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How Much Does It Cost To Build A Carpooling App Like BlaBlaCar?

Taxi booking has become the regular transportation choice of people. It’s an awesome change today as we all are living in a mobile-driven world where we don’t need to go anywhere, just take your smart-phone out of your pocket and swipe through an easy to go apps to order, book, or purchase things or services that you want. One of the best things about this digital world is that there are some new ways to get things done from the comfort of your home in no time with a few swipes.

There are, indeed, various key players in the USA and European countries that have dominated the ride-hailing economy since they started their taxi booking services. Such that ride-hailing companies are UBER, Lyft, Sidecar and so forth. Do you know the secret of their popularity? Easy to book a ride, economical fair, time-saving, secure ride, and fare calculation has made these apps popular among the people. There is an easy communication between the driver and passenger. Riders compensate drivers only for the costs of gasoline, while drivers don’t need any commercial license or additional insurance.

Although, the taxi booking apps like UBER, OLA, Juno, Curb, Grab, and Gett, have relatively convenient options but are limited. Thus, looking at the increasing demand of the people to travel on an empty seat, various ride-hailing startups have introduced the carpooling platform to connect drivers and passengers willing to travel together between cities and share the cost of the journey. Some of the best carpooling platforms are Carma Carpooling, Zimride, BlaBlaCar, Carpooling, etc.

Carpooling App Like BlaBlaCar

BlaBlaCar is a France based leading travel network startup, founded on September 16, 2006. The platform has 70 million users in 2019 and is available in 22 countries, including Europe, the U.K., Russia, India, and Mexico. Since passengers are just sharing costs rather than hiring a driver.

As per the sources, by 2025, the privately held carpooling company, BlaBlaCar, is eyeing over 45 million vehicles to be in the global carpooling program.

  • Amount of people who use BlaBlaCar: 70 million+
  • A reported amount that BlaBlaCar raised till date: $ 400 million
  • BlaBlaCar reported evaluation: $ 1.6 billion+

Let’s dissect this on-demand ridesharing service for its business model and revenue streams to know how it works.

How BlaBlaCar Works?

With BlaBlaCar, the driver and passenger get the opportunity to share and take a ride for long distance or between cities. The car owners can share their ride with the travelers for the same route. And, in return, the passengers pay a respective amount to the can owners for the ride that they have taken as a sharing.

Car Owners: Car owners share their details in the application for the route that they are going to take in a day or couple of days.

Passenger: Passengers search a car for the same route and send a request to car owners. Car owner accepts passenger’s request and further they both coordinate with each other through the in-app chat feature. The travelers then pay their contribution to the owners directly to cover reasonable expenses.

Identity Verification for Secure & Safe Ride: To make the ride safe and secure, the admin verifies only those accounts who provide valid information along with a Government ID.

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How BlaBlaCar Generates Revenue?

BlaBlaCar makes money by collecting a transaction fee, which is approximately 10-12 percent of the total cost of a ride.

In order to weave through the best of them, let’s examine the top features of carpooling or rideshare services and why the drivers are choosing these platforms.

Salient Features of BlaBlaCar App

Easy Login: Easy login for both car owners and co-passengers. By providing essential information you can get into the app easily. As a car owner or co-passenger, you can sign up through social channels.

Create Profiles: As a car owner or a passenger, you can create your profile by providing some essential information, including one verified government approved ID, Name, Profile Picture, Mobile Number, and Mail ID.

Account Details: In the profile section, you will be asked for providing account information to pay and receive money for a ride. In addition, this section features Available Balance, Payments, and Past Transactions.

Find A Ride: In this section, as a co-passenger, you can find a car for the desired location. Just enter the ‘Living From’ to ‘Going To’ details in the find a ride section. Therefore you will get a list of cars for the same route.

Offer A Ride: As a car owner, you can provide the trip details over here, and post it to get the response from the passengers.

Cancel Ride: We know how quickly plans change; a passenger can cancel booking as soon as they can.

Trip Information: Riders can view trip information by clicking on the ride details. You can also check- pick up and drop location, price, and other facilities.

Travel Scheduling: You can schedule trips for location A to B in advance to get a hassle-free ride.

Calculate Time And Fare: For location A to B, you can calculate time and fare with ease. This app will help riders and drivers estimate how much they will spend or earn on a trip.

In-app Messaging: The riders and drivers can easily communicate through in-app messaging feature.

Intuitive Notifications: Drivers and riders will receive notifications on the activities that come from the rider or driver side. In addition, new updates and offers will be sent by the company to the riders and car owners.

VoIP Calling: VoIP calling feature uses the internet for relaying voice calls to protect the privacy of riders and drivers.

Live Tracking & Easy Navigation: Live tracking will help you locate the live location of your ridesharing partner such as car owner, while easy navigation will keep you updated with your destination. For security concern, riders can share their live location with their family and friends.

Rating & Feedback System: Rating can be done from both sides as co-passenger can give rating & review about car owner’s riding skills and behaviors. On the other side, the driver can also give the rating to the riders on the basis of their nature or behavior.

Simplified Payments Process: Multiple payment options to help riders pay with ease. This section features in-app wallet where the rider and driven can check current balance status with ease.

Generate Invoices: Co-passenger can get past and ongoing invoices of rides that they had taken in the past.

Incentives & Referral Program: To stay long with the application or services, the company provides offers and referral program to invite others for the BlaBlaCar services.

Features of Admin Panel

BlaBlaCar Admin Panel

Automate Workflow: The admin can automate various operations to manage their operations. Whether it’s daily ride report generation or payment management, information can be tracked with ease.

Account Management: Admin can manage the account of riders and drivers as they can approve the request of new riders or co-passenger. Due to any reason, such as if rider or driver do not provide car details and Government ID, the admin can suspend their account.

Payments Management: Admin can manage payment or commission based on the daily ride and distance. You can provide users with a choice – select a cashless payment or pay a driver by cash when the ride is finished.

Discounts & Promotions: Discount and promotions are the most important things that are managed by the admin. The admin can offer a discount on their services to co-passengers.

Reports & Analytics: Based on performance, the admin can generate a report to check the overall performance, while the analytical reports keep them updated with the new and existing car owners or co-passenger.

How to Build a Carpooling App-like BlaBlaCar

After discussing the features, working process and revenue model, we have reached the point of the process of carpooling app development like BlaBlaCar. If you want to make your own app like-BlaBlaCar then you can hire mobile an app developer or good Mobile App Development Company. To make a perfect carpooling app, you can consider all these features that we have discussed above.

Technologies Stack

  • Cloud Environment – AWS, Google, Azure
  • Four square’s API– for Listing Restaurant
  • Google & Facebook SDK– For Social Login
  • Google Analytics or Mix Panel – for performance & analysis.
  • Amazon S3-For Data Backup
  • Stripe, Braintree, PayPal- For Secure Payment Integration

Core Location Framework (for iOS), and Google’s Places API (for Android) – For GPS Tracking For Both User’s and Driver’s Location

BlaBlaCar Admin Panel

How Much Dost It Cost To Build A Carpooling app like BlaBlaCar?

The most searched question related to carpooling app development is the “How much does it cost to build a carpooling app like BlaBlaCar?, “How To Develop an App Like BlaBlaCar?“, “BlaBlaCar app development cost?“.

The answer of the above questions depends on the business models, app architecture, features that you want in an app, platforms (iOS, Android, Window and Web for Admin Panel), technology and the most important third-party APIs. Moreover, it also depends as to where the app is being developed. Developers from different countries have different hourly rates:

In U.S. Based Developers: $80-$250/hour

In Eastern-Europe Based Developers: $50-$150/hour

India-based Developers: $20-$40/hour

The simple app design will cost you around $4000, an average mobile app design will cost you around $8000, and complex app design with advanced technology and features will cost you around $15000.

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