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Coursera App Development- Cost and Features

Coursera like App Development

Many years ago, the education ecosystem was limited to brick-and-mortar schools or colleges. Due to the rising costs or strict admissions requirements, many students were not afforded to study in the schools of their dreams.

The emphatic transformation in digital education is the result of the replacement of tedious blackboards, chalks, and dusters with mobile applications. Thankfully, a third option is emerging in the form of MOOCs or Massive Open Online Courses.

These days, nearly all the students and, working professionals use Massive Open Online Courses mobile applications. The mobile technology has completely changed the entire educational ecosystem. Various startups or entrepreneurs are now seriously into developing e-learning, online courses, or educational applications to offer people a variety of online courses.

The most popular MOOCs apps like Coursera and Udemy are taking the e-learning or educational world by storm. These apps work with top universities and other organizations to offer free and paid online courses, specializations, skills certifications and degrees in a variety of subjects, such as medicine, computer science, social sciences, mathematics, art, business, engineering, humanities, digital marketing, data science and many more. These kinds of app have become convenient and helpful for those people who want to study but do not want to quit their job to attend classes.

m-Learning App Development

Statista states that market of global mobile education volume going to increase to $37.8 billion in 2020, which is much higher than $3.4 billion in 2011. Look at the Stats speaking everything about the educational apps.

As we can say that the MOOCs apps are increasing at a steady pace. Thus, if anyone wants to build a MOOC app due to this increased popularity, they have to consider certain points along with the development cost of these types of mobile applications.

First of all, before the development work starts, you should decide what type of application do you want to build or what would be the purpose of building eLearning app.

  • If the core purpose of your app is to attract universities and organizations as course contributors or create your own courses then you should build a website like Coursera.
  • In case if your platform is providing a place where any tutor or mentor can create and manage their courses, then you should make a website like Udemy.

Once you decide the purpose of the app and its features, next, the most important question will come in your mind as how much it requires producing an e-learning or online course app or how much money is needed to develop an app like Coursera. The cost of e-learning app development solutions confides on the determined criterion.

Top Players of the MOOC Domain

The e-learning market which is known through the name of Coursera has other names in the list that are doing something innovative to become a famous name for MOOCs. Let us look at the some of the other established names of the MOOC domain besides Coursera-

  • Udemy
  • Lynda
  • Code Academy
  • Edx
  • Udacity

In this article, we will discuss the various key features and cost of an app like Coursera

Education Application Development Company

The basic features that will set you apart from other distance learning options.

  • Video Component
  • Reading Material
  • Activities & Events
  • Course-specific Forums
  • Sectional and Weekly Organization
  • Sectional Test or Project
  • Final Examination and Project

Other advanced features that you need to focus on while development eLearning app.

1. Profiles-

The one as a student, teacher or admin can register themselves to get on board. There would be three different sections in your application for Admin, Student, and Teacher.

  • Admin Profile
    • Modify courses  
    • Modify Blacklist Users  
    • Statistics Reports
    • Assign Roles to the Users
    • Manage courses
    • Manage Subscription Plan
    • Manage Teachers/Users
    • Approve/Reject Request of Tutor
    • Manage Newsletter and Notification
  • User Profile
    • Personal and Payment Information
    • List of Present and Completed Courses
    • Information About the Earned Credits or Points or Certificate
    • History of Purchases
    • Wish list
    • Profile Settings
    • Contact Admin Option
    • Rating and Review Facility
  • Teacher Profile
    • Personal and Payment Information
    • Create and Submit Courses
    • Dashboard with Details of Interest Shown in Their Course
    • Contact Admin Option

2. Search, Categorization, and Recommendations

This is one of the major parts of the whole eLearning web app development. Use this feature in your software to help users to meet the course that they are looking for. You should also use sort and filter options in your app to make course searching easier. Users can search the desired course by-

  • Using the keyword, category, and subcategory.
  • Sort and filter by topics, level, language, feature, rating, duration and price.

3. Course Creation

Course creation is very important and it should be easy and simple for the teacher to create and upload a course of any format in the application. The app should be featured with a tool that would enable the teachers to develop a course, prepare quizzes, questionnaires, etc. Using a course creation tool, teachers can create a course structure, write scripts, add videos, slides, coding exercises, audio files, PDFs, etc.

4. Dashboard

A dashboard should be dynamic and easy to use that helps instructors to track their activities such as performance, analytical reports, number of students, number of courses, revenue, rating, traffic, marketing insights and more.

elearning app development features

5. Course Details

Course details are important to attract several students. You should provide a brief description and information about every course to help students in making the right choice. Courses should consist of the following details-

  • Information of course
  • About Creator
  • Course Duration
  • Number of Views or Downloads
  • Rating & Review

6. Payment System Integration

Provide secure payment options if you are offering paid services and courses. Your PHP web app should be integrated with advanced and secure payment options that the users can choose while making payment for the course.

7. Notifications

Notification is a key component of driving customer engagement for the services that you are offering them. You should integrate the notification feature in your app to help students update with the new offers, new courses, events and more.

Technology Stack for Coursera and Udemy like Applications

Coursera and Udemy are based on advanced technology and you can also consider this technology to make an app like Coursera and Udemy if budget is not a matter of concern.

  • Language – Scala, JavaScript, PHP, Python
  • Web Server – Nginx
  • Storage – Amazon S3
  • Database – Amazon Relational Database Service, MySQL
  • Search – Amazon CloudSearch, Elastic Search

Educational App Developers

Cost of Coursera Like Mobile App Development

The advancement cost of an app like Coursera and Udemy development entirely depends on the developer’s geographic situation, their experience, and knowledge.

If you want an application with basic features, then it will cost you around $10,000 to $15,000. And if you want a MOOC app with features that we discussed above, then you require to invest around $30,000 to $40,000. And for this, you require a renowned mobile app development company or a team of dedicated mobile app developers.

Final Words

Thus, through the above discussion, it is clear that the e-learning market is a billion-dollar market. More students are getting closer every day to the apps to leverage the online courses and certificates.

And, it’s the ripe time for educationist startups or entrepreneurs to build their e-learning app to earn serious money. There are various mobile app development companies and developers available on the internet community that could help you build an app like Coursera and Udemy.

Therefore, if you are planning to build an educational app for tutors and students, then it is the right time to contact with us as we are renowned mobile app development company having a pool of talented mobile app developers.

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