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How Much Does it Cost to Develop Event & Ticket Booking App

How Much Does it Cost to Develop Event & Ticket Booking App

What comes in your mind when it comes to booking tickets for any event or a movie?  Well, maybe you will visit the movie hall or the event itself to get your passes and tickets right? That much waste of time will not be everyone’s choice. These days again the air of trend is changing and the era of ticket booking application has arrived. Ticket booking applications help a user to book a ticket for a movie and for the events. Easy and handy just needed to be clicked in the application and you are set to go in any event or to watch any movie in theaters.

Are you tired of booking tickets online? Tickets such as bus ticket, flight ticket or train ticket on different sites. Now try booking these tickets on a common platform like a ticket booking application. Manage your bus tickets, flight tickets, train tickets, etc, on this kind of application easily just sign up and get started with the attractive and interactive UI of the application on the click of your finger. You have more than one feature in the app where you can view more than just ticket booking.

The Application itself is a collection of different integrated data for different component and sections. In the ticket and event booking application you can manage to book the movie, transportation, and any event ticket simultaneously event booking section there are many types of events which are available like music event or any other kind of event, for which you need a co-integrated area for all the events listed to book your tickets and passes on the go.

Ticket Booking App

Well, no one wants to visit the website these days. They only visit the website when the stuff they are searching is not on the application. An event or a movie booking app offers you everything you need related to ticket booking or event booking. It is in everybody’s interest. The area of interest generates where the coupons and offers section reveals itself while booking the tickets. That is the most revealing thing an app can show you. People get stuck on the app when they see these fancy coupons which help them in having some great deals in the ticket booking and event booking.

Let’s take a look in different sections of the application:

Bus Ticket Booking:

Now bus ticket booking is the most common thing. Every other person these days books a bus ticket for traveling to nearby places or cities. Developing the bus ticket booking application will provide your customers with the opportunity to get a better experience in traveling. Getting in the queues at the station and booking your bus ticket is the hectic job rather one should get on these trending mobile apps to book the ticket.

Flight Booking:

The air ticket booking application plays an enhanced role in enhancing the experience of the online ticket booking environment. There are many traveling websites owners which are offering a lot of offers to the user to choose their trips. The online ticket booking application trend is increasing day by day. Now every other person is getting into the action by finding the potential of suitable flight booking application.

Railway Booking:

Ever been to a railway station to book a ticket and faced that hassle by standing in the queue. The trend for railway ticket booking is changing day by day. Now every person is going online to book the ticket rather than visiting the railway station themselves. Railways are the only transportation which is very demanded among travelers. Every traveler out there, find railway the very comforting means of transportation. To ease the ticket booking for traveler’s mobile app development companies have developed the concept of online railway ticket booking. These online booking apps are very role playable when it comes to booking an online ticket for those people who don’t have the time for long queues and also they travel by train very often.

Movie Booking:

The Cinema ticket booking app changed the overview of ticket booking or ticket collecting system from the cinema multiplexes. These applications have made it easy for the people who were standing in the queues in order to buy tickets by wasting their time. Now it’s easy to book the tickets from your phones also by choosing your own seat which was not an option for the people to choose before when they use to collect the ticket from the multiplex cinema.

Event Booking: 

Event booking is another part of the ticket booking application which makes it easy for the users to search about the events that are held in their cities and making it easy to book the passes or tickets for the same. Event booking is not the same as it was before like you got to search for the ticket vendors and buy the passes for the events which are a hectic and tiring job. Booking it on an app is much easier easy rather finding the ticket out there with no information about the event. On this app not only get to book the app you also get to get information about the event.

Event & Ticket Booking App

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User Side Features

Registration & Login: Registering on the application is a very easy task for a user. The user can register by using the Google login API integrated into the app & also login using the same.

Profile Management: Creating a profile is one of the easiest things these days just link your social media accounts to the applications and get on with the profile look and overview.

User Dashboard:  On the user dashboard the user can manage to view all the list of events, movies to book. The user using the dashboard can also surf the transportation tickets such as air, bus, railways which is a way lot easier to manage on a single platform.

In-App Purchase: Well obviously if you are using an app which is for ticket booking and event booking then you also need to pay for the same. Using the third party payment gateways a user can pay to the online ticket selling vendors which are quite easy and flexible for the user.

Third Party Payments Gateways:  Well making it slightly different from the In-app purchase it is the next step for the user to make. A user uses third party payment gateways; which makes it easier for the user to make the payment inside the app and no need to visit anywhere else for making the payments. These third-party payments include PayPal, Net Banking, Credit/Debit Cards, e-Wallets.

Managing tickets: This might be an important feature in the user’s dashboard which helps the user to manage their tickets. Ticket management is like reminding the user of the tickets they have purchased and letting them view the ticket and the status of the ticket that whether its cleared or still in confirmation queue(in case if the ticket is of transportation).

Push Notification: The Push Notification feature in the app provides the user notification about their ticket being confirmed booked through the app itself. The Push Notification is an essential feature in the application because if there is no notification then how will the user get to know about the ticket confirmation. These are on screen notification which enables the user to be alerted every time they see it.

Geo-Location: The Geo Location feature in the app helps you find the featured events and movie cinemas nearby your location. Also, this feature helps you in different cities to find the nearby bus or railway station and Airport on the go.

Offers & Coupons: This is the catchy section in whole application well the offers and coupons section in the application helps the user to get discount on the ticket booked and also they can earn the coupons or referral rewards by sharing their “Referral ID”.

User Campaign: The user campaign is the new feature provided in the application which enables the user to add his/her campaign or any event which a user is organizing and can also sell tickets which other users can buy on the referral only. Like a private event through which only a limited amount of people can join. It could be a brand promotion or any automobile event or any book fair or a charity event for people in need.

Quick Pay: This feature is related to the third party payment and In-App purchases. It’s like a payment diary which remembers the payment detail for the user and the user can pay quickly at the moment before losing the deal. In the past days, there was no quick pay option due to which the user has to enter the details, again and again, every time the user purchases something.

Booking History: This feature helps the user to view his/her payment history and view all the purchases he/she has made in the application.



Admin Dashboard

Admin Login: It’s easy for the admin to login in the dashboard using the login details.

Managing Customers:  Admin can manage the customers like admin can add, remove, update a customer detail.

Invoice Management: Admin has all the invoices sent to the user and can view the invoices. If there is a problem with the user invoice then admin views it and resend the invoice to the user.

Event Management: The user creates the event on the application or book tickets for the event held. The admin has the right o confirm the event details and add the event on the application and also the number of tickets to be sold on the application. And then when the amount of tickets sold on the application is full then the event is marked to be sold out on the app. It means that no user can further buy the tickets to the event further.

Transportation Ticket Management: The Admin manages the bus ticket, railway ticket & air tickets purchased and booked via the transportation companies through the application and send the invoice to the users about the booking confirmed with the ticket attached.

Theme Management:  Admin has more than one theme in the admin dashboard which helps admin to change the theme on the application and on the dashboard which is great for users to interact with. The theme added could be temporary or permanent.

Booking Menu: The admin generate can a booking form in which a user will have to enter the detail & then he/she can move further.

Terms & Condition: There are terms and condition form in which a user can view and read the terms and conditions. By which there are guidelines a user follows while using the app. If they don’t follow the guidelines then they face the consequences.


Events Listing:

The Events are listed by the admin according to what’s coming next and what’s today. It also shows the latest booking done.

SMS:  The Admin manages the SMS sent to the user for the user verification and authentication.

Backup: Admin creates a local or the cloud backup of the data stored like the user details and event details booking details, the ticket details, invoices sent to the user. The user emails to the admin about the queries.

User Query Management: Admin get lots of emails from the user regarding the Queries generated on the application.

The Cost of Generating a Ticket Booking App

The cost of Event and Ticket Booking mobile app development depends upon the components and features you add in your ticket booking app. Online Ticket Booking Apps are useful tools to the users who don’t have much time to stand in the queues to get the tickets. It’s easy for those people to directly book the ticket from the app. Some people travel on a daily basis which means they don’t have the time every day to book their next day tickets. So they book the tickets prior to the day using the online ticket booking application.

The mobile Ticket booking App cost depends upon the Features like:

Air Ticket Booking:

  • Flight booking facility
  • Flight comparison option
  • Flight status & tracking feature
  • Automated check-in
  • Easy booking management
  • View flight schedule
  • Seasonal offers & deals
  • Frequent flyer option
  • Info regarding flight rules

Bus Ticket Booking:

  • Quick process to register & login
  • Quick bus booking
  • Easy seat selection
  • Route selection
  • E-tickets generation
  • Seat cancellation option
  • Re-schedule booking
  • Email & SMS notifications

Railway Ticket Booking:

  • Search trains for all routes
  • Check for seat availability
  • Get PNR status for booked seats
  • Live train status
  • Quick station status
  • Train route details
  • Check offline PNR status

Movie Ticket Booking:

  • Easy theatre selection
  • List of the latest movies
  • Showtime selection
  • Check the price per ticket
  • Option to check seat availability
  • Fast checkout
  • Admin panel to manage shows

Event Booking:

  • Event Listing
  • Event Pass Booking
  • Event Location
  • Event Pass Status
  • Event Info

These are some features in the application due to which the app cost can rise up giving priority to every other feature can cost you differently.

The team of Required for building the application :

development team

If you are up to creating an advanced application which uses all the API’s and integration then the team structure required comprises of all the other team members.

Hourly Cost for each Team Member

Project Manager – $20-$40/hour

Developer– $30-$50/hour

Back End Developer-$30-$40/hour


Tester– $20-$30/hour

Cost of App Design

Designer: Hiring a professional designer you should be up to pay $150 a low-level designer will cost you around $40/hour

Location: Depending upon the region you hire the designer the cost varies

  • USA & Canada: $50-$250/hour
  • Australia: $50-$150/hour
  • UK: $35-$180/hour
  • Eastern Europe:$25-$100/hour
  • Asia: $15-$30/hour

Event & Ticket Booking App

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