How to Make a Gaming App for Android That Is an Instant Success?

Gaming is on the top if compared to any other industries. The gaming industry is rising these days with new and interactive games. People are more playing games than doing other kinds of stuff. Gaming on Mobile Device is a new trend, these day’s games like PUBG Mobile, Clash of Clans, Candy Crush Saga and many more are running the mobile gaming industry on top with a high revenue return.

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Playing games on mobile is not that hectic, take your phone download start playing and repeat it is the new mantra people are following these days. You don’t need to start that big sized PC of yours to play games. Nowadays these games are being developed for mobile-oriented devices which run very smoothly and swiftly. These games are developed on both the platforms Android & iOS. Comparatively the Android market own the maximum amount of users these days than iOS does. The Apple share market is larger than the Android Share market though. To Create an Android Game App like these can make you more business and success in less amount of time.

Gaming industry for especially for the mobile industry is growing like no other industry is growing these days. The gaming boom for the mobile industry came in 2016 with some of the coolest games at the time. Then a year later in 2017, the total gaming market for the industry increased to $57 billion and the total revenue of $105 billion is said to be increased by 2021.

When we talk about the number of gamers or users in the industry china comes first in the number. China has about 580 million mobile gamers. Comparatively, China owns the largest gaming market in the world.

‘Candy Crush’ was introduced in 2012 and it now generates $1.1 million a day revenue, and a total of $400 million dollars a year & if the last year revenue measured it is said to be $2.2 million a day by 2018.


Candy Crush was later divided into three other parts which are known as Candy Crush Soda Saga and was released in 2014, the second one is Candy Crush Jelly Saga was released in 2015, and Candy Crush Friend Saga was released recently in 2018. It is reviewed that among all the four the Candy Crush Mobile Games, player across the world spends $950 million, $430 million, $70 million & $2.2 million respectively. The interactive and the simplest UI for the user across the players are increasing the game’s appeal.

The Growth of U.S. Mobile Gamers

Growth of U.S. Mobile Gamers

When we talk about the growth or the number of gamers in the United States of America, the number is said to 202 million in 2018 which is more than half the country’s population. The worldwide share of the game’s community is 2.2 billion.

In 2019 the gaming population in the United States is expected to reach around 208 million which is showing a growth rate of more than 2%. By 2020 the number is predicted to be around 212 million or more.

On Gaming when the case study is done, it showed that there are people who play games just to get stress free. Games are not only for entertainment purposes but also they are such a stress reliever when one plays them.

Let’s Get To Know About The Game Development Process

CHAPTER: 1 Requirement?

  • Planning and Layout

The first thing you need to do is think & plan about the idea of what you are going to implement.

  • Discussing the Game Idea

You need to discuss the idea with your team which will help you in building and implementing the Idea in a proper way.

  • Detailing the Main aspects of the Game

One needs to get to the details of every component or part of the game because the detailing is what matters in the end.

  • Finalizing the milestones of the Game

Implementing the game & its components in a single unit ready to be played by the user or a gamer and sending the package to deliver on time.

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CHAPTER: 2 Choosing the Right Game-Designs

  • Choosing the Right Game Design according to the audience

Choosing the right game design here is choosing what kind of game you are going to develop according to the audience choice of interests.

  • Drafting the Game Design

Drafting the game design or dividing the game design in different which will make it easy for the team to develop.

  • Finalizing the Game Design

Finalizing or Testing and Analysis of the design developed for the game to be developed.

CHAPTER:3 Game Development

The game development process depends upon what platform you choose to implement the game on. Either it is Game development for Android or Game Development for iOS.

Because then only you will be able to provide the users with the services. Like Android Game Development Services.

  • Creating Game Assets with coding

Creating and developing the game components or assets which make the developing part easier for the developers.

  • Delivering the first game draft, including the basic gameplay and arts.

Implementing the game to a final stage where just delivering the single unit is remaining.

  • Gather the feedback from the audience and Work on your game

After delivering the game to the audience and reviewing the game details and feedback provided by the audience to improve the game-play is another part of the development

  • Create new Game designs, New Levels & UI elements

Updating the game after reviewing the feedback provided by the audiences and implementing the new levels to it.

CHAPTER: 4 Delivery

  • Integration of all the elements

Integration of all the elements here means the design, components, audio, video, graphics, etc and many other components together in a single playable unit.

  • QA and Testing

Quality Analyses and testing is another part of game development before the delivery takes place.

  • Deliver the final draft of the game in a single unit

Delivering the Draft by integrating all the assets & components of the game is the part of Delivering the Draft in a single unit.

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A Genre of Android & iOS Games

  • Action
  • Racing
  • Board Games
  • Sports
  • Role Playing
  • Arcade
  • Strategy
  • Casual
  • Story Based

Brief About some Custom Software Tools used in Mobile Games Application Development

How to create a game app? Using these highly reputed tools for game development. One can create a game app for Android or for iOS.



Unity is a very robust game development engine that offers a vast array of features for both 2D & 3D game development. You easily develop an android game and easily import it to your Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8, and BlackBerry device. Unity supports assets from the major 3D application like CINEMA 4D, 3ds Max.


Corona SDK

Corona SDK is a cross-platform 2D development kit used for games development for mobile platforms as well as Apple TV & Android TV. The scripting language used by this platform is Lua which is very popular among the game developers because it’s a very simple scripting language and has a short learning curve. It is a very cost-effective tool to use. It has free plans which attract the developers.


Unreal Engine

Unreal Development Kit is an older version of this Version of Unreal Engine 4(UE4). This Engine is released by Epic Games. This Game development kit comes with an immense option for mobile, PC as well as console game development. The Unreal engine comes with a cost which starts from $19/month to a 4-5% royalty when the game is shipped.

The Royalty will only be applied when the game is sold for $3000 for each game.

These are some Tools which are used in Game Development for iOS and Android. Using these tools you can implement a successful Gaming app.

Gamers Panel

In the gamer side, the gamers just need to download the game and start playing the game depending upon the platform they are having like iOS & Android.

pubgm login screen

Let’s take a look at what it looks like the inside of a game:

Gamer Login: Every gamer has this Google Play for Android and Game Center for iOS in which they have to create the account in order to sync the game data on the cloud storage as the game back up. Also, they need to make a gaming account in the game itself with a unique gaming name and Google Id or Apple ID to sync the data to the cloud storage.

In-App Purchase: Obviously these days the games are developed in such a way that it’s free for the users but the items in the game are not for free. In order to use those items, they need to make in-app purchases.

Social Media Login: There is a social media login in the Games which lets them connect to their social media sites and connect to their social media friends and lets them play together.

Multiplayer Compatibility: The multiplayer compatibility mode provides the gamer to connect with other gamers playing the same game & enables a gamer to play in the same team or in the same match with others.

In-App Talk: This feature enables the gamer to talk with other gamers or we can say this feature establishes a voice over the connection with other players.

Update Patch Install: Nowadays the game updates arrive from the admin in the form of patches which contain a small update which is easier for the gamer to install.

Gamers Community: Every Gamer nowadays is connected to these community either through a community platform or through in-game community forum which opens up in their browser.

Admins Panel

Admin panel

Managing Updates: Admin manages the updates and integrates it in a single unit which is easy for a user or a gamer to install.

Uploading Patch Updates: Admin uploads these Patch Updates every other week. These updates are slightly lesser in size than the bigger updates these updates roll put in every 15 days which are generally about the bug fixes.

Managing Feedbacks: Admin manages the feedbacks provided by the audience on their community and tries to review them accordingly.

Managing Gamers: Admin manages the gamers according to the feedback provided by other gamers for them. For e.g. if a gamer is cheating then other players can report the players and the admin can provide him a warning or can ban his account temporarily.

Managing the In-App Purchase: Admin manages the In-Purchases made by the users or gamers through the game for an item or more. Admin provides the gamer an acknowledgment of payment received and provides the user the item he purchased.

These are some phrases which can help you make a quick success to your gaming app. Coming up with this process with proper and detailed design can help you gain success in the field.



The Best Android Game Development Platforms And Tools In 2019

Android Game App Development is a growing industry that is dominating the gaming world. The increasing user engagement towards mobile gaming apps making it more popular. The use of smartphone is not limited to sending, messages and taking selfies, but as a mean of entertainment too. The best way to kill the time when bored is to play a game in the app, this is the reason for so many gaming apps.

Mobile application games like Pokemon Go, PUBG, Alto’s Adventure, and Candy Crush are the most popular gaming apps that are ruling the mobile app gaming world.

Moreover, mobile and tablets have become the first choice of people to engage in the virtual gaming zone. Users are introduced to so many games that this has become the best entertaining source for most people.

The gaming industry is booming through Android Game Development. Since people use their smartphone the most, it is the perfect choice for developing more interactive and interesting games. Games that are created for the Android platform are the best way to earn more profits for this industry. Before diving into this booming business, you need to execute the process of making the app properly and use the best android game development platforms. Without thorough understanding this task is difficult, and the end result won’t come out as hoped.

But no need to worry here is a list of 15 android games development tools or platforms that will help you develop interactive mobile game apps with ease.


  • One of the best android game development platforms is Unity. Unity Technologies launched this cross-platform tool, which helps Android app development team to create their own mobile games.

android game development

  • A whole team of developers can build a gaming app through unity’s 2D and 3D development features.
  • You can either use the assets provided by the unity store (paid) or import assets from a 3D application such as Maya.
  • Unity technologies provide a complete guide and tutorial to help the first-time android game development user.
  • Pokémon Go and Angry Birds 2 were made using this platform.
  • Other than Android it supports other platforms like- iOS, Windows Phone, Tizen OS and Fire OS.
  • Price: Free- personal use, $125/month- pro edition, $25/month- plus edition.


  • The best part of this platform is that it has solutions for all developers- from experts to beginners that make creating a game app easy.
  • It is user-friendly and uses a language that is quite similar to C++.
  • It is cross-platform so a game app for all platforms can be made available at once.
  • Including Android, AppGameKit supports iOS, Blackberry and Windows Phone platform.
  • Price: average packet-$50, SDK- $39 to $99.

Unreal Engine

  • Unreal engine is the perfect android gaming app development tool for a beginner. It has a user-friendly interface so without any programming skills, you can create an app using this.
  • Without additional codes or changes in the programming, you can modify any feature of the gaming app.
  • If you want to create an impressive game with good graphic without much hassle, this is the platform for you.
  • Oh! Also, you can test the game inside the platform only.
  • It supports obviously Android and iOS, Windows PC, Linux and many more.
  • Price: Free for small projects, but if you earn $3000 + profit, there is a royalty fee of 5%.

Corona SDK- the 2D game engine

  • Corona SDK is great if you want to use a platform with simpler language.
  • It uses the Lua scripting language, this is pretty easy to learn, and do coding with.
  • It is cross-platform and supports IOS, Windows Phone, Apple/Android TV and Kindle other than Android phones.
  • The community of Corona is famous for their support and great documentation.
  • Use its 2D features for making the game or use plugins from its marketplace. It also has a real-time stimulation so that after any changes, you can see how the app would look.
  • Price: Core functions are free to use.

Construct 2

  • This android game development tool is an HTML 5 platform that creates 2D games.
  • It requires no coding and has many features that aid in building a visually appealing game.
  • Construct 2 creates the game in less time and is multiplatform.
  • Supported platforms other than Android are iOS, Windows Phone and Web platforms like Google Chrome, etc.
  • Construct 2: the next Penelope was made using this.
  • Price: 159.99 euro.


  • This android game development platform is famous amongst the top developers as it lets them create react native apps for both mobile and desktop.
  • The language used in this platform is C++.
  • Through Marmalade, you can create both 2D and 3D games.
  • Programming and testing are easier in this as it lets you use many different libraries, codes, and tools.
  • The platforms supported by it other than android are – iOS, Windows, Blackberry, Tizen OS and connected TV platform.
  • Need for Speed, Shift cut the rope and so on are the examples of games made using Marmalade.
  • Price: $600.


  • If you want an event-based game, Fusion is the perfect choice for you. This Android gaming app development platform has an easy to use interface and uses a full graphics library to design the game.
  • So, even if you don’t know how to code, you can develop the app.
  • Static games are created using this platform.
  • Other than Android it supports iOS and Windows.
  • Price: Available free and paid version starts from $49.99 to $99.99.

Game Marker Studio 2

  • GameMarker Studio 2 was launched by YOYO games to create 2D games.
  • It lets you design the gaming app quickly with their drag and drop feature and language which is easy to use.
  • Platforms that can use other than Android are iOS, Windows Phone, Amazon Fire, PS Vita, and Tizen.
  • Price: a free version with no features and for purchasing features the price ranges from $150-$800.


  • Create HTML5 games using CocconJS, which is fully compatible with Cordova.
  • Use any plugin without downloading it from the Cocoon cloud.
  • After Android, it supports IOS, Android Wear, and the Amazon App store plugin.
  • Price: Free for new projects, $8- silver edition, $69- gold edition and $199- platinum edition.


  • It has many tutorials for helping the developer.
  • IOS and Windows Phone are the other two platforms which it supports.
  • Price: Free

Amazon Lumberyard

  • It is a game creating platform owned and developed by Amazon.
  • It has free tools, and through Lumberyard’s twitch integration, a visually rich game can be created.
  • It is cross-platform so launch the game on the supported devices at once.
  • IOS, PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation4 are supported by this other than Android.
  • Price: free


  • Its best feature- creates small size game (1.5 MB).
  • Large community with proper documentation to help you out.
  • Supports: Android obvious, IOS, Linux and OS X platform.
  • Price: free


  • It is a programming language similar to Java, C++, and PHP.
  • It has a library full of APIs (functions and procedures) and frameworks that help in game development.
  • iOS is the only other platform that it supports.
  • Price: Different plans


  • Gideros is a free, cross-platform and open-source platform.
  • It uses the language Lua for developing games.
  • Build and launch amazing games on all platforms at once.
  • Other than Android, it supports IOS, Windows Phone and many more.
  • Price: Free

These are the best android app development platforms and tools that will help you in amazing android gaming app development. While choosing a platform, keep in mind the basic game idea, budget, markets, and expectations. These few basic things will help you select the most suited android game development tool for you, and your mobile gaming app will be just perfect.