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Consider On-Demand Mobile Applications During Coronavirus

Consider On-Demand Mobile Applications During Coronavirus

Coronavirus or COVID-19 has affected almost every life. As per the latest data that surfaced online, approximately 1.5 million people are infected with the virus, and many are yet to come. The number of positive cases are increasing at a rapid pace. Due to this, the entire world went lockdown, resulting in unemployment and massive losses in businesses.

On the other end, the IT industry in the current time is playing a major role in fighting with the COVID-19. Various organizations have asked their employees to work from home and limit their outings. Remote working had been already on the rise in various countries. According to Global Workplace Analytics, 3.4 percent of the US workforce opts for remote working at least half the week. Additionally, Owl Labs report that 62 percent of employees, within the age group of 22 and 65 work remotely occasionally.

Due to the COVID-10 outbreak, various mobile app development companies have drastically changed the hiring landscape, including pharmacy, online retailers, healthcare telecommunications, and delivery. Thus, the rising demand for daily essentials, the companies or startups, including delivery and healthcare domain are gearing up to build new strategies and seeking massive staff in order to meet the recent surge of demand.

If you are entrepreneurs running businesses like restaurants or cafes, medical stores, fitness, etc., then you could consider a mobile app to help your users to make their ways easy.

On demand mobile applications during corona virus

Following the unanticipated interruption of the coronavirus pandemic, different IT organizations have begun working from their home to keep up social distancing. Following the equivalent, Endive Software is conveying all arrangements from home as they have surrendered all the standard exercises at our organization’s premises. As we as a whole realize that thorough, at-scale social-separating measures can drive a critical decrease in the quantity of new COVID-19 cases.

Don’t have your business online? Now is the right time to get started.

The effects are being felt even in places where the flare-up itself has not yet reached. It has upset business tasks the world over, making it harder for disconnected organizations to proceed.

Physical retailers and cafés are encountering a tough time as various nations are being put under lockdown and the administration is confining outings outside and constraining the need to remain at home.

Various retailers like Starbucks, Nike, and Apple had incidentally shut down their stores, while little and medium-size retailers are being hit particularly hard as a person on foot traffic decreases.

In such a circumstance, the best way to deal with work together is by online methods as online deals are increasing across different enterprises and the matter of on-request applications is additionally flourishing.

For retail location proprietors, changing to an on-request conveyance business may sound extreme and inaccessible starting at now. Notwithstanding, this is the main and most perfect way to deal with persevere through this lethal flare-up.

In the event that you are befuddled about how you can change to an on-request business as of now, we got you secured. At Apptunix, we offer adaptable and white-name arrangements that can assist you with moving your disconnected store online in simply an issue of 2-3 days. In the event that you might want to find out about our administrations or items don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Why your Business Needs On-Demand Apps?

When meeting and blending with individuals is a hazardous accomplishment, each business that works in the fundamental great industry needs to put resources into on-demand applications.

Groceryapplications, whenever grew appropriately, can adequately supplant markets. To manage COVID-19, guarantee that you just acknowledge paperless exchanges. Apportion out things to forestall alarm purchasing. Build up an application that is anything but difficult to utilize and explore to improve the client experience. A similar plan of action can be utilized for making an online drug store application.

So also, as opposed to having individuals visit fuel stations, build up an application that permits your conveyance men to visit and fill fuel on the property of the client. Become an extension between human services, suppliers, and patients by encouraging on the web discussions for patients who might have visited the OPDs of medical clinics.

All things considered, your business needs an on-request application with the goal that you can best encourage your clients in such unsure occasions and confined portability. It likewise guarantees that you don’t fall behind, as other fundamental great suppliers prevail with regards to obliging clients.

Below are six on-demand services that are seeing promising opportunities-

  • Healthcare and Wellness

The same number of government specialists has asserted that a solid resistant framework is the main weapon to battle COVID-19. Social insurance and wellbeing applications can assist the general population with learning better from during the isolate. You can construct a versatile application or a site to give customary updates with respect to the COVID-19. Consider Medicine conveyance application to assist patients with ordering prescriptions from the application and get conveyed at home. On the off chance that you are a wellness coach, at that point, you could assemble a healthcare and wellness application development to offer your clients’ exercise programs extending from yoga to cycling. You can also consider medicine delivery app development to deliver medicines at the doorstep.

  • Grocery Delivery

The whole world in under lockdown or in isolated, there is a gigantic open door for the food business to accomplish something inventive. Manufacture a basic food item conveyance application and give contactless conveyance administrations or drop-off alternatives to help lessen the spread of Corona. Then again, the formula applied is additionally the best choice, through which you can help individuals in cooking.

  • Education App Development

In this period of the plague, instruction has additionally been extraordinarily influenced. All the schools, universities, or different foundations over the world have shut incidentally in the midst of the Corona episode. Numerous instructive foundations have gone to the e-learning stage for remote classes. While numerous others are wanting to assemble an e-learning application or receive online instruction stage to take online classes.

  • Remote Work

Individuals over the world are working from their home and it has gotten important to battle against Corona Virus. Different IT organizations have shrewd answers for make ‘telecommute’ exercises completely useful. While others are confronting issues because of the absence of assets. On the off chance that you are an association, at that point it is the ideal time to construct an answer for track workers’ exercises, including simple correspondence, snappy reportage, document sharing, and so on.

  • Entertainment or Music Streaming App Development

In this lockdown, media outlets have been encountering a blast regarding downloads. From talking to a gaming application, the employments of amusement applications have expanded radically during the lockdown. You can consider Entertainment or Music Streaming App Development amusement applications to pull in the number of users.

  • Covid-19 Information App

This is the best way you can provide the latest information based on Covid-19 and also share information that your Government announces based on it. The application should be featured dynamic user interface that helps your users read the information easily. You can also create hand-picked blogs or articles regularly.

  • COVID-19 Patient Detect App

You can also build and launch a mobile app to let your users know if they have had “close contact” with the Coronavirus patient. This app will help your users to know the area or people and help you stay away from those who are affected by the Coronavirus.


On-demand services like grocery delivery, remote consulting with doctors, contact-less food delivery, Covid-19 updates, and eLearning app have become more popular in these days. You can also hire mobile app developers from India and build an app for your business to keep your business survive.

WHO declares the COVID-19 flare-up a pandemic. Different enterprises have been influenced around the world. Numerous ventures including neighborliness, carriers, transport, and so forth., are confronting remarkable lows. Try not to freeze, we as a whole can slow the spread of the COVID-19 contaminations by keeping up social separating. We as a whole representative of Endive programming are telecommuting to make your business run.

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