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21 Sep

What are the Advantages Of Choosing iPhone Application Development ?

In the modern edge universe of flourishing innovation, having a business application is a must for a developing organization. Smartphones are the most astounding utilized devices for individual and expert utilize. Two noteworthy stages that run a smartphone are Android and iOS. Apple's iPhone is thought to be a standout amongst the most prominent cell phones in the market today. The organization has been fruitful in making interest for its new gadgets quite a long time reliably. It has been[...]

Endive Software
19 Sep

How do you compare the iPhone X and iPhone 8

On 12 September 2017, Apple released its new iPhones, the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. With this, it marks the beginning of new era of iPhone which has come with few of the best features in iPhone segment. It will really challenge any iOS app development company to develop apps by considering the various features of new iPhones and getting the best out of its capabilities. Here, we will draw a comparison between iPhone X and iPhone 8 which are touted against many reviewers over few day[...]

Endive Software
25 Aug

Top 5 Things To Consider Before Hiring PHP Developer

The internet has reached in every aspect of our lives. We interact with and depend on, various websites and applications to schedule our task, for entertainment, shopping, managing finances and a lot more. If your business offers unique product or service, then you surely require a website to reach out to more potential customers via the medium of internet. It allows you to keep up the pace with other companies in this competitive world. PHP has become a popular technology among businesses whic[...]

Endive Software
24 Jul

Top 5 Frameworks For Dynamic PHP Web Application Development

PHP web development framework has been around for many years now, modified and updated regularly to extend its list of capabilities and meet the diverse web application needs of various businesses from around the globe. Added to the resource library is its long list of web development frameworks, that are developed differently to meet specific web development service requirements from different businesses. Today, the much arduous task of developing dynamic web applications is made much simpler w[...]

Endive Software
31 Mar

How Node.js Framework Boosts PayPal’s Performance - Case Study

JavaScript or Node.js in particular, have long been praised for the high performance, rapid development, easy customization and dynamic perks it adds in the field of web and app development. The Node.js framework has come up as a preferred choice for various businesses requiring high-performance customer-facing apps and business websites. Owing to the various perks of Node.js web application development, the framework is recently employed by various organisations like NASA, Netflix, GoDaddy and [...]

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Endive Software
22 Mar

Top Reason To Choose Node.js Web Application Development

The adoption of Nodejs development services by various organizations, including NASA, PayPal, Netflix, GoDaddy, etc., is evident of the fact that Node.js features a long list of perks for enterprise application development. Its major perks like reduced time-to-market, dynamic Node.js web applications, high agility, support for the development of highly functional mobile apps and APIs, etc. have helped Node.js development become popular in the field of business app development. With this, JavaScr[...]

Endive Software
15 Nov

Guidelines for Ideal Web Design and Development for Law Firms

In the world of technology and advancement where the world wide web has its own universe of a huge audience, websites are the forefront of every business entity, representing your set of services and your brand to the huge number of online users. With this huge audience base, each business craves an influential presence on the world wide web through its business website. The Law Firm business is no other, and there is a great competition in the law firm website market. Thus, raising the need for[...]

Endive Software
14 Oct

Top 5 Benefits of Magento 2.0 over Magento 1.0

Today, Magento owing to its flexible support has grown as one of the most preferred eCommerce web development platforms serving as a base for above 2,00,000 (2 Lakh) online retail businesses worldwide. The platform owing to its easy customization advantage and open source fundamental has been giving a tough competition to its fellow competitors like Shopify and BigCommerce.  But along with these perks, there are some disadvantages of choosing Magento eCommerce development services powered b[...]

Endive Software
20 Sep

Top 6 Trending PHP Frameworks For Creating Agile Web Solutions For your Business

The Internet today with its infinite number of capabilities is the new world of business. From every entrepreneur to  the largest of business giants wishes to have a recognised existence on the Internet in the form of a fully functional website on the world wide web that could potentially and effectively boost the brand value of their particular business. So for a fully functional and effective website you need to find the appropriate web development company that could help you with the tec[...]

Endive Software
24 Jun

Case Study: Business solutions using Java & PHP integration

Quercus, a Caucho Technology offers the upsides of two different things at the same time. PHP 5 that is released under the open source free software license (GNU GPL) is cent percent compatible with the Java implementation, thus  making it a best Caucho Technology, Quercus. "Endive Software get to use PHP which is a standout amongst the most prevalent site development languages. Additionally, offers Quercus a well-suited module which makes PHP the first choice of a company. Endive pre[...]

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