Complete Guide To Chatbot Development

A Complete Guide To Chatbot Development

Chat-Bots an Introduction

Assuming the first question that arises in your mind is “What’s a Chat-Bot?” Talking about Chat-Bots, here we go take a look closely:

A Chat-Bot is a computer-based program that can read messages and answer them appropriately. A Bot is an app that users interact within a conversational way using graphics, text, or speech. It may be a simple question & answer, or a Bot that allows people to interact with services in an intelligent manner using pattern matching, and artificial intelligence techniques well-integrated with existing business services.

What Are Chatbots?

What Is Chatbot

Chatbots are online AI system that humans interact with via voice interface of over texts. Interaction with the bot could be straight forward or about the troubleshooting a problem by a bot. Bots are developed a long time ago in 2001 by a company called Active Buddy. This company launched the first bot Named “Smarter Child” a bot for instant messaging from AOL an online web portal that was launched in 1985 in the USA, also from MSN and through SMS.

Thus these days everyone is integrating the Chatbots with the messengers. It provides the brand with a big and enormous opportunity to build a relationship with their customers. There are protocols set by the developers that the bots follow. Bots are like a web app on the internet which uses API’s to receive and send messages.

Is chat-bot getting a rise in contextual communication?

Well compared to the everyday life we talk or make conversation with our friends, families, and others while communicating we become aware of the context of the subject discussed. The communication is becoming a standard of interaction or we say through contextual communication Chatbots are leaving a mark by making contextual conversation.

Dynamic Intelligence or Artificial Intelligence in Chatbots will allow them to converse with users as in a way we make conversation and communicate in real life situations.

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What is the purpose of a Chat-bot?

It is very important in today’s world that a chat-bot should understand the intent of a user. The chatbot must understand what a user is asking for or what a user wants and should be able to provide a better response to a user.

Integrating NLP algorithms in the chatbot makes it complete. Without implementing the NLP algorithm the chatbot might not understand the user needs. The NLP API includes:

  • Microsoft LUIS

Types of Chat Bot

Types of Chatbots

  • Facebook Chatbot
  • Telegram Chatbot
  • Microsoft Chatbot
  • Slack Bot

Facebook Chatbot

A Facebook Messenger chatbot is like Apple Siri, Google Assistant, which helps you in getting things done and clarifying the doubts through your smartphones. In the messenger chatbot, your text to get your answers. The mode of interaction with the chatbot differs.

Now the Question arises why you should go for Chatbot Development like Facebook Bot

Facebook messenger Chatbot can also be used for business purpose irrespective of the size and volume.

Facebook Chatbot

Using a Facebook bot you can also automate  the following human-centric tasks:

  • It can Automate FAQ’s
  • Its can Performs Cancellations
  • It can suggest new offers
  • It can help in Reserve Tickets
  • Personalized News Feed
  • It can also provide Emergency Medical Advice

Facebook Messenger Chatbot can help you to market, to convert and to support customers on whatever they need personalized and dedicated assistance.

Telegram Chatbot

A Telegram Bot could be used with the Intercom API to provide a way for support agents to reach their customer that use a telegram.

A Telegram Bot also includes the automation that combines helpful resources with live chat.

Telegram Chatbot

A Telegram Bot is said to be the home for customer-facing bots for more than 250’000’000 active monthly users with an annual growth of more than 50%.

A Telegram Chatbot is an application which uses the Telegram API to connect the Telegram Clients on the Messenger. The greatest advantages of Telegram bots are they run on all type of computer platforms and have a zero install requirement.

Microsoft Chatbot

Bots can do anything that other types of software can do like using the databases, reading and writing a file, using API’s, or whether it’s any automation task. Bots are more often like modern web applications one can say living on the internet. More often the Microsoft Chatbots are known as Azure Bots.

Microsoft does provide an Azure Bot Service which provides tools to build, test, deploy and manage intelligent bots on a single platform or a single place.

Microsoft Bot Azure Bot

The Azure Bot Service offers services like:

  • Bot Framework SDK
  • Bot Framework Tools covers the end-to-end bot development of workflow
  • Bot Framework Services (BFS) to send and receive messages and events between bots and channels
  • Bot Deployment and channel Configuration in Azure

Other Azure Services used by Bots are:

  • Azure cognitive Service to build an application
  • Azure storage for Cloud Storage Solutions

The Azure Bot service can easily be integrated Language understanding to build powerful enterprise

Productivity bots using CRM dynamics.

Slack Bot

Slack Bot is a user-friendly built-in-bot. It is a chatbot among other bots which helps the user to set up their profile by asking them the questions.  Also, it uses the user replies to help fill the profile.

The slack bot uses a pop-up service whenever a user set up a new application or service.


Let’s take a look at what are the Slack Chatbots Key Features

  • Organized Conversations
  • Searchable History
  • Working with External Partners
  • Apps and Integration
  • Security

A Slack Bot can be taught many things by a user such as adding some unique words and phrases. A user will get to see a chatbot once he starts using Slack. Slackbots are not different from other Chatbots. These Chatbots can be designed by integrating Artificial Intelligence Natural Language Protocol and Machine Learning into it.

Slackbots can perform revenue-generating activities while saving you money spending on the resources.

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Take a look at the ways on how Slackbots can be used as money making tools:

  • Acting as a direct sales channel
  • Offering bot-only promotions
  • Providing paid subscriptions services
  • Acting as a Referral Tool
  • Extending to New Platforms

Benefits of Chatbots

  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Available 24/7
  • Offer Chat Interaction that a customer prefers
  • It Generates Revenue
  • It Handles greater complexity and volumes than Humans do
  • It has a very user-friendly language interaction
  • It improves mobile marketing offers and provides better results for you.

Admin Panel

Chatbot Admin Panel

  • Broadcasting module
  • Notifications module
  • Subscribers module
  • Messaging history module
  • Roles management module
  • Live Chat module
  • Adding products module
  • Payment module
  • Flow editor module
  • AI and machine learning module
  • Analytics module

cost of charbot development

Cost to build a chatbot from Scratch

The cost to build an Artificial intelligence Chatbot depends upon what chat bot services you are using to create a chatbot with. For example, Chatfuel provides chatbot Services to the user to create a chatbot for your website. Chatfuel enables you to build Chatbots for Facebook Messenger and Telegram, set up AI algorithms, and integrate your bot with a number of third-party services. And all of this is free package up to 100,000 messages per month.  This platform also lets you create web-based bots and bots which are available for mailing. offers a free trial, but it has a limit to only 2 Chatbots with 900-1,000 messages/month.

  • 5 bots/ 5000 messages – $15/ month;
  • 25 bots/ 20,000 messages – $50/ month;
  • 50 bots/ 50,000 messages – $100/ month.

Let’s take a look at what the estimated time for chatbot development usually includes:

  • Integration with one chat – the duration depends on bot complexity, but on average it takes 40-56 hours.
  • Creation of a communication interface
  • Command language user interpreter – It depends on a number of teams working. On average, it takes about 40-56 hours.
  • Natural language user interface – Depending on a number of teams. On average, it takes about 120-160 hours.

Business logic

  • Adapting the existing business logic, if there already are web applications or APIs for a mobile app. On average, it takes about 120-160 hours.
  • Creation of business logic from scratch. It depends on the amount of logic. On average it takes 160-192 hours.
  • The approximate cost to build a chatbot from scratch could be around $6500 to $12250.
  • Before you pick a software development team for your bot, you should weigh the pros and cons of this option:
  • The Pros and Cons of having a Web-Based Chatbot Development.


  • Software development teams have field specialists and can implement complex and unique functionalities accordingly.
  • Top developers use the latest technologies & development approaches towards developing a chatbot;
  • A development team helps you build a custom chatbot with smooth user experience, & can help you analyze your business needs to find the right solution;
  • Companies offer regular maintenance and constant improvements.


  • It takes some more time to develop a chatbot from scratch than it does to build a chatbot with self-service platforms;
  • You need your own server infrastructure (hosting).

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