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09 Jan

Benefits to Develop an Education App for Everyone

A lot of information present in the textbooks is now available on education apps. It has all the information of different subjects. Apps meant for children and adults are designed according to their needs. These apps allow the people to learn new information by providing valuable explanation. It can be understood easily and learned without much of a fuss. You can view different interesting graphics to understand the concepts and it draws interest. It also enable fun activities which make it easi[...]

26 Dec

Android and iPhone: Which is better, A look out

The buyers in this smartphone application environment are on the progress.  They are practicing mobile application platforms to grow their business regularly. Whether they practice mobile receivers, records or other smart mobile plans. They have all the data what they require. That's why mobile apps are so much essential in today's marketing situations. It is not the concern that what your profession is, a smartphone application assists you in retaining more customers. We all recog[...]

12 Dec

How much does it cost to build a Food Delivery Apps

Food delivery industry has evolved over the years. With the introduction of mobile apps, this industry has become more customer-oriented. Food delivery apps provide much-needed convenience and choices to the customers. It allows the customers to book any food dish from various restaurants and eateries. The food items get delivered to their doorstep with few touches on the screen at a great pace. To develop a food delivery app, various aspects need to be considered. It also determines the develo[...]

Bitcoin Wallet Application Development
04 Dec

Clement Benefits of Bitcoin Mobile Wallet Application

Smartphone payment methods are inherent payment tricks for the use of tomorrow. Big names like Google; Bing is advancing the huge expense in producing secure mobile transaction interfaces for users. Thus, in this Digital payment era, Bitcoin Wallet is playing a significant role in the online agreement.  It is a simplistic and compelling mobile application that enables you to transfer and accept Bitcoin. You can practice Bitcoin Cash with any person wherever you are around the globe. Also, [...]

Bitcoin Wallet Apps
28 Nov

A Few Points In Favour Of Bitcoin Wallet Apps

Bitcoin Wallet Apps - A secure transaction that is used for receiving, sending or storing bitcoins from a digital wallet. The service of bitcoin provided by Blockchain is considered to be the most innovative. The present bitcoin applications offered to the public is being the most popular one in the market. As per the current available data, there are close to fourteen million working bitcoin wallet apps. These apps are registered in one hundred and forty countries around the world. The Blockch[...]

endive software

Cost to Develop a Smartphone App
28 Nov

How much does it Cost to Develop a Smartphone App

Today our stories run around iPhone or Android applications, whether we require doing a smart study or it's about waking up in the morning or operates the way to the office or if we are booking a dinner table. Now If I talk about recent stats about customer response, I find that the value of iPhone and Android apps and shopping has grown exponentially in recent days. Brands getting popularity day by day from purchase requests and client ventures on mobile apps. This is a tremendous boost f[...]

Mobile App Engagement
27 Nov

Powerful Strategies to boost your mobile app engagement

Building the Android or an iPhone application is not the big deal. The most challenging thing is the enticing people to download it and retaining the users. Persuading the users to return again and again is seriously exciting thing. People who click on "OK" button might not really change into authentic, dedicated consumers.  Now if I talk about the present days, app engagement appears to be growing on average, but still, you would be surprised by knowing the fact that only 20% of[...]

Education App Development Services by Endive Software
11 Nov

How much does it cost to build an education app?

To build an education app Analysts should first identify the users. i.e How many types of users are going to use the education app.To build an education app it is necessary to design the application in a user-friendly manner that any student must understand. The features require building an educational app have many cost concerns according to the features that are configured into the application. The cost of the application generally depends on the technologies using the application. Factors tha[...]

Why react native apps are better than phonegap
10 Nov

Why react native apps are better than phonegap

Over the years, the mobile users have become accustomed to mobile apps. Most of them rely on these apps for a variety of purposes. Whether they have to shop online, hire a taxi or communicate on social media, they use mobile apps. It has opened new avenues for mobile app development companies. Now, they hire app developer who is up-to-date with recent trends and development practices. These companies use various technologies to develop mobile apps. React Native, and PhoneGap apps are the popular[...]

How Mobile App Development benefits in Education Industry
09 Nov

Benefits of mobile apps in education For Everyone

E-learning process is growing high day by day. As time is changing, students always prefer mobile phones as compared to listen or ask their parents or teachers for their queries. They generally go to the google when in doubt. Students generally never want to depend on anyone. When we talk about the students aged 3 to 15 year they used to learn generally from the elders about the acknowledgements and queries but now the time has changed. Laptop computers taking the place of classrooms, projectors[...]

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