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Future of Mobile App Development in Artifical Intelligence
07 Nov

Artificial Intelligence: Future of Mobile App Development

Artificial Intelligence is transforming the business and technological world as we know it. Innovators are already exploring and expanding this into the business industry. It is certainly in the case of mobile app development. AI is no longer limited to personal assistants like Apple’s Siri or Google’s Assistant. In future, we will see more mobile app developers integrating AI into their apps. In general, it is the system or technology which performs the tasks. It is done without usi[...]

01 Nov

What Technology Do You Need to Build a Travel App?

The application but also a rough blueprint is the basic. As a client, if I want to hire web and android or IOS developers, first of all, I need a platform and as an app development company, it needs a good client who can fulfill the economic needs of the company. Any aspirant who is seeking a developer needs a platform which is provided by any software company who designs any application or website for all its clients. With amplifying technology, The world becomes shorter and easily approachable[...]

14 Oct

Role of Artificial Intelligence in Mobile App Development

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a topic of intense discussion among innovators in the science as well as any software development company. It has also become a topic of both explorations as well as expansion in the various industries, especially in the mobile app industry. It is worth noting that AI is beyond usual Google’s Assistant and Siri from Apple. It is growing more with than ever. 2017 is the year when we witness mobile app developers integrating AI into their mobile apps a[...]

05 Oct

How are On-demand Apps Changing The Face of Businesses and Where Do They Lead?

Think about it for a minute- what product or service you want that isn’t available online? From daily groceries and custom jewelery to hiring a taxi and booking a villa, there is virtually nothing that you can't access from the comfort of your home. And if something is available online, it is almost certain that there is an app for that. But it wasn’t always the case, in fact this convenience and in way, power, has been around for a very short while. To get a glimpse of how on-d[...]

05 Sep

iPhone Vs Android App Development: What To Choose For Your Business?

Today, with the increased demand for mobility solutions, the growth of the on-demand economy, mobile payment and mobile shopping, the mobile app market has grown past the perks of a website. The mobile market claims a quicker ROIs as compared to a website and offers unbeatable functionality. Every business craves to rise above its competitors with the help of a productive business mobile app. But the question that arises as a challenge here is which mobile app development platform to choose - An[...]

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15 Jun

Top Perks of An Ideal Hospital Management Information System

With the increased competition in the business world, no industry has remained untouched by its adverse effects and harsh challenges. The healthcare industry is no exception! The increased competition in the healthcare industry has caused the hospitals to change their major operating procedures in coordination with technology. One of the major technologies that have assisted hospitals in withstanding the competition is the introduction of HMIS solution. Helping the hospitals with optimum resourc[...]

14 Jun

Key Technology Challenges Faced By the Healthcare Industry

Telehealth has inevitably become an integral part of the healthcare industry and its advancement in the sector is picking up an enormous pace with every new addition in the field. Though the need for technology and its potential in the field are touching unexplored peaks, there are various challenges faced by the healthcare industry that is impeding the way for innovation. Adding to the complexities, there was the introduction of HIPAA Compliant (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability)[...]

13 Jun

How Healthcare Industry Opens Door For Technology in The Future

Over the years technology has been making its way against all odds to transform the healthcare services into a more proactive, prompt and convenient approach. The healthcare industry has now started integrating real-time communication techniques into their systems. As we talk more specifically, telehealth is growing rapidly in the healthcare industry along with m-Health that adds to the benefits of remote assistance and other functionalities. Though the healthcare industry has been reluctant to [...]

11 Jun

Top Modules To Be Included In Your Hospital Management Software

As with the advancement of technology in the healthcare sector, Hospital Management Software solutions have taken over the conventional hospital management processes owing to their agility and synchronization. An ideal HMIS today comes up as a complete solution for a hospital handling various tasks concerned over the different departments, including – Administration, Patient Care, Doctors (Physicians), Information Sharing and Storage, etc. If implemented correctly the Hospital Management [...]

08 Jun

How Technology is Transforming Healthcare Industry in 2017

The year 2017 has already travelled halfway to its end and we have witnessed a rapid growth in technology in each sector this year. The healthcare sector has been one of the major focus for IT sector this year owing to the need for a prompt approach towards healthcare services. The constantly emerging technologies in the healthcare ecosystem have today changed the face of modern healthcare services. Be it the introduction of EMR system for a better access to medical data, prompt health and fitne[...]

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