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Real Estate For Android App Development
01 Dec

What are the features required in a Real Estate App for android?

Are you the owner of a Real Estate company? Do you have a Mobile App for your business? If your answer to the first question is yes and a No for the second one, my friend! You are in serious trouble.  This is not a joke. Do you know, nearly 70 percent of the Internet users are accessing online services through smartphones? The number is huge and you need to think about taking advantage of this potential user base. Businesses have already shifted their focus from offline to online marketing[...]

09 Oct

Google Cloud Vision API in Android App

The most important question that many technology experts face today is whether the technology is going to replace human brain? With the inherent inventions in latest technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial intelligence, the question has become more and more valid one. There is increased interest in technologies such as Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality along with Advancement in Image recognition but replacing human brain remains to be a distant reality. The main reas[...]

25 Sep

Why Prefer Android App Development Over A Website

As with the growth of technology, websites did come up as the best platform to earn universal presence for your business, but with the introduction of the mobile app world, which commit a more business-specific approach and has a better reach for the targeted customer base, some businesses choose mobile application over a business website.  As we talk about the mobile app world, it is dominated by two leaders - iPhone and Android. iPhone however, has a smaller share, while Android dominates[...]

08 Sep

Factors Making Kotlin A Preferred Choice For Android App Development

It has been a considerable amount of time since the launch of Kotlin programming language by Google. The language owing to its definite approach for programming has caught the attention of various Android app developers and is expected to replace Java in the future. Kotlin replaces the loquacity of Java with its accurate and precise approach towards app development. The language also helps the app developers to develop innovative app solutions with a greater ease as compared to Java. Java being[...]

01 Sep

Why Android App Development Is A Prudent Choice For Startups

Today the business world is marked by a great competition, where millions of businesses are still trying to earn a distinguished stand for themselves. With that said, it is immensely challenging for the startup businesses to gain the desired entry in this highly competitive business world. Helping them to overcome this challenge, the Android app market serves as one of the most potential business development platforms for startup businesses. Android app market owing to its huge customer base an[...]

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24 Aug

Reasons To Employ Kotlin Android App Development Language

Ever since the launch of Kotlin from Google, it has created quite a buzz in the Android app development world. The language today boasts itself as one of the most capable Android programming languages with its precise and specific approach towards programming. Unlike the loquacity of Java, Knotlin helps the Android app developers to track each functional aspect of programming with accuracy, thus allowing them to make innovative applications. The brevity featured by Kotlin further allows the deve[...]

24 Aug

Android Oreo Launched – Key Features of The Latest 8.0 Update

Bringing all the naming speculations finally to rest, Google has officially named its latest Android 8.0 update as Android Oreo. The great news for the Google and Android smartphone owners comes on the eve of 21st Aug 2017, welcomed by a long trail of tweets on Twitter. Other than the curious Android developers it is a great news for the Oreo fans who can now have the sweetest flavour of their cookie on their Android smartphone. Google would have had a tough time choosing between the equally de[...]

09 Jan

How Android App Development is Boosting Business For Various Industries

Be it the finance sector, retail sector, education sector, medical sector, or any other business, Android app development has come up as the most preferred and sought out business development solution. The unbound functionality of the Android applications along with its huge audience base has made almost each business espousing Android app development for boosting their growth rate. Whether you are a startup business entity, a small retail business, or a large organization Android app market bei[...]

02 Dec

Top Benefits Mobile Apps Promises to Event Management Companies

An event management business has a great requirement for coordination and functionality that becomes a hectic task when tracked manually. With this, the eyes of your clients and the attendees of the event you have organized are particularly targeting the flaws in the coordination and the arrangements made by you to judge the superiority of your service. Coming to your rescue a capable event application from a professional Android app development company can save you from this hectic manual manag[...]

16 Nov

Benefits of Medical Android App for Healthcare Industry

Inevitably the most essential concern that the patients faced with the medical or healthcare industry in the past times was with the remote access to medical services at the time of its requirement. However, with the rise in technology, the concern has been resolved up to a great extent with the help of medical mobile application market that has revolutionized the ways of interaction between the doctors and the patients thus, leading to optimized healthcare delivery services. Tracking the widest[...]

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