TikTok is about $50million. The app is now more used on Android Devices. The amounts of people who daily use the apps are about 29% of the total population using the application. It is ranked on 10th position in France for the best Video Player/Editor. With an engagement rate of 29% in 3.81 million US installs this app is moving fast and is rapidly increasing. The people who use this application on a daily basis is in the age range of 16-24 which is about 42% of the total population using the application. With more than 10millions estimated per day view it is ranked 3225 in Alexa Rankings. An estimated purchase price for TikTok is calculated around $820million to $1.1billion.

Take a look, what features it takes while creating a music video maker app.

TikTok Features and Functions required

Simple User Interface: It is very important for the present-day developers to provide the simpler user interface to the applications, so the users don’t have the hassle to use the application.

The TikTok app starts directly in the feed screen going straight in the video. There are some videos which are quite famous and new. The popularity of the videos is measured in the form of Hearts the video has gained. Which lets us talk on another feature one must say-

Hearts: The hearts feature is the same as the Instagram feature of liking and giving hearts to the post you like the slight difference here is only about the number of likes a single user can give on a post. In TikTok, a user can provide non-committal double-tap. Here the creator profile can track how many hearts received.

Tools and feature: There are editing tools available in “TikTok” which are very supreme level. They are pretty amazing with AR effects.

Social Feature: Making duets with anonymous users is one of the social features available in TikTok. A creator can start making his/her video by lip-syncing a music track to a dialogue. Now the other can connect to the video by the #Duetswithmehashtag and can try putting their own efforts or spin to it.

Growing on many Networks: This app enables the users to share their videos, on the social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram profiles.

Music Library: There is a music library integrated to the application which contains a never-ending music list.

Hashtags:  It’s a new trend in the air these days. An innovative concept among the users and the TikTok app allows the most use of them.


Original Sounds: TikTok allows its users to use the original soundtrack while creating the video which enables them to showcase their full potential in front of the audience.

Earning Money: This feature, enables the users to make money just by creating their videos which become popular on the platform.

Sharing the User Profile: This feature enables the user to share his/her profile with other users in order to increase their popularity.

Like & Comment: Users can like the videos and photos posted by another user and also make comment on it.

Posting a Video/Picture: This feature enables, the users to share any picture or the video they have created on the app itself.

Android & iOS Functions: Application like this can be created for both the platforms Android and iOS. TikTok work on both the platforms swiftly.

Adding another Social Media Account: More than one social media accounts can be added to TikTok, so this way the users can create their videos and can share them on their favourite platform.

Admin Panel

Dashboard: Admin view the details/Analytics like a number of posts posted by a single user, the total number of followers a particular profile has and the numbers of likes received.

App like Tiktok Admin Dashboard

Manage Users: Analyzing the details that how many users have registered on the application and can also view the posts that are posted by them with the details of the number of like, shares &comments.

Comments/Replies Management:  Admin can edit/delete the stack of comments and replies on any post if the user founds them inappropriate and reports them.

Push Notification: Admin can send a push notification to a user regarding any new news/offers.

Post Management: Admin can view all the reported posts and manage them by deleting them or warning the user to not to post inappropriate content which expels the app’s terms and condition.

Managing Reported Users: Admin manages the reported users who are reported by another user for violating the terms and condition of the app.


More Features for Making your App Unique

Push Notifications: This feature in the app reminds the user if there are any new uploads from their favourite or followed artists.

Geo-Location: This feature enables a user to browse or find the broadcast according to their region and it also shows the broadcast on the map.

Analytics: Another best feature in the application for the Admin. This feature enables the admin to analyze the broadcasters in a graphical manner.

Video Architecture:  The video streaming is the main part in the application it uses an external server to pass to the user watching the video and remains on the screen of the user until the user watches it. Make sure that you use cloud storage which uses the cloud servers to stream the videos online.

TikTok App Development requires a team structure like shown below. Now you can make your own mobile app development with the help of experts in the fields. 

Team Structure You Need for Your App

Team Structure

Cost to Build an App like TikTok

The cost to build an app like TikTok can vary on the components you integrate into your application. The location also matters for developing an app like TikTok. You can outsource your project to cut the total cost of development by 50%. It’s really huge for saving money.

According to the Location, costs are different for e.g.

  • USA & Canada: $150-$250/hour,
  • Australia: $130-$180/hour,
  • UK: $90-$180/hour,
  • Eastern Europe: $50-$100/hour,
  • Indian Developer: $20-$50/hour

According to the designers’ experience such as a Senior Designer can cost you around $40/hour. A less experienced designer will cost you around $20/hour.

User Login: To get to know the application and its feature, it’s just for a user to login to the account first. The login API can cost you up to $150-$200.

Time Required: 16-24 hours

Push Notification: This feature should be available in your application because it’s one of the most important features in the app to connect to your audience. This feature in iOS, Android, and web can cost you around $200-$250.

Time Required: 30-40 hours

Payment Integration: The third-party integration or Payment Gateway like PayPal, Net Banking, Credit/Debit Cards, & e-Wallet, etc. in the app for purchase and payment would cost you around $500-$1000.

Time Required: 50+ hours

Search Bar: This feature will help a user search a profile and view or one can say it can search an appropriate name and provide you with the exact result in the application itself. Integrating this will cost around $250.

Time Required: 10+hours

Database: This is a must-have the thing in your app which would help you store all the data a user post or uploads on the app. Also for the user, this is a must-have feature. Having this in your app will cost around $700-$800.

Time Required: 50+ hours

For the basic application, the total cost may be around $20,000 for a single platform. If you want to add some advanced features and want an app on both platforms then it would have cost you somewhere between $35,000 to $40000.

If you are planning to build a video app like Tiktok? It is the right time to get started with. You can create an app-like TikTok at economical prices. You can also hire a mobile app development company for Tiktok app development.



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